What Flavor Is The Kool-Aid

What Flavor Is The Kool-Aid

koolaidWhen I began looking to earn a living on the internet, the first thing I discovered was that many like to tell part of the story but never would give me the entire picture.  Now true there are many pieces to the puzzle.  The very first thing though the very first piece is to brand yourself.  If you’re new  I am not talking about taking a hot iron to flesh.  I am talking about you being known all on your own.  Not by a company but on your own.

So what is the very best way to accomplish this.  By having your own website and blogging.  Now some may say I don’t know how to write or don’t know what to write.  Thing is there are ways to blog without ever writing yourself if you want.  Many people will guest blog for you.  It creates backlinks and helps them so they do it.  Also you would be surprised at yourself that you just maybe can write.  I know I did not think I could either and now I love it.

The thing that gets me and the latest thing in MLM is to create these companies which are making money from you blogging for them!  Now when you break that down what is it really.  They tell people that the reason it is a good idea is so they attach themselves to known people so that they can earn some money because no one knows them that is why they can make no money online.

Let’s think about that.  So you attach yourself to these people.  Blog for these people and guess who continues to be branding themselves on the internet?  Well it is not you.  So you continue to do that for how long?  How long do you work hard every day for someone else?  Isn’t the whole reason you want to start and make money on the internet is to have your own.  Do you not want others to one day say oh yeah Joe Smith I know him he is doing really well.  Or do you want to always be unknown and hear people say company ABC it is doing really good.

The ones making real money have accomplished the art of having others attracted to them.  People see them they know of them and they want to be a part of what they are doing.  I understand wanting to and needing to make money online.  I even understand the desperate feeling that it needs to happen right now.  The problem is that right now feeling can cause you to make rash decision.  There is a reason that statistically 75% of all internet marketers jump companys every 4 months.  It is that rash decision.  So that at end of year 1 you are still making no money because you have jumped companies 3 times never having the first thing you need.  Your own branding.  Nobody knows you and you’re still not making money and it is a year later.  Now you are really desperate.

Start with having your own website it is the beginnig of your journey.  Blog on it or not you need to start there.  Get the tools you need to start a business.  If you were going to be a plumber and started a business  would you need tools?  It is the same on the internet.  You need a way to reach people and be known.  Capture pages, sale pages and sales funnels do that.  You now have away to create your own leads.  Not ones that you pay for and have been used and sold 3,4.5 times but your own.  You need a way to keep yourself in front of your leads.  So that is an auto responder.  It is set to send email campaigns to your leads.  A contact manager to manage these leas for you.  The ability to add video to your pages.  Ecards and epostcards are a great addition so you can send them out birthday cards, Christmas cards etc.  Sounds like a lot and it use to be.  My marketing system actually has all that and more for just under a dollar a day.  You can find all these things out there, available to you.  I like the one I use.banner good

Point is now you are ready for a good company, something you are passionate about. It should be the reason, not the comp. plan. They all have nice plans.  You will make money because you are prepared and like what you’re selling.  Attractive comp plans make the company rich not you.  Whether you do well is up to you, not the compensation plan.

Don’t drink the kool-aid as they say do not get caught up in what you will make before you ever make a dime.  You will spend hundreds even thousands and still make 1.25 in the end if you do. The grape kool-aid will have you broke before it has you rich.  Take the time to do it right.  Have a wonderfully splendid day.

Cindy Slick





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