Warning Warning Robot Approaching

Warning, Warning Robot Approaching

a robotI still smile as I write that title. I was talking to a colleague and we were discussing the new way that many marketers promote. Robots, and yes if you are not familiar you will be. Many business owners are using robots for just about everything imaginable. For some reason what came to mind for me was Lost and Space and the robot telling Will Robinson warning, warning.
I can see how robots can be helpful. What I find disturbing is replacing human warmth and touch in marketing completely with robots. You can set up the phone to call your prospects, using what a robot. You can follow up with email using what robots, you can even use a robot to send advertising for you. So it is official a robot has taken over the job of sales.
For some that means they never have to make contact with the people behind the phone calls, the emails or the ones answering their ads. What a world we live in. It even make work for many. For me that takes away the entire reason I love marketing online all together. I also believe it creates an effectual team.
I have found that knowing the individuals on my team. Creating a relationship makes for a more cohesive team. We know each other and we know the strengths and weakness. We are much stronger for it.
Don’t know about you but I answer the phone and hear a recording and just hang up. Also in my mind I feel anyone doing this is lazy and would not want to work with them. As for ads that are completely automated they may be affective they may actually be effective but at what point do you get involved in your own marketing. I can tell they are put out by hoot suite not sure if others can but I find all of it lazy. Naturally they are helpful if you work full time at another job and need away to place ads during the day.
I also feel that at some point you need some personal touch as well. People responding want people to reach out to them as well. Yes you need an auto responder, but pick up the phone yourself or send a personal email for some contact to prospects as well. Let them know there is a person behind everything. Offer a bit of warm personal touch. The robots do make our jobs easier and allow us more time for what? The personal touch of closing and having more sales. I market those robots. I certainly believe they have a place in helping us and making us successful. I also believe in personally reaching out to everyone that becomes a member of my marketing system.banner good
I call everyone I work with help them on skype or joinme. I share screens walk them through, help them set up their systems. Help them use our systems to better serve them and their business. So they know how to use every feature. Not so that they can become impersonal robots but so they can be better at being personal with their customers with more time.
Reach out and touch someone today, and make it a successful day everyone.
Cindy Slick

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