Searching For A Way Out

Searching For A Way Out

helicopterMy adorable dog Marley really does not like the snow.  He will look for any way not to go out in it.  When I force him to go out anyway because I know for his general continued good health he needs to go.  He will choose to take the shorter of the two routes we generally take.  This morning as I look out at the snow that should be sunshine and spring flowers instead of another 6 inches of snow was one of those mornings.

Procrastination is a killer to any small business.  The thing is when we own are own we are now the VP of marketing, the director of the accounting dept., we are the ad exec., we are in charge of accounts receivable, all phone calls in and out of the business my pass through us.  We wear all the hats and the truth is if we put off until tomorrow what can be done today.  We have twice as much to do tomorrow.  So truly procrastination is simply not an option.

Having said that.   It does not stop many from doing just that.  You may have a distributor in your organization that when you see their phone number on the caller ID or maybe their name pop up on Skype all you want to do is run the other way.  Yet you know if you do not handle whatever issue they have today now.  They will relentlessly continue to call.  It matters not they you have explained until the cows came home to them how to do or fix whatever problem they have this day already more ways than you can count.  Do it one more time and hope and pray it takes this time.  The bottom line it is your business.  You made the decision to own your own business.  So it is your responsibility to handle the problem.  You do not have an assistant you can pass it off too.  You have no customer service dept. to take care of it.  You cannot pass them off on someone else they are yours to handle.slide-1-638

Time for a new ad the old one has run its course.  Well you cannot call the ad exec., to handle it for you, why because you are the ad exec and those ads do not write themselves and not only that they do not post themselves either.  So write and post them you must do.  Every moment you put it off you are losing business.  Another blog post needs to be written posted and shared.  Putting off until tomorrow will only lose your business more business.  So write it you need to do and post and share.

So the bottom line as my grandmother was so fond of saying, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  Learn how to be organized and put task in order of importance and whittle away at them throughout the day.  Yes you will be interrupted.  Yes they will take some real effort on your part to get them all done.  Yes often times the task will be one that you simply do not want to do.  Like my dog Marley for continue good health of your business you must get them done.  So why not do them with a smile.  It helps it really, really does.

Cindy Slick


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