Spring Has Sprung Or Not

Spring Has Sprung Or Not

plant_growing_anim_500_clr_9902The past several days have been so pretty.  Temperature outside has been spring like and the grass is green.  Sky is blue and naturally my husband had to take out the grill and prepare for the upcoming summer.  I love spring and always look forward to growing some plants and flowers outdoors.  As we prepared ourselves for the upcoming summer activities well just that fast it is all taken away!  Yep the upcoming weeks forecast is calling for snow on Wednesday.  Yes you heard right on May 1st snow.  Who would of thought.

Often the weather just does what the weather does and it catches you unprepared for it.  Who prepares for snow in May?  I know I don’t but one area of my life I prepare for anything is my small business.  I already know that you just never know what is coming your way.  I use to have extremely slow periods before I decided on having a marketing system in place.  I could go long periods of time with inclimate weather.  Today I may have slow periods but they first of all are not unproductive I still bring in leads even on slow days.  They also never last long.

I believe in capture pages.  They are needed that is the bottom line.  Every business should have them.  It matters not what business you are in.  I just made one yesterday for my daughter and son in law for their business.  They own a gym and the teach Muay Thai kickboxing.  They needed a capture page.  They have a wonderful website.  What they don’t have is a short eye catching capture page.  So I created this great page for people to leave their contact information when they are interested. capture page for oscar

These contacts may or may not sign up what will happen is my son in law will begin to build a list.  A list is helpful because although many will not sign up right away.  By  being able to follow up with this list of people he can send them updates and newsletters.  At a later date many will likely become customers.  He has had no way to do this before.  He has just leveraged his business.

We all need leverage or a backup plan.  That is what is needed for any small business.  You have to prepare for inclimate weather.  Because no matter what it is coming.  Sometimes it is going to snow in May.  So you need to prepare for it.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick


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