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Does It Really Matter

Writing a blog matters, what you write about well that is up to you

Writing a blog matters, what you write about well that is up to you

I suggest blogging to new and old members to the internet marketing world all the time.  Why because blogging works.  How exactly, it starts with branding you.  By getting you seen each day. You can reach a large audience like no other platform.  This is one of the bricks of your foundation as an internet marketer.  The thing is it does not matter what you blog about.  If you love to play the trumpet, well that can be what you blog about.  Really whether you are a do it yourself DIY mom, or love to grow your own fruits and vegetables, it really matters not one bit.  It is your presence on the internet that matters.

So another question I am asked about is should they be using the companies with a blogging platform attached to them.  My answer is no you should not.  Why not, well first of all you want to own your content yourself.  When you use another companies blogging platform now you’re content instead of being attached to you it is attached to them.  Now what happens if that company disappears like so many do?  So does your content.  It is not forever more out in the cyber space like it would be if it was yours.  Poof it is gone!

Well right now no one even knows who I am!, many say.  Well write content on their blogging platform and they never will.  When exactly do you think you will start allowing yourself to be seen and heard standing alone on your merits.  Do you start a year from now?  Let me ask you this.  If you are 45 and you really want a college degree but you say to yourself.  I am too old and so you don’t do it, now you are 48 and you say to yourself darn wish I had gone to college when I was 45 now I am 48 and still do not have that degree.  You see the mountain always looks too high to climb.  However if you just take that next step you are one step closer to the summit.  Eventually as you continue to put one foot in front of the other you get to the summit.

Should be part of your marketing plan but you should use a wordpress or blogger platform.

Should be part of your marketing plan but you should use a wordpress or blogger platform.


So using WordPress or Blogger is what I suggest to people.  Write your own content and give value to people and yes you too can blog.  Yes there are other ways to be seen and to become known to the internet marketing masses.  No matter what blogging is still number one and you do not have to be a creative writing genius.  You simply have to have a passion for whatever you decide to blog about.

I personally love marketing so it is what I write about.   It wasn’t even something I originally had a clue about when I started.  I just knew I wanted to and that finding out about it was fascinating to me.  So I wrote about that.  I wrote about my struggle to find out about internet marketing and how to do it.  Today I am doing webinars on the subject and teaching others.  Who would of thought that 7 years ago.  Certainly, not me.  You see it was that first step forward that took me from there to here.  Had I stood frozen well I wouldn’t be here today.  So persevere, place that first foot forward.

Webinars another great marketing tool.

Webinars another great marketing tool.

One last footnote so to speak.  Blogging is by no means for everyone.  The point I want to drive home is it can be a  powerful foundation for you’re home based business and that you should not count yourself out just because you have never written anything.  Do not allow fear to be the factor.  You have skills and you have something that others would be grateful for if you shared it.  So if you decide to go ahead and give it a try I say much success to you.  Have a great weekend all.

P. S.  If you would like to see last night’s webinar on sales funnels here is the recording.  http://promo2.marketingontheweb1.net/

Cindy Slick


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