Can I Get Some Service Please

Customer Service Anyone

customer serviceAfter a talk with a colleague of mine yesterday I got to pondering customer service these days.  Or more accurately the lack of it.  We were talking about training and how we needed to stress to some of the new sign ups the importance of following up.  Both myself and the women I was talking to come from a time when customer service was second nature.  We both also understand that human nature is such that people want and need to be treated special.

For many reasons some people just fail to have good practice with customer service.  There was a time when customer service was just a good habit that all merchants had.  When you went to the grocery store there were bag boys that took the groceries to the car and would even load them.  A stop by the dry cleaners was a pleasant chat with the owner and a smile, and likely greeted by name.  Drive in to get some gas they came out of the station to you.  Never having to get out of the car.  Windows were washed, oil and tire pressure checked and if you were wanting a soda they would go inside and grabbed that for you too.

Trouble with one of your utilities, no problem a call to the utility company was met by a real person on the other end pleasantly asking how they could help you.  Being place on hold meant a momentary amount of time listening to some pleasant music followed by an equally pleasant person as the first.  A trip to the Department store to return an item, no problem.   Just go to customer service department and there you were always greeted by someone ready to help, no waiting for a person to answer some bell.  They were always there greeting you with a smile and much respect like taking care of your problem was the reason they got up that morning.

Today well the truth is that customer service real customer service is rare.  With the except of my bank, I can think of very few places where I am received as if my concerns are ever met with anything close to gratitude for my patronage. It is a real shame.  Whether it is because I can remember a time when customer service counted for something or just being raised with good manners.  I believe that customer service is still important.

When you have leads coming to you seeking further information how do you greet them.  Do you allow an auto responder to send out a welcome and wait for them to do any further contact?  Or do you send them a personal greeting?  Do you hope they call you after sending out the auto response with your phone number or do you follow up with a phone call?

After you sign someone up for your business, what is your follow up?  Do you help the person, do you find out what their skill level is?  Do you see if they have some idea how to promote?  Do you have a weekly conference call or newsletter?  How about training videos, marketing information?  Do you have a plan at all?  Or do you just leave them flopping in the wind?

You would think that if someone found your opportunity special enough for them to either ask for further information or sign up for it, more people would do all of those things and more.  The truth is way too many have no plan at all and just move on to signing up the next.  Often times it is because that is what happened for them and so that is what they do as well. No one cared enough to teach them any better.  Follow up is no more and then people wonder why turn over is such as it is in internet marketing.

Focusing on excellent customer service and keeping your focus on their needs is so very powerful.  You create loyalty.  Your customer/sign ups will come to respect you, admire you even.  They will look to you as a leader.  They will seek your guidance and eventually they will do the same to their customer/sign ups.  What you will find is you have a good strong team of builders.  Your business will continue to grow and expand.a real team

If you spend a part of each day following up on leads and training your new sign ups.  Your business would sign up more people and you would retain more sales.  Helping others, giving good customer service is more than good manners it is good business.  Each person is important to your business.  Everyone will have different needs.  If you never get to know the people you will never know what those needs are. Having begun a relationship with them and getting to know them. This is when you than use auto responders.  It isn’t the way you begin but it is the way you continue to stay if front of your leads.  Starting today make customer service a part of your business.  You will be so surprise of the difference some personal contact can make.  Have a wonderful day.

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Are You An Armchair Adventurer

Learning By Doing No Better Way


arm chair adventuresMy grandfather use to say all the time there are those that learn by doing it.  And then there are those that are armchair adventures.  They read about the adventures of others but never get out of the chair to create their own. This reminds me of business.  There are those that learn, investigate and follow direction and do.  And then there are those that hope and dream that it all will happening through osmosis. 

If you have spent any length of time in a small business that depends on others to do their fair share than you know what I am talking about.  Often times people start business’s on the internet believing that somehow rich’s and fortune will fall out of the sky.  That they are the one holding the lucky winning lottery ticket. 

Don’t get me wrong just like each and every week someone wins that lotto.  Someone on the internet has formed a new business and gained vast fortunes overnight.  It does happen.  The likely hood that it will happen to you are just like the odds of that lotto winner will be you.  If you like those odds than okay.  Do not recognize that building a business that goes on to be successful is hard work.  More likely than not the odds will beat you.  Just like they do the guy who faithfully buys a weekly lotto ticket.

However what I have learned is that being the one who works hard and not getting my adventures through others is so much more rewarding.  I like a good story and often curl up with a good book on a rainy day.  This is not how I want to experience life and know that is not how to grow a business.

Just this morning was talking with one of my team members and they were asking me how I go about each day.  I explain that I have a plan each day of what I intend to get done.  Post ads, write a press release and blog, share that out in cyber space, than do call backs, follow ups, send out emails doing the same for those I have no numbers for.  All while monitoring my email boxes and creating new capture pages, writing email campaigns, newletters and such.

They were wow you do all that.  My response was yes and there is more but don’t want to over whelm you.  Guess they already were.  Sometimes so am I.  What I know is that all the hard work all the things I do which include helping others on my team and some who are not.  Is that I love making a living on the internet it is the funniest way I have ever found.  I meet new people every day that make it all worthwhile. Internet Marketing For Dummiessmall2 

I started a new community in google+ I would like to invite everyone to.  Internet Marketing 101 for Dummies ( that is the link)  we are all about helping each other without spamming each other.  While we welcome everyone to share what they do we have no links for advertising in the community.  It is a safe place to share ideas, tips, blogs that are on marketing, articles, or videos, pictures and graphics.  While having an environment of helping other marketers learn and grow. 

Have a wonderful day all.

Cindy Slick

Make It About The Connection

Make It About The Connection

connectionsWe are taught all of lives about making social connections.  From the playground to the very first day in our first job we are told how important it is to make connections.  Never before is this more true and the internet makes this easier than ever before.  This is important for everyone no matter what you do for a living.  However if you are a business owner it is more important than ever before.

Business owners depend on visibility.  You need to be seen, you need to be noticed.  While the internet makes those two things easy to do.  Many fail to do that.  Thinking that placing a website up or doing a blog is enough. It is not enough and often they fail to do the basics.

Making connections is the fundamental start of all things.  You need to make it a habit each and ever day to form connections.  Myself I not only teach it to my team I practice it.  No matter what site I am on.  And through out each day I am on many, I form new connections.  I know just how important it is and know that just a few minutes taken out of my day  making connections has made all the difference in the world to my business.

In business numbers are everything.  Percentages in internet marketing are staggering. 97% attrition rate, 75% switch companies every 4 months.   So how do you beat the odds.  By increasing them in your favor, of course.  You need to be seen you want to be known so when someone goes looking for a company, yours in the one the come to.

Making connections is just one way to get your self seen.  The other way is having a way to market your primary business.  To do that you need capture pages not just one although that can be a start.  You need several and you need email campaigns so you stay in front of people.  Offer value and content so you need to have something besides your business to put in front of them.

While marketing with all those tools may seem like it will cost more than you have to spend if you are just starting out.  I know I thought so for far too long.  If you don’t do it many months or years later you will wish you had.  You know the saying you have to spend money  to make money.  In this case it is true.banner leads

Today  I would spend it in a heart beat to cut down the time it took me to make money online.  I could of cut the time in a half, maybe even more.  Today I have all those tools, with a system that has unlimited everything.  You are only limited by your imagination on how to market yourself.  They have over 30 free give a way’s too.  All for under 1 dollar a day.

For the brand new internet marketer, home base business owner they even have a free lead system forever that generates massive amounts of leads that could actually lead to getting the premium system for free too.  With three paying members that you bring in you get the premium with all the bells and whistle that you really need.

I am forever grateful I found this or I should say a friend introduce me.  Yes one of those connections I made on the internet.  The one’s I make it a habit of finding.  Today a new connection of yours is giving you the key to success on the internet.  Go out and make it a great day.

Cindy Slick

Sunday & What It Taught This Marketer

Sunday & What It Taught This Marketervw bug

I love Sundays.  As a small child my mom was a single mom in an era when being a single mom was frowned upon.  I am certain that is why my mom was not a single mom sooner than she was.  She attempted for many years to endure much longer than she should have.  She took her vows and religion seriously.  So as a child my mom had a VW rabbit that she loaded 5 children into for mass and then after mass we would go to my grandmothers for dinner.  My grandma always made wonderful dinners mostly some kind of German fair and the adults would play Euchre all day as us grandchildren would play games like hide and go seek or watch Disney on the TV.

The smells the sounds the wonder of it all fill my mind to this day.  As a child it was always a day so care free so effortless and always fun.  My grandma always had on hand sugar cookies, and chocolates and peppermint ice cream. All things that growing up as 1 of 5 children.  With a single mom would never have in our house.  Is it any wonder I loved the time spent at grandmas on Sunday?

I recognize something looking back now that never dawned on me back than.  The all those things were available to us children due to some very hard work of my grandparents.  They owned a small mom and pop shop and my grandpa was a butcher.  People flocked to my grandparent’s store.  Why, word of mouth.  Well word of mouth today is the internet and if you have no marketing plan you are in for a world of hurt.

Today’s marketer must embrace the internet and learn what it is that is necessary to promote their business.  There are as many strategies as there always were.  There are some though that are essential.  If you are not using capture pages, auto responders, contact manager, video and all the other tools out there.  Than you are not marketing to the best of your ability.

I was one that put that off.  I kept telling myself that the money spent to do these things was more than I had.  Well it was more than I had and kept me from getting any more for far too long.  Today I use all of these things and much more.  I was lucky enough to be introduce to a marketing system that had every tool I needed for a cost much less than just one of the tools mentioned.banner leads

Since I made the move into a marketing system I started seeing how well the free version Free Lead System Forever worked, and it really is free forever.  Then working with the premium system was like I had went to marketing heaven.   I have at least tripled my business.  I am so grateful.  I can make all the cool stuff that is driving the traffic to me not me chasing the traffic.  I have my own list and own leads.  I don’t have to purchase leads or take some used up leads that are offered on the internet.  What a difference it has made.

Today I work hard just like my grandparents taught me. Also like they taught me I work smarter not harder and it gives me the time to follow up with all those leads I now have every day.  I have always loved my job.  It is why I have kept doing it for so long.  I love it even more now that I have a way to do it with much less work. key leaders

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Cindy Slick

The Ugly Truth Of Internet Marketing

The Ugly Truth Of Internet Marketing

It is never wise to seek or wish for another’s misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. ~Charley Reese

Internet marketers and how the struggle can be over.

Internet marketers and how the struggle can be over.

Most of the time internet marketers are supportive and generally kind to one another.  Once in a while as in all walks of life there comes along the person who because of envy or jealousy is not so nice.  Often these people are not happy in life.  Coming from a nursing back ground I understand these individuals mind set and can best be understood by Abraham Maslow who had a hierarchy of needs that must be met for people to be happy.  One of the basic needs is safety, and when people are without jobs and economic security they often act out.

What is sad is that these folks do not understand the basics about the internet.  If you do not like some ones business and it is not a good fit for you just keep moving.  If you try out a business and it doesn’t work for you.  Just keep walking.  What I see happening often lately is bashing of others business and this is poor business in internet marketing or in brick and mortar business.  Talking bad about others is just bad practice in any walk of life.

While it is sad to see people who feel better by putting others down.  My experience in life is that by lifting others you lift yourself.  And if you cannot do that just keep going, leave the people to do what those people do.  In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy.  If needs are not met people do not grow and move forward or upward as shown in the pyramid.  They do not work for the betterment of others and this is what everyone should strive for.

Often times we have to leave others behind while it is often sad to do so.  We do not want to get stuck and carry others baggage with us.  We all have enough baggage all on our own. Life will give you some just about the time you think things are going well.  So don’t pick up the stuff that belong to other people.  Whatever you do don’t get sucked in.  It is easy to do when you are the type that likes to help people. One day you believe you are helping and the next thing you know you’re lugging along with somebody else’s junk.  When you try to let go of it, well somehow you become the bad guy.  Don’t believe it you are not.canstock6938742

Make it a practice to just keep moving along and remember you are what you believe you are not what someone says you are.  Marketing can be tough.  It is tough enough without having to worry about someone else.  And whatever you do never put the other guys business he believes to be a good one down.  If they ask for an opinion give it.  If they do not like your opinion and often times they will not, if it is different than theirs keep moving forward with whatever is working for you.

Go out and strive to reach your own self actualization “What a man can be, he must be.”[9] This quotation forms the basis of the perceived need for self-actualization. This level of need refers to what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.[10] Individuals may perceive or focus on this need very specifically. For example, one individual may have the strong desire to become an ideal parent. In another, the desire may be expressed athletically. For others, it may be expressed in paintings, pictures, or inventions. *[11] As previously mentioned, Maslow believed that to understand this level of need, the person must not only achieve the previous needs, but master them.

Be your own master of your dreams and aspire to achieve.  With the economy in the state it is in you are going to meet many they are stuck.  Do not get stuck yourself.  You can succeed in you’re home based business.  If you are struggling find the one’s that are doing well and ask them what they did to get there.  You will find many willing to share without attempting to sell you theirs.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Cindy Slick leads

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The Unexpected In The Ordinary

quotesYou know life can be real strange at times. When things some how look the bleakest it can all turn around. My daughter had moved to Colorado for college 15 years ago. During that time she got married had a couple of grandchildren. Every year as the kids started to get older and older my desire to move to Colorado to be a part of that grew. Just could not see how. My life was pretty settled where I was in Ohio and it just seemed like an impossible dream.

Then one day a window opened. I did not know it at the time after all I was busy dealing with life as it was being dealt out to me. I got laid off from my job. This was the third time in 3 years and really being in the mortgage business as I was well not at all surprising. So at first I started dealing with that upgrading the resume’. Cruising online really trying to find a way to not return to corporate america. As well as keeping up to date on my mom who a few months earlier was given only a few months to live. Then one day my sister asked if I could come to Florida and help out with mom and off on a plane I was a few days later. While in Florida I get a call from my husband he too was laid off. This was completely unexpected. The window begins to open a little wider.

When my mom passed a few months later after the furneral my husband and sit down and talk. What to do. Do we attempt to put life back together in one of the worse economies in history. With the unemployment rate near 13% in Ohio. Well there was always this plan in the back of my head. Only a dream really to be a every day part of my grandkids lives. The window is now wide open. Sell it. Sell it all. We sell the car, the house, the big screen TV everything we could do without we sell. We take the money and off on a new adventure.

Funny really how it goes. Now here I am new life in Denver, Husband has a great new job. I have a job I love no more white knuckles on the steering wheel for me. I am taking some college courses to enhance my love for the marketing I do every day and I want to learn how to code. I love helping others get hooked up what has made me successful online. A marketing system so complete you can run any business or several if you run more than one from just one place. It covers every marketing need you could think of needing. All for less than say an auto responder or a contact manager from one. And if you have a team it has a free system that generates leads complete with an auto responder which will help you grow and stop the main problem with MLM, post marketing tools

Life often throws things at you. How you respond to them is what seperate’s the one’s that have the ability to get back up and brush off the dust and those that just stay down. I have been getting back up all my life. I intend to continue brushing off the dust. It just feelings better.

Life on the internet can be a daily struggle. Without the tools to handle your marketing needs running around and posting and buying bad leads can be a daunting job. There is a better way. I can and will show you. I love to help others. Hope you have a great day.

Cindy Slick

Learn To Swim Before Jumping In The Deep End

It Just Keeps Getting Better

ImageI have been marketing online for a good length of time now.  I have some 7 years of experience.  I have learned some things and seen some things along the way.  I offer help and support to folks often.  In fact, I have never turned anyone away.   That has come to me for help.  I really enjoy it, having been a cardiac intensive care nurse helping helps fill that void that a work related injury took away from me.   I had to find a new career after my injury. 

Sometimes no matter what I do to help some go away feeling I didn’t help at all.  Those times well they leave me feeling sad for the person.  I know in my heart I have done my best and all I can hope is that someone out there gives those people what it is they are looking for.  Very often these are the people looking for the quick fix.  I know there are no quick get rich business out there.  The truth is those of us that have learned to make a living from the internet have also learned that this is a job like every other job.  It is work, and you still have to work it to make money from it.  “Thomas Edison once wrote Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls  and looks like work.”

I see it so often people want it now they want it quick there is no patients in the world.  We live in a time of drive through mentality.  Can you begin to make some money in a few months absolutely.  Can you make a really nice living in a few months to a year yes you can.  I know because I do.  I know it took me awhile to sort through the junk, and that I had to investigate and needed to form relationships. 

I have seen my fair share and been through my fair share of attractive looking programs and people.  It happens to the best of us.  Never allow desperation to steer the ship.  Buyer be aware always.  If you make a bad decision forgive you’re self.  It simply means you’re human. Remember though there is a business opportunity for you.  It may take some time to find the right one but allow you’re self the time to find it. Make sure that it is something you can whole heartedly stand behind.  Something you believe in.  Do not be swayed by an attractive compensation plan.  Most real good opportunities have good plans.  If the plan sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.  If the numbers do not make sense it is for good reason!   Thanks for letting me share.  Have a great day. 

Cindy Slick

Put Some Energy In Your Downline


Put Some Energy In Your Downline

We join a really great internet marketing company. We check it all out. It has a wonderful product. A product that we can get behind and have passion for. The compensation is terrific. If we do everything they tell us to do we will make some good money in a few months. Great, now we join, and start recruiting.

Sounds easy right, after all we know several people that we may be able to share this with and win over to join. And well shouldn’t those people be able to get a few too? Well it sounded good in your head. Truth is the average network marketer recruit’s 2.5 people in their life time. Let me say that again just in case you missed that. The average network marketer recruit’s 2.5 in their life time. Not only that on average 75% of them switch companies every 4 months Not a very impressive number is it?

So how do all those people that you see doing well and making money online do it. They do two things, that the other ones don’t. First of all before they jump in they educate themselves on how it is done. The other thing they do. While educating themselves they find that to do it successfully they need tools. What kind of tools you ask, after all tools are used to fix things right?

Yes they are and in the world of network marketing these tools fix the numbers for you instead of against you. So what are these tools, well first of all you need things that get the people coming to you instead of you chasing them. To do that you need capture pages, they capture information and then direct that information to you. You have likely filled out more than one capture page whether you knew it or not. You need your own domain, your own auto responder, with email campaigns and with those you really need the ability to have more than one and you need a contact manager. Now those are just the tip of the iceberg.building your biz

Video marketing is big, and ecards, postcards and texting to tell you when a lead is available is a great tool. Voicemail, QR codes are becoming big. Giving people contact with free give away’s is a must. So right about now you’re thinking you got to be kidding me how much would all that cost? Well if you go out and get everything individually or just a few of them you will be looking at a ton of money. 

I put it off for a long time. Currently though I found all of it in one place for the price of many of just one of these tools. The marketing system I am using it so cool they even have one for beginners with no budget, free. This system the free one will bring leads to you and has an auto responder. Thing is they have a complete system for just under a buck a day. Less than the cost of a candy bar. Most can find this in your budget to expand your business. Give up that morning coffee at the gas station or a bag of chips and there you go. Even a way to have that one for free. With 3 paying referrals you get the premium upgrade for free. 

Since I started using the system I average 3-5 signups a day and have had as many as 12. What exactly would happen to your business with those types of numbers. Well I know what I am going to have, a great year. So here is to you having a great day when you take a look.

Peace to all

Cindy Slick