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School Days School Days

webinarMany of us consider what we do as internet marketers as a class room all by itself.  Truth is it is.  If we are successful at our small business than each day we enter the online class room and find that we really do not know near as much as we thought we did.

It is this very reason that yesterday I began class going towards another degree.  I am working towards my bachelor degree in Marketing and Management.  Having a degree already in another field way over left of that in Nursing I am excited to be returning to school.  Being a Science major my thinking is often analytical.  Going for bachelor of arts degree will be different.  Many of my courses will require me to use a different part of my brain than I am use to.  So that is scary and exciting all at the same time.

What I have found out recently though is that I love marketing.  Marketing while many of us consider it to be promoting is much more than that.  Companies spend half of every dollar that a product cost on marketing.  When you think about that you realize that more than an ad goes into marketing anything.  Understanding who your target is, your customer is the focus.  Still it is much more than that even.

There is product and understanding just what makes a product.  There is also price and distribution to be considered.  There are variables to each of these.  Is your target young or old, what are their needs?  What are their habits.  For instance did you know that Google has replaced  the need for Grandparent’s.  Incredible right, but true.  Children Google before they pick up the phone and ask grandma why the sky is blue!

Understanding these things is essential to understanding the market in which we promote in.  So here I am at age 52 going back to school.  Why because I want to be more than successful in business.  I make money online.  I could just keep doing what I am doing and do just fine.  I have never been one to do just the ordinary though.

When I was nursing I was not an RN on the medical surgical ward.  I love and admire those that do.  I had to be where the excitement was.  I worked as a cardiac intensive care nurse for 11 years.  I loved each and every minute of it, until an injury took me out of it.

So understanding marketing and learning as much about it so as to take my companies to the next level is no surprise.  I love a challenge.  Working my business which currently take 14 hours a day and working in class’s just what this women needs right!  I am excited about it.

I look forward to not just using what I learn to help my candle business but to further my sales and marketing business.  Selling marketing tools/system to all of my online marketers it so very rewarding.  When I help someone else take their business to the next level there is a big reward in it for me.  I have always been a person who cares about others.  So this is a way for me to give back.banner good

So school days, school days good old golden rule days here I come with the excitement of a school kid on their first day.  I look forward to the coming quarter and this new journey of mine.  Well off to look over some work for school.

Have a great day everyone.

Cindy Slick


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