Do It Again Marley

Do It Again Marley

marley2Every day at the same time I repeat the same process.  Marley my min pin gets up from whatever comfortable place he is sleeping.  Comes over to me generally working on my computer and looks up at me with sweet puppy dog eyes.  It is time to eat he is saying to me.  Come on let’s do it right now already.  It is as regular as any clock.  So without too much hesitation I feed him.  Knowing that right after he eats, he will expect a walk.

Marley and I repeat this process twice a day every day.  His schedule is duplicatable.  It is repeated with regularity and it keeps him not just happy.  It keeps him healthy and happy.  I can go away from home on business or vacation and leave someone else to take care of him and they can do exactly what I do for him.  Why because it is duplicatable and there for anyone can keep him on schedule.

Your internet marketing business should be just like Marley.  Anyone should be able to do what you do with little instructions.  They should be able to do it with little knowledge of things like capture pages, how to build a website, how to promote a capture page, what an auto responder is.  They should be able to duplicate without understanding what a contact manager is.  How to add video to the email campaign.

If you have a marketing system from the Free Lead System Forever that is exactly what you get.  Your reps that you sign up can come in and with following a few short steps they can have capture pages, sales funnels just like you the leader have.  Why because they are shared down from your system to theirs.  The emails are automatic and they immediately start to send as soon as someone places their information in the capture page.  The leads come back to the system and you can locate them in the contact manager.  The new reps business is growing which is making the leaders business grow.  This happens over and over. funnel

Just like Marley is in auto pilot and can remain healthy and happy.  You do not have to have a ton of instructions about dogs and grooming to take care of my dog when I am away.  Your new rep does not have to know all the things that go into growing an internet marketing business.  You just have to be duplicatable.  When what you do is able to be duplicated with very little instruction.  Then you can be very successful.  All those other things can be taught later, or never if the new rep has no interest in learning.  Why because it is set up for them.  It can just be done on auto pilot.  This is how the successful marketers do it. ad photos

If you are a leader and would like to know just how simple it is to set you up and get your entire team growing and moving forward smoothly and effortlessly.  Click on the links below or get with me.  I would be happy to help you.  We set up systems for large MLM’s to those needing a Free Lead System Forever with no budget.  If we can make a large company run like a clock image what we can do for you and your team.

Cindy Slick

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