Where’s The Money

Where’s The Money

Track those Ads or lose your money.

Track those Ads or lose your money.

While walking my dog Marley he loves to track, you know nose to the ground sniffing all the way.  He was bred to do just that.  He is a miniature pinscher and they were bred in Germany as a barnyard ratter.  He loves to find a rabbit or squirrel on our walks.  They are great fun for him.  Of course he is on a leash and can in no way get them.  He doesn’t know that just like he doesn’t know he is a small dog of around 16 pounds.  He believes he can get to them and that he is the biggest dog in the neighborhood.

He is wrong of course.  I have the lease and of course no matter what his bark tells others he is only 16 pounds.  What he does have right though is he can track.  Because he can track prospects to run after are certain.  So you may be thinking what does that have to do with money?

Naturally I want to tell you.  Tracking your leads is so very important to your email campaign.  Of course that is presuming you know how important email is to your business and that you are doing it. All the leads in the world will do you little good if you cannot get your message in front of you leads over and over again. You will be stuck much like Marley is on that lease.  Why is that?  Because it takes at least 9 times of you placing a product or service in front of a lead before they take action.  9 times, that is a lot of emails and if you try to do that over and over and do not have an auto responder well you can see how you are leaving money out there.  Out where those that do have the email campaigns can have them take action on someone else’s product or service.

So where is the money, why it is in somebodies pocket but it isn’t yours. If you have none of the following.  Capture pages or squeeze pages, which bring you the leads they have now agreed to receive email from you.  Follow that with email campaign placing you now in the unique position to place you in front of you prospect those 9 times.  With those email campaigns you offer them value this shows you care, you see people buy from those they like and trust.  When you are able to expose yourself to your prospects over and over they get to know you.  You build a relationship.  Offering them value over and over and they begin to want to know more. banner leads

So again let me ask where is the money?  If you have a system that offers the ability to capture the information.  Follows up with email campaign offering value.  Those emails are tracked to see how effective they are.  What mail is being opened and how often.  In a contact manager that allows you to group your leads.  Well you now have the money.  Yes the money is now in your pocket because you are now doing business just like the millionaires do.  You can track everything and you are now an expert tracker just like my dog Marley.  Like Marley you will believe you are one of the big guys it will not matter that you are not yet.  You can be if you use the same system the millionaires use.

So you may think they can afford to do it that way but there is no way I can afford to.  Well the very systems that use to cost much more are now affordable.  For under a dollar a day you can have all the tools every marketer wants and needs.  You can even have a 7 day free trial.  You can also get the free system which brings quality leads to you and keep that free forever.  Even if you think you don’t want the premium system after you try it for free for 7 days, you can go back to the free lead system forever and keep it forever.  We even have a way for you to keep the premium system for free. With 3 paying premium members under you your premium system is free.  So really what are you waiting for?  Are you still willing to let the other guy make the money?  Or are you ready to put that cash in your pocket?

Have a great day

Cindy Slick


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