Learn To Ride You Will Never Forget

Learn To Ride You Will Never Forget

riding_bmx_free_pc_400_clr_4263I remember back when I learned to ride a bicycle.  I didn’t just climb on the bike and bam I knew how to balance and not tip over.  I had no idea exactly how to break or even when to do so.  I simple wanted to do what others were doing so well.  I wanted to be a part of the big kids.

Much like learning to ride a bike when I entered the world of internet marketing I had no idea how to do it.  I just knew I wanted out of the rat race, I wanted my own business, I wanted to make money from home.  I could see all the cool kids doing it and figured I could do it too.  I found out rather quickly that with no help.  With no one to hold on the back end I would tip over and crash much like what happened when I tried to teach myself how to ride a bike.

Luckily for me I had some amazing people who were making money from home and they showed me the ropes.  They taught me about setting up profile pages.  At the time Facebook was not such the big place it is today for marketing and there was no Google+.  There were places like ADLandpro, Linkedin was around and there were some other great places like slideshare, Youtube, Homebasedbusinessprogram.  These places were great places to market and I learned so very much from not just my friends but from other marketers. riding_bmx_PA_300_clr_4421

I learned to read every article, every pressrelease and every blog post I could on marketing.  Specifically, internet marketing.  I learned about different compensations plans and how they worked.  I learned about attraction marketing which made so much sense to me.  After all I was attracted to the people that I ultimately purchased from and my very first company that I entered I did so based not as much on the company although I did investigate it and made sure it was a good fit.  The reason I joined though were the people who were helping me.

You cannot run unless you know how to walk.  You do not walk until you learn to crawl, so when it comes to internet marketing do not enter this arena unless you have done some work first.  You see all good things in life come from hard work.  You have to crawl before you walk and you have to walk before you run with it.  So take it a step at a time and like so many others myself included you can enter the world of internet marketing and earn an income.  Just remember there is much to learn.  It isn’t just get on and go.  You have to learn what I know there are many people willing to help.  Good luck to you.

Cindy Slick





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