Are You Simply Chasing Your Tail

Are You Simply Chasing Your Tail

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

If he had a way to duplicate he wouldn’t spend all day chasing that tail

Every day I repeat the same routine with Marley my miniature pincher.  He eats than he bugs me until I take him for a walk.  We have a bike path down the street that is his place.  He walks excited all the way to the path than slows down once he gets to the path.  He sniffs and romps over all just enjoying his time in his favorite place.  This same routine is repeated for us every day.  It works and if I am not available guess what it is duplicatable for any number of other people to do with him.

One of the first things you always need to consider when it comes to your home based business is what you are doing duplicatable.  Every member on you’re team should be able to do exactly what you are doing.  If it cannot be duplicated than you need to take a second look at it. When it comes to business it is not what works necessarily it is what can be duplicated by others.

Home based business and more specifically MLM companies are designed for you to have residual income, and for others to come in behind you and duplicate what you are doing.  My home based business must be viewed as the same way as my walked with Marley.  If I am unavailable can every member of my team duplicate what it is I do.  If the answer is not yes that there is something wrong and I must re-evaluate what I do and how can I make it so you can do exactly the same thing with the same results.

One of the wonder things I have in my marketing system is that not only is it duplicatable for each member of my team.  It is sharable as well.  Meaning I can create capture pages and sale funnels and a new member can come into their own system and push a button and have those very same pages available to them.  They do not have to create them they are already there right down to the auto responder and everything.  Push and bam done.

The Way to easy duplication

The Way to easy duplication

The reason I mention this is that although many of the things I do is easy to duplicate.  Many will not duplicate it.  I pick up the phone daily.  Too many fail to do this they simply want to generate a good income yet will not take the time to build the relationships.  They shy away from it.  They may or may not connect online some will do this more than pick up the phone but again many shy away from making good real relationships with people.  The first 6 months to a year in any mlm is when you build the residual income.  Once the residual is built you will have time for other things.

Spending that first 6 months to a year, building relationships doing all the follow up that is required is the foundation that is necessary for you to build.  Many simply do not want to do this.  Although it will not replace this ground work completely the one thing my marketing system does for every person on my team is build up a relationship with their leads.  It is not as good as this writer believes as picking up that phone but it does work.

Why I as a leader use the Free Lead System Forever

Why I as a leader use the Free Lead System Forever


The internet is a powerful tool in your hands for your business.  Understanding it is the first hurdle, having a great mentor is yet another.  Having a duplicating system that helps you over and over is another.  Here is too having a great routine and have a wonderful day.

Cindy Slick

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