Greatest Form Of Flattery Or Stealing

An Original Idea Or Are You Stealing

another theifThey say that doing what others do is the best form a flattery.  Is it or does it just leave you feeling violated?  I have been blogging and marketing for some years now.  Once in a while I will come across something and recognize it and well just smile.  After all they changed it a little they made it their own.  It was not exactly the same way I had written it, or posted it.  The image was different or the words were changed up a bit.

I often tell people that are in my company that they can use any of my ads.  They can use them as though they were theirs.  Adding a company image of their choice.  A few take me up on it for time to time most do not.  I have never given anyone permission ever to use my words as their own or my created images.

I have someone doing exactly that and I must say I am stunned.  I asked them to stop and of course they apologized and I thought that would be the end of that.  Of course it wasn’t  or I would not be here talking about it now.

Low and behold to my surprise I find my words my words word for word on blog post!!  Now for those that do not understand using words like that is for one plagiarism.  Not only that though it becomes duplicate messaging and Google does not look favorably on this.  I have worked long and hard for my reputation.  I really do not appreciate this at all.  My words stolen right out from under me.  Now I am no longer flatter I am stunned.

I use images rarely from the internet and when I do they are from free images sites.  You need to be careful even using these.  I have a business partner who does videos and pays for images and so I mostly use these or ones from the corporate site as these are not using images which could be viewed as copyright infringement.

I am still stunned which is hard to do to this thick skinned women who has lived some years and been through some stuff.  I wish I felt flattered but I do not.  I work hard every day to be creative.  I believe I am, I believe most find me entertaining and coming away with something new.  I want you to like my writing and coming away better for having read what I wrote.  What I do not want you to do as place it out on the internet word for word like it is your own.  Have a great day

Cindy Slick


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