Home Based Business Owners Tax Breaks

HBB Owners Help Fuel Economy

black_umbrella_tax_shelter_text_2007Many do not realize that Home Based Business is actually the glue that holds the United States together.  You see small business owners have always been the foundation that our nation was built upon.  Because of this the Federal Government has implemented many tax breaks just for the independent business owner known as the HBB.  Running a home based business is really the best tax break anyone can give themselves.

The savings from taxes you will receive will actually turn out to be more than the cost of running the business itself.  You will likely be out no money at all and may actually save a considerable amount.  To qualify as a Home Based Business owner you really need to do very little.  You must work the business at least 3 hours per week and intend to make a profit.  That’s it that is all there is to be considered.  So you see you really can do this regardless of how busy you are.

If you need money for the immediate needs of running a HBB than you can receive it from your current income.  Assuming you have one of course.  Just talk with your HR dept. at work.  You can adjust your withholding tax accordingly and actually give yourself your money you would receive in the way of a tax refund with the amount of write offs you will have with running a HBB.  That’s right get the money now and run your business with it.

The write offs are many and you can even hire your children age 6 and over. Your home office your rent/mortgage, and home maintenance are all write offs.  Your car can be written office keeping records for 90 days is all that is needed.  Other items like entertainment, medical, travel and lodging expense’s all can be written off.  Imagine the savings. shiny_rainbow_gold_400_clr_11286

The tax savings of a Home Based Business should be a part of what you tell your prospects about why they should be a part of the HBB industry.  I have made money for a long while from home in an affiliate program and have done well.  Recently a new company came to my attention that in addition to all the wonderful tax breaks I have being a HBB owner.  I can now also have health, dental, vision and life insurance.  The benefits of this company do not stop there even.  Expense account for car, home and lifestyle as well.  When you add in the solid company, the great products and the comp. plan well this one is a winner. internet_money_australian_400_clr_6299

I joined a great team and we have such a great team with wonderful support, marketing, conference calls nightly bilingual as well.  Webinars everything is in place for people to succeed.  It was too wonderful to pass up this opportunity to add to what I am already doing.  Really hope all the tax tips helped everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend.

For further information on the great company I was referring to check this out. http://hero.marketingontheweb1.net/

Cindy Slick





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