Branded An Old Western Or Smart Business

Branded An Old Western Or Smart Business

brand youI read something today by a fairly new marketer that stopped me and gave me pause.  Many newbies are being taught not to brand themselves but ride the coat tails of others who have come before them  instead.  In that type of thinking no one will ever know you.  All you are doing is bring attention to those who’s tails you are riding.  You are building their list, making them rich and doing nothing if anything for you.

There is a reason that we are taught to take certain steps in life and in marketing.  We do not run before we walk and we do not put off until tomorrow what we can do today.  You see as long as you are not working on branding you.  Well you will always remain faceless, you will always be forever more known as that guys guy.  They will never know you.  They will always believe your thinking is somebody else’s ideas.  You will not be known for being creative and your own person.

The reason everyone is told to do first and foremost give themselves an internet presence is because it is necessary.  You start with your own space on the internet whether it is a blog or a website.  Regardless of what it is about you need to start there.  This will be your internet home.  You have a home in which you live in and you need one on the internet.  From that home you make some roads to some destination or paths as you will.  The first 5 you need are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+.  There are more but these are the good places to start. online toolbox

Than you offer content and value.  It can be quotes, it can be recipe’s it can be how to crochet.  The idea is that you give value and content and become known.  Once you have this you than begin to build.  A list is needed and this list will come slowly at first but it will come if you follow the basic directions of those that came before you.

I have not spent over 7 years not learning a thing or too.  In those 7 years I have learned a great deal.  I have been successful. When I let go of my own stubborn ideas, that told me I could do this on my own.  And my way and started listening to those that came before me, success start coming my way.

I got myself those sales funnels, why because they follow up after information is gathered with content and value from me.  Not someone else, but from me.  I offered free information that was valuable and gave others the right information.  I have a list today because of those sales funnels.  I have people that look to me and ask me how to.  Why because I listened to the guys that were successful in their own right.  They had done it before me and they had done it slowly and with a plan that works.  It was proven it worked than and continues to work now.  Now more than ever. shaded_funnel_eight_stage_text_11206

I call that blind thinking, drinking the kool aid.  You know what happened to those Kool aid drinkers that follow Jim Jones right. (if not read here  Believe me that self-serving thinking will get you nowhere.  It will get those guys that are asking you to ride their coat tails rich.  You will not get rich behind them and what will happen is you will find yourself a year or two down the road still not branded, still unknown and still without a list.  They want you to build their list, they want you to work for them and not you, so they can work that much less.

Sony, JCPenny, Sears, Whirlpool did not get their names overnight and they did not get them by coming in on the coat tails of others.  They worked for their names and they worked hard.  It took time and marketing methods.  Back in the day word of mouth was the sales funnel of today.  Yes it works.  Marketing is an art form.  I love it and work hard and continue to learn and what I do know about is that it takes some time but you always start with branding you.  Period there is no short cut to that.

Use the mind that the good Lord gave you.  You get a learners permit for a reason, to learn before you drive. So taking the steps may be slow but believe me those first few months of setting up the foundation and building in you and your business will pay off.  In the end your business is your business.  You must from the very beginning work your business for yourself.  All those that have come before you do not tell you to brand you for no reason.  They do not tell you get a capture page for no reason.  They do not suggest email campaigns for no reason.  They do not tell you give value and content of your own for no reason.  It works and works well.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

Doing the MLM Shuffle

Doing the MLM Shuffle

dancingOften times we find ourselves unsatisfied and in those times may find ourselves looking for something new to put some fire back into us.  We may have started a business believing this in the one and then a few months in find it is not turning out like we wanted it to.  We thought we had the right business and the right formula for success.

So we go in search for something new.  Sound familiar?   You would not be alone.  Internet marketers switch companies at an alarming rate.  Every 3-4 months 75% of all internet marketers switch companies in search of just the right one.

Switching companies is likely not your answer.  Success marketers do not switch companies they switch how they market.  Many never talk about it or let others in on how they successfully continue to sign up people in their business.  I teach others regularly on marketing.  After you run out of warm market, I actually teach not to use your warm market.  Instead I teach how to make a warm market out of a cold market.

You see your warm market you family and friends sign up or buy from you not because they have a burning desire for a home business.  They do it because they know like and trust you.  So helping others learn to know like and trust you is what you must learn to do.  That is what attractive marketing is all about.  You want to attract others to you.  You want them to learn to like you.  Now you may be scratching the top of your head much like I did years ago.  How do I get people on the internet that I do not know and that do not know me to learn to like know and trust me?group_dancing_fad_300_clr_11825

The truth is simple it is not all that hard.  What is necessary is a system that puts you in front of your leads between 7-12 times so that you become someone they know.  Someone that they believe they can trust will help them start a home based business.  One that will work and that they will make money from.  Years ago almost every marketer had to go to several different places to get all the different tools to form a system.

Today you actually have several choices some have all the tools, some only have pieces, and still some like the one I use has them all for a low price lower than one would cost some place else.  I use a company that has been helping internet marketers since 1996.  It is called the Free Lead System Forever and the FLSF is a new format for a well establish company.  They have a lead generator that works and you can use it for free forever if you want and it does work.  Or you can upgrade and get all the tools the capture pages the sales funnels the auto responders, the contact manager, the videos the audio to add to email campaigns.  You get ecards and postcards and all kinds of tools that will take your business to the next level.

All The Tools In 1 Place

All The Tools In 1 Place

So changing your business is not what you need to do.  Try changing your marketing.  Try working your business just like the successful gurus do.  You will find and be amazed and understand why they tell you email works, video works, capture pages work.  Stop doing the MLM shuffle and shuffle over to a marketing system and watch your business as it moves into the next level for you.

Cindy Slick

Let’s Play Follow The Leader

Let’s Play Follow The Leader

group_leader_simple_400_clr_7755Leaders have certain qualities that make them leaders.  The one thing I can say with a certain conviction is that they show up. No matter what, they are there.  They come and hold conference calls.  They go to the corporate calls even though they have no real reason to, they go to stay updated to keep others updated.  Even though those people who need updated should go for themselves and seldom do.  You will find them holding webinars to teach others how to do what they do.

Leaders call others on their team and help them learn to do what they do so they too can be successful like the leaders.  They constantly think of others and seldom about themselves.  That right there is the one thing that separates the leaders.  They constantly think about others.

You can always find them figuring out new and inventive ways to help other people to become leaders too.  Leaders are constantly learning.  They never believe they know it all.  They are humble and remember that something new is always happening and to keep their team up to date is their business.  So they go out all the time and learn more so they can teach more.

You too can be a leader.  You can learn from a leader just how to be a leader.  No one has to spend their entire life playing follow the leader.  You have it in you to be a leader too.  To become a leader though you must give up being lazy.  You must learn not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  You must learn to plan.  Write those plans down and do your very best each day to stick to the plan.  If something goes undone than place it on the list to do first thing the next day. three_superheros_anim_300_clr_8995

Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, what it is truly is a sign of a true leader.  No one person can do it all.  We all have special areas that we shine in.  Recognizing this in others and having them help you is a sign of a good leader.  A leader shows others how to stand on their own.  They help others see that they can do it.

We often see leaders as people that are well connected and stand above the rest.  The truth is that leaders rarely take credit.  They shine when others shine.  Their purpose is to help others learn to shine.  This is a sure sign that you are following a leader.  You too can become one and it is there inside of you.  If you find a leader that inspires you, you will soon find yourself with leadership thrust upon you because they will have taught you how to shine. trust_me_400_clr_7204

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”
― Ronald Reagan

Cindy Slick

Poppies, Poppies For Sale

Thanks For The Memories Grandma & Grandpa

american legion poppiesThe sounds and smells of summer bring back fond memories for me.  My mom being a single mom, during a time when single moms were not so common.  Most of my summer was spent with my grandparents.  Memorial Day Weekend sticks out as the first of many days spent with grandma.  We lived in the city and grandma lived in the country.  So that right there made it a treat.

I could wonder in the backyard for hours.  Coming in with Mulberry stained feet, to the sounds of dinner being made, and grandma scolding me for the Mulberry stains.  Just hearing dinner being made was a sound and smell that I rarely heard or smelled at home. My mom always worked so unless it was a big holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving my mom rarely was home to do those things.

My grandma volunteered for many organizations.  The American Legion was one of those that she did volunteer work for.  One thing was certain on Memorial Day weekend.  I would find myself in front of the local bank with a can in one hand and poppies in another.  Back in those days it was safe to leave an 8 year old with a can full of money for hours at a time alone.  She was certain I would be there safe and sound with a full can and no poppies left when she returned.  I just thought of it as good fun.  Proud that I could help out my grandma, never really knowing why  I was standing there selling poppies. American Legion

The other memory of the first weekend of summer was going to the market and picking out what I now know as grave blankets.  We would pick out several for the deceased relatives, one being for my Uncle Lawrence who died in Germany flying his plane over enemy territory in WWII.  There was a just a marker where he should lay.  There were also two lambs in that graveyard.  One was for an Aunt of mine, who died when she was born.  And one for a cousin who had suffered the same faith.

I had no idea about the significance of those grave blankets. I just seen them as pretty flowers and really gave little thought to the cemetery itself.  It was just another place we frequently came to during the summer my grandma would be lost in thought as I ran around.  The Child in me never realizing my grandma was sadden to be standing before the graves of her children and grandchild.

I also knew we would be back later in the weekend because this is where the Memorial Day Parade would end.  My grandfather all dressed up in a uniform my grandma in her dress with a banner across her chest.  I knew I was proud of them both on those days.  Yet really have no idea why.  I do know that it was the beginning of my pride for America.  It was where my young child like brain began to absorb the significance of my Uncle giving his life for us.  Fighting in the military like my Grandfather had in WWI.  My Uncle did not come back from that war though.  My grandfather was luckieramerican-flag-11


To me as a child those poppies, the America Legion hall itself well they were little more than pretty flowers a can of money that was heavy by the end of the day.  The Legion hall was a fun place to be where grandpa played cards and women made great food.  They had walls full of pictures and plaques and lots of good smells and sounds.

Today those sounds echo in my brain and the smell of some food can bring back the images of those proud people that filled that hall.  They were working hard to make sure that the men and women that had fallen to keep America free were never forgotten.  My grandparents whether they knew it or not were instilling in me a pride that will never ever go away.  It can bring tears to this grown women’s eyes at the memories.  So today I give thanks to each and every one of those that have died for me.  For my nephew in the military that is a part of that proud tradition in our family.  Remember to not forget what this weekend is about.  Be thankful and have a wonderful holiday.

In loving memory of Carl and Lucille Ruckreigle

Cindy Slick

Home Based Business Owners Tax Breaks

HBB Owners Help Fuel Economy

black_umbrella_tax_shelter_text_2007Many do not realize that Home Based Business is actually the glue that holds the United States together.  You see small business owners have always been the foundation that our nation was built upon.  Because of this the Federal Government has implemented many tax breaks just for the independent business owner known as the HBB.  Running a home based business is really the best tax break anyone can give themselves.

The savings from taxes you will receive will actually turn out to be more than the cost of running the business itself.  You will likely be out no money at all and may actually save a considerable amount.  To qualify as a Home Based Business owner you really need to do very little.  You must work the business at least 3 hours per week and intend to make a profit.  That’s it that is all there is to be considered.  So you see you really can do this regardless of how busy you are.

If you need money for the immediate needs of running a HBB than you can receive it from your current income.  Assuming you have one of course.  Just talk with your HR dept. at work.  You can adjust your withholding tax accordingly and actually give yourself your money you would receive in the way of a tax refund with the amount of write offs you will have with running a HBB.  That’s right get the money now and run your business with it.

The write offs are many and you can even hire your children age 6 and over. Your home office your rent/mortgage, and home maintenance are all write offs.  Your car can be written office keeping records for 90 days is all that is needed.  Other items like entertainment, medical, travel and lodging expense’s all can be written off.  Imagine the savings. shiny_rainbow_gold_400_clr_11286

The tax savings of a Home Based Business should be a part of what you tell your prospects about why they should be a part of the HBB industry.  I have made money for a long while from home in an affiliate program and have done well.  Recently a new company came to my attention that in addition to all the wonderful tax breaks I have being a HBB owner.  I can now also have health, dental, vision and life insurance.  The benefits of this company do not stop there even.  Expense account for car, home and lifestyle as well.  When you add in the solid company, the great products and the comp. plan well this one is a winner. internet_money_australian_400_clr_6299

I joined a great team and we have such a great team with wonderful support, marketing, conference calls nightly bilingual as well.  Webinars everything is in place for people to succeed.  It was too wonderful to pass up this opportunity to add to what I am already doing.  Really hope all the tax tips helped everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend.

For further information on the great company I was referring to check this out.

Cindy Slick

Ad Copy Causing You To Be All Twisted

fountain_pen_writing_ink_400_clr_11648Ad Copy Causing You Too Quake

Many a internet marketer has trouble writing ad copy.  If you are among the many internet marketers that when they need ad copy for promoting their opportunity gets a shiver down their spine or even to the brink of suicidal thoughts you are not alone.  Just the idea of ad copy sends many an internet marketer to the brink.

You have a great website and you know you need traffic but now you are stuck as how to get that traffic.  You write an ad or two and nothing seems to work.  You feel like everyone but you is making it on the internet.  You feel like the kid that eats lunch alone.  Do not fear, I have a cure for though suicidal thoughts.

There are many ways to market, one of the best and if you’re not using yet you really should consider it is capture pages.  No matter sooner or later you will have to write an ad.  So learning how is really essential.  So how do you write good ad copy?  One thing is for sure is it does take some practice.  I do know that most people can learn to write ad copy for their marketing opportunity.  I have some simple guidelines to help you.  If you try after I give you the guidelines and you still are unable to write ad copy.  I have a couple of inexpensive sites that will do it for you.

Before you spend that hard earned money let’s see if I can help.  First thing you must understand who you are writing your ad copy for?  Do you have a product, an affiliate program, or a great blog, or website you are trying to draw traffic to?  You need to know your audience and then write for them not you.  Next start with a catchy headline, draw them in and make sure it benefits your reader.  Your headline needs to be something they need to get them to stop and listen in the first place.b2c_hand_shake_400_clr_7037

Next you need to motivate the reader.  You need a call to action you must give them a reason to now click on your link, or send you an email or leave a comment.  If you are using capture pages this is where you now will get you lead and this will start an email campaign now engaging you with your prospect.  You now have an opportunity for a sale.  Whatever you do when writing ad copy, do not be negative in your advertising.  This shifts the focus away from you and your product and onto the negative.  While you may see it and it may even be more common than you like to think.  It really is bad business.

Keep it short as possible, people will not read long ads.  Your ad copy only has to cover 3 things.  Cover benefit, create and emotion like excitement and lastly your call to action.  That is it so you see you do not have to be long.  The sale is not made in your ad copy.  The ad copy is for that call to action.  You need to capture their information or excite them into contacting you.  So guess what if you followed these guidelines you did it!  You wrote your ad copy.  You can now promote your ad.

Now that you wrote it I want you to walk away for some time.  Come back later and I want you to edit it.  You see you now need to make sure not only is it what intended your ad copy to be.  Does it make sense and is the spelling correct.  Read it backwards as well as forward.  Double check words like to and too, or you, your, you’re.  Spell check will not catch these.  Have someone else read it if they are available.  After all the hard work you do not want to lose the reader over grammar errors.figure_colored_light_bulb_puzzle_150_clr_9679

So that wasn’t so bad was it?  Or maybe it was.  If after all of this you still are quaking at just the thought of writing ad copy for your advertising efforts.  Then here are a few good places that will help you out.  Advertyze, Rent A List and Fiverr.  All are inexpensive and you can find help here.  I hope that I helped and took some of the fear out of writing good ad copy.  Good luck and have a wonderful day.

Cindy Slick

The Wheel Is Broke, I Can Fix It

The Wheel Is Broke, I Can Fix It

wheels_came_off_400_clr_6906Internet Marketing can often be a frustrating business.  You bring in people and whether they have been in internet marketing for some years or are brand new to internet marketing.  You find the ones that want to reinvent the wheel.  We are taught that the first rule of internet marketing is to duplicate.  You teach what you do that has made you successful and your new distributors will be successful too.

Appears pretty basic and easy to follow right?  Yet time after time people try to reinvent the unbroken wheel.  You pass on your knowledge but the new person insist on doing it their way.  Naturally 9 out of ten times they fail.

Not sure why but for some reason instead of following the number one rule many like to think that they have a new and better way to success.  They do not want to come to the webinars and conference calls.  They do not want to use marketing tools the ones that make a success out of the internet marketers.  They believe that going it alone like a lone wolf will somehow bring all those sign ups they need and they have the better way.

The second rule is relationships.  The successful marketer knows that to be successful you must build relationships.  Now this is like the big foundation of the road to success.  You must get to know your prospects.  Building a relationship with people takes time and for some reason many are just in the hurry. toolbox_kit_fix_800_clr_6972

They think they can do this in a quick hurry make the money in a few short months and off to the island of easy street they will go.  Those in the know, those making the real money know better.  Building a relationship takes time.  Statics shows it takes at least 7 to 12 times of connecting with a prospect before they buy from you.

So how do you build that relationship?  By staying in front of your prospects, which means those tools again.  Auto responders send out email which keeps you in front of the prospects.  It means picking up the phone sometimes.  I know many are saying to themselves that they do internet marketing because they do not like picking up the phone.  I say for those that hate the phone you more than anyone better have the tools than.

People simply do not buy from those they do not know.  This is why your warm market is always the first suggestion to the marketer.  What happens though is these people stop buying  your product.  You see they had no real desire like you to have their own home based business so they do not grow your business.  They were just trying to be a good brother, sister or friend.introductions_400_clr_10909

All of this means you have to make your cold market a warm marketing and that means building those relationships.  Marketing tools we are back to those again.  You see they are not just merely a suggestion.  We are not telling you that you need them but we are using a completely different way of being successful.  We use them and we are telling you that to duplicate what we do you need them too.

The successful salesperson has always known two things.  Teach what you do to your team, make available the tools that you use to them and everyone will be taking a cruise someday together!  Because why?  The answer is that it works.  For some though reinventing it trying to do it their way will always be where they go.  Some will eventually get it.  Those with a true desire to make it will see eventually that the wheel works well the way it is.  Round with all those spokes!  For those that do not, well they were never going on that journey to success with you in the first place.

Cindy Slick

Yes Indeed, Google It

Yes Indeed, Google It

banner goodIt is an actually phrase common these days.  We used to turn the Yellow pages, business and individuals today Google it.  No matter what we may be looking for we tell ourselves or others Google it.  Need to find a dry cleaner who does tailoring?  Well what do you do, you Google it.  Want to grow seedlings inside and you have no idea how well Google it.  Have something in your house that is broke and you do not want to hire it done you want to fix it yourself, Google It.  Want to hire it done, Google it.

You see more and more everything is moving to the internet.  What does this mean to you if you own a small business?  Traditional or internet you rely on the internet to be seen.  This means you must be found.  This means optimizing your website.  So when everyone turns to the ole Google it.  You are there to be found.  When they do find you, you than want to know they were there.  That means capture pages. capture pages and so many more

So now that you know what you should be doing what do you do next?  You can do this first of all learning to use Google’s adword tool is something you can learn to do.  This is how you optimize your website.  Capture pages are the next step.  There are many companies out there however there is only one that I know of that has not just capture pages, but all the other online tools that makes running a business easier.  While just having a capture page is wonderful, you will want an email campaign or auto responder to start once a customer places their information in that page.

It doesn’t stop there either so you will need a good contact manager, ad tracking, the ability to optimize all of these as well.  The best place to get all you need for the lowest price with a company that has been doing this for business owners since 1996 is with the Free Lead System Forever.  They have something for everyone.  Small traditional business, internet marketing MLM,  every business owner, from free, for less than a dollar a day, affiliate positions or even a custom built system for your business. dude with board2

So when it comes to your business, Google it means you need to be aware of what it means to be found and the best way to do that.  You must be found and that means knowing how to be found and making sure when you are found you have a way to capture the information of your visitors.  Stop losing money and get the tools you need today.  Have a great weekend.

Cindy Slick

Best In Class

Best In Class

sozo comp plan picI do not do reviews generally.  This company out of all the new companies that have come along in the past 3 years has me doing just that.  Internet marketing MLM’s come around all the time.  Sneeze and there is another popping up.  So when I heard about SoZo I had to ask what makes you any different than all the others?  I found out and was pleasantly surprised.

At first you may see just another internet marketing MLM company.  When you look closely though you see they really are not.  I tell my readers all the time investigate.  So I did when a very good friend told me about SoZo.  What I found was anything but another internet marketing MLM.

To start with the CEO is incredible.  He has been a part of several Fortune 100 companies, has successfully started 5 companies all of which still remain in business.  And he was voted entrepreneur of the year in 2008.  Mark Adams is a dynamic business man who plans to take this internet marketing MLM to a level never seen before. sozo pic2

They built SoZo differently than you generally see in internet marketing MLM.  Taking three years to build and put everything in place before ever bringing it to market.  Customer service already in place if you call SoZo someone answers the phone.  Yes I know incredible right.  They have warehouses full of product.  There will be no back orders and no customers or distributors wondering when they will receive product.  The funding is there all the elements for a internet marketing company is set and ready to go and was before they ever went to market.

The opportunity is better they anything I have seen in a very long time in internet marketing MLM.  The first internet marketing MLM offering health insurance.  Not just health but vision, dental and life as well.  With products which are all best in class.  You just cannot find this in an internet marketing MLM.ignite your life

The products are all from the top industry’s.  Coffee full body in flavor and healthy too made from the CoffeeBerry with exclusive rights in the MLM industry.  No other coffee internet marketing MLM uses the CoffeeBerry which is the outside of the coffee bean generally discarded when making coffee.  The health benefits which are backed by science is used in SoZo coffee.  They also have an energy drink called Ignite which is best in class with no additives, no sugar included.  And finally a health drink SoZo which is has a higher ORAC value than any other product on the market making it best in class.

The compensation plan is also like no other in any internet marketing MLM. SoZo pays you 8 different ways:  Your personal sales, direct sales, team sales, rank achievement, matching check bonus, car bonus, home bonus and a lifestyle bonus.  The bonus checks are paid directly to you many internet marketing MLM’s that do pay like car bonus you have to buy certain cars you may not like with SoZo you get the money to pay your car note.  When you add in that your health insurance is paid well SoZo is really special. insurance benefits sozo

If you have not heard of SoZo yet well you will.  This is the best new internet marketing MLM I have seen in years.  Are you looking for a company to start your home based business.  If a good internet marketing MLM is what you have been looking for than this is it.  Find out more at

Cindy Slick