Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

my girls and iI remember back when I was a young mother.  Telling my kids things like don’t run with the scissors.  Eat your vegetables, finish your homework.  I made many suggestions and some not merely suggestions, that would keep my children healthy and safe.  So they could grow into responsible adults.  Like children do they sometimes listened, sometimes not.  As a parent we share our years of experience to help our children not make the same mistakes we may have made.  With hopes of planting seeds to learn from.

Today almost every day I write my blog and share my years of experience as an internet marketer with others.  I make the suggestions from which I hope you will learn.  Most are mistakes I made along the way and I would like to think you can learn not to make the same ones.

I am not foolish enough to believe all will listen.  I realize that like me many will stubbornly  believe they can do it their way.  What I do hope though is that some will listen.  Some will hear what I am saying and say to themselves yes that makes sense.

When I started I was told over and over that I needed certain tools.  I heard them I even believed them.  I am by nature a tight wad.  Moths fly out of my purse.  I looked at the tool’s, I would go to places like Aweber and Constant Contact and look at what they had to offer.  Maybe sign up for the free trial.  Would even see how well they worked and then when the trial was over, go back to the harder often times ineffective way of marketing.

Today I know better and what I also know today that had I listened, had I taken the sound advice of others I would be where I am now 2 or 3 years sooner.  Today I know that things like auto responders to follow up with leads.  Capture pages to get the leads in the first place.  A system to send out newsletters and ecards are all a necessary part of marketing.  Having a contact manager, even a way to make a website of my own.  Are all a part of my job as an internet marketer.  Today I have all those things under one roof.  Maybe had I found this marketing system that I currently use I would of done it sooner.  After all it cost less than a dollar a day. capture pages and so many more

For just under 30 dollars a month I have every tool they always told me I needed.  It doesn’t cost me over a hundred dollars a month to market the correct way like when I first started out it did.  Today there is a marketing system that is cost effective for the small business owner.  The company has been in business since 1996.  They use to only make systems for large companies.  Like the ones we sign up for to run our home based business with.  They came out with the very system that large MLM’s use to market for the small business owner. How cool is that.  Take a look and hey maybe even listen.  After all mother does know best.  Have a great day

Cindy Slick


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