Make It About The Connection

Make It About The Connection

connectionsWe are taught all of lives about making social connections.  From the playground to the very first day in our first job we are told how important it is to make connections.  Never before is this more true and the internet makes this easier than ever before.  This is important for everyone no matter what you do for a living.  However if you are a business owner it is more important than ever before.

Business owners depend on visibility.  You need to be seen, you need to be noticed.  While the internet makes those two things easy to do.  Many fail to do that.  Thinking that placing a website up or doing a blog is enough. It is not enough and often they fail to do the basics.

Making connections is the fundamental start of all things.  You need to make it a habit each and ever day to form connections.  Myself I not only teach it to my team I practice it.  No matter what site I am on.  And through out each day I am on many, I form new connections.  I know just how important it is and know that just a few minutes taken out of my day  making connections has made all the difference in the world to my business.

In business numbers are everything.  Percentages in internet marketing are staggering. 97% attrition rate, 75% switch companies every 4 months.   So how do you beat the odds.  By increasing them in your favor, of course.  You need to be seen you want to be known so when someone goes looking for a company, yours in the one the come to.

Making connections is just one way to get your self seen.  The other way is having a way to market your primary business.  To do that you need capture pages not just one although that can be a start.  You need several and you need email campaigns so you stay in front of people.  Offer value and content so you need to have something besides your business to put in front of them.

While marketing with all those tools may seem like it will cost more than you have to spend if you are just starting out.  I know I thought so for far too long.  If you don’t do it many months or years later you will wish you had.  You know the saying you have to spend money  to make money.  In this case it is true.banner leads

Today  I would spend it in a heart beat to cut down the time it took me to make money online.  I could of cut the time in a half, maybe even more.  Today I have all those tools, with a system that has unlimited everything.  You are only limited by your imagination on how to market yourself.  They have over 30 free give a way’s too.  All for under 1 dollar a day.

For the brand new internet marketer, home base business owner they even have a free lead system forever that generates massive amounts of leads that could actually lead to getting the premium system for free too.  With three paying members that you bring in you get the premium with all the bells and whistle that you really need.

I am forever grateful I found this or I should say a friend introduce me.  Yes one of those connections I made on the internet.  The one’s I make it a habit of finding.  Today a new connection of yours is giving you the key to success on the internet.  Go out and make it a great day.

Cindy Slick

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