If Not You Than Who

Why A Home Based Business Is Almost A Necessity

The Changing Social Contract: Between employee’s and employer

–We can’t promise you how long we’ll be in business

–We can’t promise you that we won’t be acquired

–We can’t promise that there’ll be room for promotion

–We can’t promise that your job will exist when you reach retirement age

–We can’t promise that the money will be available for your pension

–We can’t expect your undying loyalty and we aren’t even sure we want it

a plan2There was a time when the exact opposite was true. Today there is no stability in employment what so ever.  Today you owe it to yourself to be looking out for yourself in the long term.  You need to realize that no matter what your contract with your employer states.  You may find yourself terminated at any moment.  Your retirement benefits long gone when you are retired and possibly even terminated just before you retire, leaving you completely out in the cold.  These are the harsh realities.  This is not a maybe or could be scenario it is a reality check.

Looking out for your long term outlook is a absolute necessity.  If you have no idea how you will survive once you reach retirement age.  Than you need to be looking at that picture now.  Regardless of your current age you need a plan.  A home based business is a good plan B.  You can begin to put into place a residual income that will help you in the future.  Beginning now you can build that residual income and have a substantial income coming in by the time you retire.retirement

Taking control of your future is your responsibility.  It is no one else’s.  In today’s society you can no longer look for your job as your retirement security.  At any time that 401k you have depended on could be gone.  With the way things are you could work for a company for several years believe you will retire with them.  Find yourself out in the cold at age 60.  Too young, to collect social security, too old to find another job.  So take control start a home based business there are many good options.  Have a good day.

Cindy Slick




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