Funnel Cakes Are a Carnivals Sales Funnels

Funnel Cakes Are a Carnivals Sales Funnels

ferries wheelEvery summer millions of people flock to the county fair or other carnivals and not because of the rides.  It is the carnie food.  You know the yummy sinful foods we only allow ourselves to partake in once in a great while.  Funnel cakes, corn dogs, turkey legs, deep fried decadence in all different shapes.  In sizes that no single human should eat.

Funnel cakes is one of those.  They come in many sizes and with all kinds of toppings and are just so very yummy.  I see sales funnels as being somewhat like those yummy treats.  They come in different shapes and sizes.  They are large and small and in wonderful colors.  They are a necessity to any business that wants to leverage the internet.  Just like those wonderful treats at the carnival that lure you to come visit them.  The sales funnel captivates your audience on the internet to come in take a look and see what you are offering.

So some maybe asking just what is a sales funnel.  What makes it different than say a capture page.  A sales funnel is so much more than a capture page.  It does start with one though.  The difference being that a lead capture page is very simple and only the first step of helping you increase sales.  The capture page does exactly what its name says it does.  It captures your prospect information. capture pages and so many more

You now have a lead and what is so significant is now you have someone’s information because they wanted to know more.  You grabbed their attention and now you have the opportunity to give them something of value.   The next step in a sales funnel is connecting that capture page to an auto responder.  The auto responder is going to follow up with your prospect by sending them email where you will offer value and content.  You will follow with the prospect and you will be seen as being an expert in whatever business you are in.

With the right system those emails can have video and audio included in them.  If you have captivating follow up emails your prospects will come to rely on you and learn to like know and trust you.  People buy from those that they like know and trust and this is the bond you are creating.  Each of your emails will have a link to your sales page or your replicated website or both.  They will receive this over and over. funnel

The next step in a sales funnel is the sales page.  A sales page can be many pages or it can be one that is up to you.  You can offer PLR’s which are private licensed reports.  We have over 36 free reports in our system that can be used by our members.  Subject from social media to why home based business are a must these days.  The point is you give value to your customers.  You position you and all of your reps as individuals who can help others build a home based business.

The email campaigns continue to keep you in front of your customers.  This is important and you may be asking why.  Well it takes an average of 9 times of you being in front of your prospect before they will buy from you.  So that initial capture page which prompted the auto responder to begin sending your email campaign is such an important element.  This process is the difference that helps so many actually be successful while others sit back and wonder campaigns

With our system we help industry leaders set up sales funnels which are created specifically for them.  They can than bring in every one of their reps.  In to the system to use those sales funnels they do not have to make them because they are already made for them.  They simply come in set up a domain of their own and they can start using the pages already created for them.  You can see how this could magnify your business and create a unstoppable sales force.

So whether it is the smell of carnie food or an exciting capture page all business’s must have an enticing start to get the prospect coming in in the first place.  A great capture page can help you grab the attention, the emails keep you in front of your prospect and the sales page gets them interested in what you are selling.  The sales funnel like that funnel cake will keep your prospect interested until you make that sale.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick


Method To The Madness

Method To The Madness

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

My miniature pincher Marley has this big basket in our living room stuffed full of toys.  On any given day he will go to the basket and make a mess of the living room by removing each and every one of them.  Now Marley knows the end result is to play.  What he doesn’t know is how to go about it.  So instead of going and getting just a ball so we can play fetch.  He takes out the stuffed bunny and the rope and every single toy he has.  In an effort to either annoy me or just simply to get attention.  Whichever the case may be, he is not effective in his efforts.

When we decide we need to accomplish a task.  We must have a method to the madness.  If we want to attract others to us we must go about this methodically.  Jumping around like Marley and doing everything at once just leaves us needing to accomplish the task.  Instead if we start with making a  consistent profile page on each of our social profiles.   Then setting up a blog  , Web site  , or fan page.  Then move on to inviting others to the pages to view and like them.  Well then we are actually accomplishing the task at hand, attracting others to us.

The next step in the process would then begin building a list.  When we first begin building a business that may seem like an impossible task.  We can get caught up in, but I just need to get sign ups so instead of building a list we just go after one prospect at a time. Than we find ourselves several months or a year maybe even two years in and still really no where at all.  Sure we have been signing up the one or two prospects every month or two and we now have a small team of individuals maybe under us.  What we do not have is a successful business venture like we pictured at the beginning.  Why because we didn’t copy the replication method suggested to us.  Like Marley we just kept picking up another toy until we got that right one.  When what we should of done was listen and learned the right way to start. a plan2

You see if you go about the list building process what you than get is both the occasional sign up and build the list at the same time.  Than what you have is prospect to keep putting your primary business in front of.  While doing this you begin to have your prospects see you as an expert.  They begin to know like at trust you.  When others know like and trust you they will follow you no matter what the future holds for you.

Internet marketers must keep some of the basic truths in mind always.  Attrition is an alarming 97% in internet marketing.  So that means 97% of those people you sign up will leave whatever company you bring them in to.  Internet marketers 75% leave and join a new program every 4 months.  The last thing to remember is that it takes 9 times of seeing your opportunity before someone actually will buy what you are offering.

So how are people successful?  By first having a prospecting system that brings new prospects on a regular basis.  Successful people understand the importance of a list and they consistently continue to build the list.  By than having an email campaign that consistently places you in front of those prospects.  By being seen over and over no matter if you move on to a new company your list of people will often come with you.  That is how the successful people become successful.  You know them you see them you can pick them out.  You may not of joined what they are doing but in the back of your mind you continue to watch them waiting for the opportunity.cute

Having a way to do these things is your first a primary object.  Just like Marley’s is to get me to play with him.  If he would just bring me the ball, or the rope or the stuff toy instead of pulling every toy out all at once his primary objective would be met.  You too need a way to internet market with an end goal.   You must have the tools.  You have to have a marketing system.  It is just that easy.  Build the list, keep in front of the list and keep doing that over and over.  With a marketing system it becomes easy to do.  You will have the tools to do just that duplicating it and teaching others to duplicate it.

There is a method to the madness.  The choice is yours whether you want to do it the easy way or not.  You can run around pulling all the toys out each day.  Or you can get the tools all in one place than systematically market.  Be successful or waste a bunch of energy.  The choice is yours.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

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Getting To Know You

How To Be Known Liked and Trusted

ok maybe bigger nowOne of the first things you must do if you want to be successful in business.  Important particularly if you are an internet marketer is to have a professional profile.  This profile must be seen on all your social media sites as well on your website, blog and any place that allows a profile page.  It is extremely important and it must be professional.

Think about going to a furniture store and the store owner is a women and her portrait was of her in an evening gown or posing in some revealing shirt in a revealing pose?  What would your thoughts be?  Would you continue to buy from this individual?  How about if the owner was a man and he was dressed in some beat up Saturday afternoon t-shirt, flip flops and his lived in blue jeans.

How you present yourself is important.  It helps those that have never met you before to make an opinion about you.  If the first impression is one that would completely turn them off to knowing, liking and trusting you.  Well you have blown it before it has started.  You have only moments to have people begin to know like and trust you.  Internet is quick and fast.  People are in a hurry.  So that first impression is important.  So start with the picture, follow through with a nice bio about yourself.  Allow the process to give you a chance.

It takes 9 times in front of prospect before they know like and trust you to purchase from you.  So don’t get counted out on the first attempt to get in front of them.  Than you need to have a follow up plan which likely will be an email campaign using an auto responder to make sure you get known the next 8 times.  I have included my bio it is seen all over the web.  I also have one that is about my business partner and I.  Both are professional and allow people to briefly get to know me.

As one career ended and then another(Cardiac Intensive Care RN than Mortgage Loan Processor), it became clear to me that I needed to make sure that I could take of me without depending on a boss. I had to find something that worked for me and that I would be happy doing. I went in search of that a little over 6 years ago. I knew that many were making a living on the internet and many were doing so making much more than I ever had.

I was determined. I have had many highs and lows along this journey. I found it many times worse than being stuck in the middle of the jungle with no weapons. One thing I know it is not for the thin skinned or weak of heart. Neither is being your own boss though. It takes unwavering belief in ones self, a very good work ethic and being willing to lose many a night’s sleep.

I have had some loss’s and gained many new friends along the way. Through it all I have remained determined. The one thing I have found more than anything is a love for the marketing side of it all. I like to write ads. I love all the gadgets needed to market. I also love all the people it offers me to help along the way.

While I still see it as a jungle since finally learning how to make a living on the internet. I know that I am happy that I have gone through the struggles and reached the other side. I owe a debt of gratitude to several people along the way and have an appreciation for internet marketers and business’s that depend on the internet campaigns

My business which is as a Senior Account Executive with Priceless Possibilities selling lead/marketing systems has met all my needs.  I also own my own company Duck Candle Co. I love what I do. I awaken each day with a joy to take on the next project.

I have raised four children reinvented myself a few times and now enjoy life in Denver, Colorado. My husband and I live here with our miniature pinscher Marley and are able to enjoy watching our two grandchildren grow up. Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

Where’s The Money

Where’s The Money

Track those Ads or lose your money.

Track those Ads or lose your money.

While walking my dog Marley he loves to track, you know nose to the ground sniffing all the way.  He was bred to do just that.  He is a miniature pinscher and they were bred in Germany as a barnyard ratter.  He loves to find a rabbit or squirrel on our walks.  They are great fun for him.  Of course he is on a leash and can in no way get them.  He doesn’t know that just like he doesn’t know he is a small dog of around 16 pounds.  He believes he can get to them and that he is the biggest dog in the neighborhood.

He is wrong of course.  I have the lease and of course no matter what his bark tells others he is only 16 pounds.  What he does have right though is he can track.  Because he can track prospects to run after are certain.  So you may be thinking what does that have to do with money?

Naturally I want to tell you.  Tracking your leads is so very important to your email campaign.  Of course that is presuming you know how important email is to your business and that you are doing it. All the leads in the world will do you little good if you cannot get your message in front of you leads over and over again. You will be stuck much like Marley is on that lease.  Why is that?  Because it takes at least 9 times of you placing a product or service in front of a lead before they take action.  9 times, that is a lot of emails and if you try to do that over and over and do not have an auto responder well you can see how you are leaving money out there.  Out where those that do have the email campaigns can have them take action on someone else’s product or service.

So where is the money, why it is in somebodies pocket but it isn’t yours. If you have none of the following.  Capture pages or squeeze pages, which bring you the leads they have now agreed to receive email from you.  Follow that with email campaign placing you now in the unique position to place you in front of you prospect those 9 times.  With those email campaigns you offer them value this shows you care, you see people buy from those they like and trust.  When you are able to expose yourself to your prospects over and over they get to know you.  You build a relationship.  Offering them value over and over and they begin to want to know more. banner leads

So again let me ask where is the money?  If you have a system that offers the ability to capture the information.  Follows up with email campaign offering value.  Those emails are tracked to see how effective they are.  What mail is being opened and how often.  In a contact manager that allows you to group your leads.  Well you now have the money.  Yes the money is now in your pocket because you are now doing business just like the millionaires do.  You can track everything and you are now an expert tracker just like my dog Marley.  Like Marley you will believe you are one of the big guys it will not matter that you are not yet.  You can be if you use the same system the millionaires use.

So you may think they can afford to do it that way but there is no way I can afford to.  Well the very systems that use to cost much more are now affordable.  For under a dollar a day you can have all the tools every marketer wants and needs.  You can even have a 7 day free trial.  You can also get the free system which brings quality leads to you and keep that free forever.  Even if you think you don’t want the premium system after you try it for free for 7 days, you can go back to the free lead system forever and keep it forever.  We even have a way for you to keep the premium system for free. With 3 paying premium members under you your premium system is free.  So really what are you waiting for?  Are you still willing to let the other guy make the money?  Or are you ready to put that cash in your pocket?

Have a great day

Cindy Slick