You Have To Build It, Before They Will Come

You Have To Build It, Before They Will Come

field of dreams2You know the movie that is if your old enough and if not Field Of Dreams has a famous quote.  Kevin Costner is told if you build they will come.  This is somewhat like that list you are told to build if you have a home based business.  Regardless of what type of home based business you have.  It can be a traditional business, an MLM, affiliate marketing, or direct marketing.  They all need for you to have a list.

They like to tell you the money is in the list.  That is somewhat true.  However the real truth is that it is in the follow up.  If you have no follow up you are leaving money on the table.  Now they say it takes a minimum of 9 times of you placing yourself in front of people before they buy from you.  That is because people generally buy from those they know like and trust.  Well how does someone learn about you enough before they consider you someone they know like and trust?  You could call them 9 times but you are likely laughing about now on how ludicrous that would be.  I call my people and follow up with calls.  However I am not going to call them 9 times without being asked.

What does work and what I use is an auto responder.  Once a person places their information in a capture page they agree to email from me.  This is a wonderful thing.  Why because I now can place myself in front of these people.  They get to know me and they learn that I can help them.  That I have something they need or want and this is why successful marketers have been using auto responders and why they continue to use them.

I remember back when I first started I truly thought I could do it without one.  Why because I had a wonderful blog and a replicated site.  That should be enough to drive traffic to me right?  I also had a great deal of web presence.  I had a Facebook page and you could find me all over the web.  So why wouldn’t that be enough to find regular sign ups?

Well I admit I did sign people up regularly working hard every day with only those tools.  After a time though I realized that many were much more successful than I.  What did they have that I didn’t have.  Well like the scarecrow asking the wizard it really was simply.  The things I needed were there all for the asking.  They were not nearly as expensive as I thought and the truth is I owed it to my business.

It matters not what you sell the truth is everyone with a business must market that business.  So off to find the auto responder everyone told me I needed in the first place.  Now business is booming and I see why I needed it all along.  I would of gotten to where I am now so much sooner.  The guys all sitting in beach chairs, or teeing up for another round of golf were right.  Auto responders work and they pull in more business than you can ever imagine. ad photos

Add some sparkle such as video or audio like I do and well it is almost like magic.  Business just starts coming to you.  It is really incredible.  Check out this free report that shows you why email is a marketers answer.  If you build it they will come is true.  With a way to follow up, well business just starts to happen.  You  will be marketing with the best of them and regardless of what business you run from the comforts of your home suddenly you will play golf or going for a swim on some nice beach somewhere.

Have a great day,

Cindy Slick


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