Sunday & What It Taught This Marketer

Sunday & What It Taught This Marketervw bug

I love Sundays.  As a small child my mom was a single mom in an era when being a single mom was frowned upon.  I am certain that is why my mom was not a single mom sooner than she was.  She attempted for many years to endure much longer than she should have.  She took her vows and religion seriously.  So as a child my mom had a VW rabbit that she loaded 5 children into for mass and then after mass we would go to my grandmothers for dinner.  My grandma always made wonderful dinners mostly some kind of German fair and the adults would play Euchre all day as us grandchildren would play games like hide and go seek or watch Disney on the TV.

The smells the sounds the wonder of it all fill my mind to this day.  As a child it was always a day so care free so effortless and always fun.  My grandma always had on hand sugar cookies, and chocolates and peppermint ice cream. All things that growing up as 1 of 5 children.  With a single mom would never have in our house.  Is it any wonder I loved the time spent at grandmas on Sunday?

I recognize something looking back now that never dawned on me back than.  The all those things were available to us children due to some very hard work of my grandparents.  They owned a small mom and pop shop and my grandpa was a butcher.  People flocked to my grandparent’s store.  Why, word of mouth.  Well word of mouth today is the internet and if you have no marketing plan you are in for a world of hurt.

Today’s marketer must embrace the internet and learn what it is that is necessary to promote their business.  There are as many strategies as there always were.  There are some though that are essential.  If you are not using capture pages, auto responders, contact manager, video and all the other tools out there.  Than you are not marketing to the best of your ability.

I was one that put that off.  I kept telling myself that the money spent to do these things was more than I had.  Well it was more than I had and kept me from getting any more for far too long.  Today I use all of these things and much more.  I was lucky enough to be introduce to a marketing system that had every tool I needed for a cost much less than just one of the tools mentioned.banner leads

Since I made the move into a marketing system I started seeing how well the free version Free Lead System Forever worked, and it really is free forever.  Then working with the premium system was like I had went to marketing heaven.   I have at least tripled my business.  I am so grateful.  I can make all the cool stuff that is driving the traffic to me not me chasing the traffic.  I have my own list and own leads.  I don’t have to purchase leads or take some used up leads that are offered on the internet.  What a difference it has made.

Today I work hard just like my grandparents taught me. Also like they taught me I work smarter not harder and it gives me the time to follow up with all those leads I now have every day.  I have always loved my job.  It is why I have kept doing it for so long.  I love it even more now that I have a way to do it with much less work. key leaders

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Cindy Slick

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