Monkey Wrench Anyone, Or Marketing Tools

Monkey Wrench Anyone

monkey wrenchHave you ever wonder where the name monkey wrench came from.  Well I did I just had to know.  I was thinking about tools that are needed to be successful online.  Monkey wrench which is not used for online but needed to be a plumber.  Who would never dream of opening up a plumbing company without one.  Got me thinking why is it called after a cute mammal?

So I went to wikepedia where else to get the answer.  It turns out it is actually named after the inventor of it and his name is Charles Moncky.  As you can see because of the spelling it was changed over the years to be spelled like our friends the monkey but in no way ways it intended to be.

No matter as a plumber needs a monkey wrench an internet marketer needs the proper tools to be successful.  Many try to go it without.  Some even have some mediocre success without them.  What is realized sooner or later.  That the job is so much easier and so much more successful with them.

Many are aware that they need them but feel they cannot afford them.  This may have been true in the past because you had to go to 2 or 3 different places to get everything you needed.  That is no longer the case.  You can get all the tools you need in just one place for one great low price.  For just under a dollar a day.

You can get all the capture pages, sales pages, sales funnels you need there is no limit with unlimited domains.  You get the capacity to mail to 30,000 with unlimited email auto responders.  That is incredible.  A contact manager you handle it all with. add tracking so you know what ads are working.  You can send ecards on all those holidays to stay in front of you customers with postcards that you can add video too.  We have massive library to choose video and templates from.  You can even run a blog or a website from within the system.  Yes run your business or as many as you have all from one place.

As if it could get no better in addition to all of the tools to run a business under one roof.  We have a way to help your downline increase and grow for free.  We have a free lead generating system that you can give to each and every member you have in your downline.  This helps them obtain new leads every day fresh coming to them.  Your business can finally go to a level you only dreamed about.banner good

Take a look today.  It will cost you absolutely nothing to look and try out.  The Free Lead System Forever is free forever with never any obligation to upgrade.  If you choose to try the upgrade with all the tools included.  You can try it out for 7 days for free.  We have the best customer service with experienced marketers with over 40 years of experience.  We are always available to help you.

Have a fantastic day,

Cindy Slick

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