Don’t Over Look The Small Details In Life Or Business

Don’t Over Look The Small Details


georgia okeefeIn life it is the small details that often make the difference. So starting today don’t miss the details. As with all things though, the details are frequently over looked. Famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe was once asked why her paintings magnified the size of small objects like the petals of a flower making them appear larger than life. While reducing the size of large objects like the mountains, making them smaller than life. Her reply was that ” everyone sees the big things, but the smaller things are so beautiful and people might not notice them if I didn’t emphasize them.”

It’s the same in our lives we often see all the problems and miss all the small things that make life worth living. We complain about all the things that are going wrong and forget to say thanks for those things that go right. The worse things are the more important it is to say thank you for those small things that are right.

This principal is just as important in business. We often complain and become discourage concentrating on all those things that are not going just the way we want and never giving thanks for the few things that are going right. We forget that we added 10 new people this month to our downlines instead we complain that it wasn’t 20. We get hooked with a new lead system and instead of being happy that we got 5 new leads and 3 signed up we complain that we only received 5 new leads from it. We are making 40 percent more than we are spending on our business instead we complain we are spending 40% more on our business.

Today is the day to stop all that negative thinking. Today you need to begin to concentrate on the details, on the small stuff and give thanks. Give thanks today for the things going well in your life. It you stop for a moment and think, you will start to see the petals on the flower not just the flower. You will see all the things that make up your life, your business, your world and begin to see all the beauty that is there for you. Stop and take stock in the small stuff. You will be amazed at the changes it will make in your life. When we begin to see the small details big changes start to take place.facet

Most of us like to believe we are the glass half full type. The truth is most of us are not. We miss the details, we concentrate on the wrong things. When we see the small details and become grateful for them. Well instead of 10 people you will see the 20. Instead of 5 new leads you will start to receive 10,15 even 20. Instead of 40% it will become 60%. Learn a new way to look at things and life will turn around. Learning to be grateful and letting go of the trash well it makes all the difference it the world.  FLSF For KLS Cindy

Free Lead System Forever

Free Lead System Forever

Take a look at what I have used to make a difference in my business this year.  I can give a free system to every single person in my downline.  This gives them the ability to add new reps each week. Than can than afford to actually move to the upgraded system which every marketer needs.  For less than aweber alone would cost you, they can than start building a great business for themselves.  Less than a dollar a day for auto responders, video email, wonderful capture pages, floating capture page for that replicated website so they stop missing the information of thousands of visitor’s to their pages. A contact manager and ad tracking.  Finally, a way to play with the big boys.  And it will not cost an arm and a leg.  Starting today you can stop missing all the small details in your business.

Have a great day.

Cindy Slick


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