The Unexpected In The Ordinary

quotesYou know life can be real strange at times. When things some how look the bleakest it can all turn around. My daughter had moved to Colorado for college 15 years ago. During that time she got married had a couple of grandchildren. Every year as the kids started to get older and older my desire to move to Colorado to be a part of that grew. Just could not see how. My life was pretty settled where I was in Ohio and it just seemed like an impossible dream.

Then one day a window opened. I did not know it at the time after all I was busy dealing with life as it was being dealt out to me. I got laid off from my job. This was the third time in 3 years and really being in the mortgage business as I was well not at all surprising. So at first I started dealing with that upgrading the resume’. Cruising online really trying to find a way to not return to corporate america. As well as keeping up to date on my mom who a few months earlier was given only a few months to live. Then one day my sister asked if I could come to Florida and help out with mom and off on a plane I was a few days later. While in Florida I get a call from my husband he too was laid off. This was completely unexpected. The window begins to open a little wider.

When my mom passed a few months later after the furneral my husband and sit down and talk. What to do. Do we attempt to put life back together in one of the worse economies in history. With the unemployment rate near 13% in Ohio. Well there was always this plan in the back of my head. Only a dream really to be a every day part of my grandkids lives. The window is now wide open. Sell it. Sell it all. We sell the car, the house, the big screen TV everything we could do without we sell. We take the money and off on a new adventure.

Funny really how it goes. Now here I am new life in Denver, Husband has a great new job. I have a job I love no more white knuckles on the steering wheel for me. I am taking some college courses to enhance my love for the marketing I do every day and I want to learn how to code. I love helping others get hooked up what has made me successful online. A marketing system so complete you can run any business or several if you run more than one from just one place. It covers every marketing need you could think of needing. All for less than say an auto responder or a contact manager from one. And if you have a team it has a free system that generates leads complete with an auto responder which will help you grow and stop the main problem with MLM, post marketing tools

Life often throws things at you. How you respond to them is what seperate’s the one’s that have the ability to get back up and brush off the dust and those that just stay down. I have been getting back up all my life. I intend to continue brushing off the dust. It just feelings better.

Life on the internet can be a daily struggle. Without the tools to handle your marketing needs running around and posting and buying bad leads can be a daunting job. There is a better way. I can and will show you. I love to help others. Hope you have a great day.

Cindy Slick

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