Putting Healthy In The Everyday

Putting Healthy In the Everyday

logo for sozoRunning two companies and being a full time student makes for a pretty busy life.  I recently was doing marketing for a company that for the first time in three years made me take more than a glance.  You see when I do marketing for any company as I do almost daily for hundreds of internet marketing companies over time.  I have to learn all about the company.

Generally I find out what I need to, do the marketing and off to the next one.  This company was different.  Well why is obvious because it was different.  So I did not just what I need to know how to market the company.  I did all the investigation to see what was setting this apart.

What I found impressed this marketer.  I know about hundreds of internet marketing companies.  Many I recommend to others when they are looking for a company and steer them towards individuals I know will help them.  However as I looked at this amazing company that is just newly launched into MLM but is not new.  In fact this company is 3 years old.  That was by design.  You see most companies in the internet marketing world rush to market because they are chasing money.  This company is not chasing money.  In fact they out bid Nestles for the exclusive rights to sell their products.  That takes funds.  That takes a solid foundation. coffee berry

I completely believe that this is the next Amyway or Herbalife.  This company will be here long after I have moved on to retirement and the great beyond.  It will be here for my grandchildren and their children.  You get the point.  What I found was getting in, in the beginning of a company like this is what internet marketing dreams are made of.

So what is this terrific company?  It is SoZo the product is coffee made with coffeeberry.  The Coffeeberry was what Nestle’s wanted.  Why because it is a very incredible discovery.  When coffee is made with the berry and not just the bean.  It is healthy, so healthy in fact one cup of coffee is equal to a serving of fresh blueberries.  The science which is all backed up on the website is incredible.  And because they have exclusive rights no other internet company can sell products like ours.  With the coffee, health drink and energy we are in 3 billion dollar industries.  With more products to come. coffee cup sozo4

What really got me was how they pay and treat their distributors.  Insurance benefits, health, dental, vision and life.  Retirement plan coming August.  Paid 10 ways and getting to bonus level with car bonus, than home bonus and lifestyle is not hard to do.  It really is amazing and too many benefits and differences from other MLM’s to put in this blog.  Come to a call our team has them every night.  530-881-1400 pin 972264 @ 8pm est, 7pm cst, 6pm mst and 5pm pst.  Find out what makes SoZo so different than any MLM you have ever seen.

Or you can find out more by taking a look at the company website.  www.sozolife.com our team site @ www.myteamignite.com or my website www.sozolife.com/cslick  Whatever you do take a look you will not be sorry.  I know I have had hundreds of good opportunities come to me while doing marketing for companies.  This is the first that made me stop and look really look.  This will be your last MLM ever you will be glad you looked.

Cindy Slick