Home Based Business, Infuse Some Pizzazz

Infusing Pizzazz Into Your Biz

pizzazzSometimes you just have to find that sparkle again.  That passion you had those first few months you had when you first started you home based business.  Keeping the passion up is often as much of a job as running your business in the first place.  Spending every day doing all the daily little things can get to be a bit much after a while.

Doing the same things every day over and over can get to be let’s face it boring.  I feel like it has been forever since I wrote a blog post.  Last week I just kind of shut down after hearing of a friend’s death.  While it is understandable I than took the next few days off.  I had to do something to jump start me again.  I needed to infuse some passion into it to get me going.

So for me I did some thing’s that I don’t do every day.  Things that I do once in awhile instead of daily.  So I created some slides and posted to slideshare, http://tinyurl.com/d5lc28a and then went and created a couple of videos to use in my capture pages.  http://youtu.be/uG4ANPBPpDc slide-42-638

Doing something different and fun for my job has me back on track today.  As busy as I am and I am busy running two business’s and being a full time college student keeps me hopping.  Gratefully I have a marketing system that makes my job easy.  It can run my business for the most part even when life shows up as it always does.  You need one if you don’t have one.  This system is so complete you can even use it for your website and everything.  You will not have to pay for hosting in separate places, auto responders in separate places, capture pages somewhere else.  Newsletter in another.  Everything all complete in one place.

So today put some pizzazz into your business.  Create a video, open up that powerpoint.  I get so much exposure by using slideshare.  All of these things help you in business.  And they may just light a spark in your creative brain and get you creating all kinds of things.  If you don’t know how.  Get a hold of me love to help you.

Have a beautiful day all

Cindy Slick



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