High Ho High Ho A Promoting We Will Go

High Ho High Ho A Promoting We Will Go

how to promote slide-1-638Sometimes, internet marketer’s worst nightmare is promoting.  They can call people they can pass out business cards.  Then someone says to them are you promoting on Facebook or IBO Toolbox and they get a crazed look in their eyes.

I love marketing all of it right down to figuring out a marketing mix.  Where my best target, audience is. How to leverage websites.  Even look forward to my next blog post.  After seven years of doing this though I understand one thing very clearly.  Most hate promoting.

The task of all task.  Writing an ad and then sending it out into cyber space.  They put it off they find all kinds of reason’s why they are not good at it.  Why they do not understand how to do it.  The list really can become very long when talking with people that just do not promote and avoid it like the plague.

Thing is 90% of those people simply do not know how and no one has ever taken the time to show them.  They would do it if someone would solve their issues.  Issue number one not be able to write an ad.  Issue number two sure I know about Facebook, but do you know about the groups that you can advertise on?  I have a list of over 300 and that is just the touch of a very large surface on how to advertise on Facebook.  I hear IBO oh I tried that could not figure it out.  Did you come back to me and ask for help I say!how to promote slide-002-638

I have list of social sites much larger than the big 4 which are essential but not inclusive.  Social media is a must.  Large corporations unwilling to use the internet are losing market shares and several are closing shop.  How to leverage the internet is a part of learning how to market in this day and age.  You cannot leave yourself out by not learning how.

Last night I did a training on how to promote your business.  I believe I have excited many to begin doing just that.  Getting out there and promoting.  Some just did not have the information they needed.  Others just never viewed it or thought of it in the terms I laid out for them.  Either way many thanked me and wanted the copy of the Powerpoint http://www.slideshare.net/cslickharris/how-to-promote

to go back and look at.  I am so happy I was able to inspire.  It is what I set out to do.  If you go and take a look too and find it useful could you do me the favor of liking it?  I also have a copy of the actual webinar in video for you.  http://youtu.be/y8zWYxW6gRU

dude with board2Here is to you learning how to better leverage the internet and promoting your business.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I know the forecast here is for sunny skies and warm weather about time right!

Cindy Slick


http:// marketingontheweb1.com


1 thought on “High Ho High Ho A Promoting We Will Go

  1. Hi Cindy an interesting post and I wanted to thank you for mentioning Adlandpro on your slideshare as a venue for people to connect , socialize, learn how to do business. Its great to see people helping others, because it is important to for anyone who is new to marketing to get good advise and I agree one of the biggest things that people need to learn is to ask for help 🙂
    Take care and hope you have a great weekend

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