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customer serviceAfter a talk with a colleague of mine yesterday I got to pondering customer service these days.  Or more accurately the lack of it.  We were talking about training and how we needed to stress to some of the new sign ups the importance of following up.  Both myself and the women I was talking to come from a time when customer service was second nature.  We both also understand that human nature is such that people want and need to be treated special.

For many reasons some people just fail to have good practice with customer service.  There was a time when customer service was just a good habit that all merchants had.  When you went to the grocery store there were bag boys that took the groceries to the car and would even load them.  A stop by the dry cleaners was a pleasant chat with the owner and a smile, and likely greeted by name.  Drive in to get some gas they came out of the station to you.  Never having to get out of the car.  Windows were washed, oil and tire pressure checked and if you were wanting a soda they would go inside and grabbed that for you too.

Trouble with one of your utilities, no problem a call to the utility company was met by a real person on the other end pleasantly asking how they could help you.  Being place on hold meant a momentary amount of time listening to some pleasant music followed by an equally pleasant person as the first.  A trip to the Department store to return an item, no problem.   Just go to customer service department and there you were always greeted by someone ready to help, no waiting for a person to answer some bell.  They were always there greeting you with a smile and much respect like taking care of your problem was the reason they got up that morning.

Today well the truth is that customer service real customer service is rare.  With the except of my bank, I can think of very few places where I am received as if my concerns are ever met with anything close to gratitude for my patronage. It is a real shame.  Whether it is because I can remember a time when customer service counted for something or just being raised with good manners.  I believe that customer service is still important.

When you have leads coming to you seeking further information how do you greet them.  Do you allow an auto responder to send out a welcome and wait for them to do any further contact?  Or do you send them a personal greeting?  Do you hope they call you after sending out the auto response with your phone number or do you follow up with a phone call?

After you sign someone up for your business, what is your follow up?  Do you help the person, do you find out what their skill level is?  Do you see if they have some idea how to promote?  Do you have a weekly conference call or newsletter?  How about training videos, marketing information?  Do you have a plan at all?  Or do you just leave them flopping in the wind?

You would think that if someone found your opportunity special enough for them to either ask for further information or sign up for it, more people would do all of those things and more.  The truth is way too many have no plan at all and just move on to signing up the next.  Often times it is because that is what happened for them and so that is what they do as well. No one cared enough to teach them any better.  Follow up is no more and then people wonder why turn over is such as it is in internet marketing.

Focusing on excellent customer service and keeping your focus on their needs is so very powerful.  You create loyalty.  Your customer/sign ups will come to respect you, admire you even.  They will look to you as a leader.  They will seek your guidance and eventually they will do the same to their customer/sign ups.  What you will find is you have a good strong team of builders.  Your business will continue to grow and expand.a real team

If you spend a part of each day following up on leads and training your new sign ups.  Your business would sign up more people and you would retain more sales.  Helping others, giving good customer service is more than good manners it is good business.  Each person is important to your business.  Everyone will have different needs.  If you never get to know the people you will never know what those needs are. Having begun a relationship with them and getting to know them. This is when you than use auto responders.  It isn’t the way you begin but it is the way you continue to stay if front of your leads.  Starting today make customer service a part of your business.  You will be so surprise of the difference some personal contact can make.  Have a wonderful day.

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