Video Marketing, One Two Three Cut

Are You Making Yours

videoVideo marketing is a major component of successful marketing online.  I was reminded of this over the weekend while talking with a colleague.  I had been making them rather consistently than because I am not a video master and really dislike doing anything I am not terrific at I became complacent and stop doing them.  Major no no on my part yes.  You see people love videos.  They are captivated and will watch a video more often the read the written word.

Video marketing increase you email opening by 5.6% and click through rate by some 96.38% when compared to emails that contain no video.  Video also increases your SEO ranking so including video on blogs is necessary.

So what that means for us internet marketers which is anyone with a business using the internet to market their business.  Is that we need to be using video if we want to reach our audience.  Naturally reaching is our target is what we are all doing each day.  So if we are not doing videos to leverage ourselves we are missing customers.  Whether you are selling a direct product or needing signups for an MLM we need to use video in our marketing.

Having said that does that mean you have to spending all kinds of money on video?  Well the answer is no.  If you have a mom and pop shop where you are the sole owner of your business you may want to hire someone to do at least one video for you.  If you have an MLM chances are the business has a one or several videos you may use.  Once you have these though you will want to continue to engage your target audience.  Hiring someone a few times a month for fresh and new ideas would be costly.

This is where you creativity comes in.  There is a great video format for free that you really should be looking at.  This is the one I use Animoto there are others and can be found using google or your favorite search engine.  Using Animoto is fun and easy.  While talking to my colleague I went and made a cute little video in less than 5 minutes, quick and easy.   With just a few pictures from your business and a selection from the video library of templates add some text and you’re ready to produce a video.  It really is just that easy.

So let me just say that no matter what skill level you may be at you can use video marketing.  One you make a few videos you can add them to your blogs and email campaigns and you will reap the benefits with increased sales.

Have a wonderful day

Cindy Slick

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