Stop Hiding Your Head In The Sand

Come Back To Reality

Sand man or reality?You ever think about how some people run their home based business?  They join a company and then just wait.  Waiting for all those people to come running to their opportunity.  Where do they get the idea that you don’t have to work a business?  Why do they honestly believe that people will just gravitate to them automatically?

I must say have you ever read some of these people ads and for that matter some of the ads that come from a lot of the internet marketing companies?  How about  some of those matrix’s have you read the compensation plans?  Yes in theory you can make a ton of cash.  What most do not realize is we live our life in reality not in theory.

Unless you already have a long list and I do mean long several hundred long, truth is you will never make money in any of those companies.  You need a real home based business.  That has been duplicated and proven by many before you.  You need a sponsor willing to show you how to duplicate.  You will need some tools for following up.  Those that join companies and then do nothing at all are hiding the head in the sand.  Like the ostrich they are hiding from reality.  The reality is business does not come to you.  You go to the business.  It can be viewed by some as hard work.  For those of us who do it and enjoy it well it is not really all that hard of work.

I write a blog post some would consider it work I consider it a joy.  Writing ads some would consider just not in them to do.  Me they just come to me and I love designing them and writing them.  I freely give them to others to use.  Some would consider making follow up calls work, I enjoy getting to know others each day.  Some would consider web page building work. Me I love it and enjoy the end product.  All of the things I do every day are enjoyable to me and it is why I love my job.  I never looked at internet marketing as a way to get out of hard work.  I viewed as a way to make a living from home.  A home based business is still work.  Regardless of what home based business you have.slide-002-638

Stop hiding your head in the sand.  If you want a successful home based business, face the reality you will have to do some work.  You will have to do some work each day.  How much effort you have to put in that work well that is up to you.  If you get the tools other successful internet marketers have than the work will be easier.  If you think joining a company that has some of those tools  the way out you are wrong.  You first of all need to be branding you, and second they only ever give you part of the tools.  So find a company you want to join based on the company product and that is something you can stand for.  Be passionate, passion comes across and others will be infected by it and want to join you because of that.

Today take the head out and think and figure out where it is you want to take your home based business.  Than get started working towards those goals.  It is possible and you will make a success of it with a plan and some tools.  I will be looking for you to become successful like I do many each day.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

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