I Am Rubber, You Are Glue

Negativity Boomerangs Back

boomerangRecently I have seen some marketers using the old political tactic of negative advertising. The truth is in general it is just not smart to do. For the most part you do not see it used with goods and services. Why you may ask. Truth is although there is little evidence one way or the other . Using negativity in general is just not good practice.

I know that in life regardless of what it is I am doing negativity back fires. Whenever I am feeling negative I avoid doing things like call backs or writing. Because the truth is negativity breeds more negativity and I do not want negativity on me.

Think about what happens to you when you run into negativity in your life. Let’s say you are having a really good day. You run to the grocery. You are moving down an aisle and it is very crowded. You say excuse me try to pass after all you only came in for a few things. The person turns to you and gives you a look of disdain. You let it pass you move on your way. You head to the check out and the checker is in a foul mood and you attempt some simple banter but it goes nowhere. As you move out of the grocery store without even noticing your mood is no longer light and sunny.

You head home you are sitting at a the stop light sun glare in your eyes. You fail to see the light change the guy behind you is laying on the horn. By the time you get home you mood has change from that happy sunny whistling Dixie mood to one of ready to kick the dog.

Now the truth is nothing personal really happened to you. It was all happening to someone else really. It simply was not personal what is personal though is that you have picked up a foul mood.
That is what happens with negative advertising. You may have a super great product, you may have the very best goods or service since sliced bread. When you put the other guy down pointing out that they are just that bad. You become bad along with them. The opposite effect you were going for is what happens. You wanted to just point out that they could not get the job done. Now it appears to others neither one of you can.

So for me I just don’t do it. Putting the other guy down to make you look better is bad practice in advertising/marketing just like it is in life. I do not have to step on your neck to lift me up. Talk about your product or service. You do not have to talk about how bad the other guy is. Not every program opportunity is for everybody. We all choice the company we get involved with for different reason.

So just like the politician you may find yourself wanting to point out all the faults of the other guy. Good practice says just don’t do it. Have a wonderful day and hey lend a helping hand if you can. You will be so surprised at what it will do to lift your mood.
Cindy Slick
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One thought on “I Am Rubber, You Are Glue

  1. I see your point as the negative angle does not prove that you would be more correct than the others that you may be trying to discrecit. This is true in religion amd politics so as in marketing. Therer may be some negative aspets to the tactics that other are using but we should really be more focused on what our product can do for the consumer. The supply and demand creates the need and people will buy the things that they need. We like the shopping experience but we certainly dis-like being sold.

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