Yes Indeed, Google It

Yes Indeed, Google It

banner goodIt is an actually phrase common these days.  We used to turn the Yellow pages, business and individuals today Google it.  No matter what we may be looking for we tell ourselves or others Google it.  Need to find a dry cleaner who does tailoring?  Well what do you do, you Google it.  Want to grow seedlings inside and you have no idea how well Google it.  Have something in your house that is broke and you do not want to hire it done you want to fix it yourself, Google It.  Want to hire it done, Google it.

You see more and more everything is moving to the internet.  What does this mean to you if you own a small business?  Traditional or internet you rely on the internet to be seen.  This means you must be found.  This means optimizing your website.  So when everyone turns to the ole Google it.  You are there to be found.  When they do find you, you than want to know they were there.  That means capture pages. capture pages and so many more

So now that you know what you should be doing what do you do next?  You can do this first of all learning to use Google’s adword tool is something you can learn to do.  This is how you optimize your website.  Capture pages are the next step.  There are many companies out there however there is only one that I know of that has not just capture pages, but all the other online tools that makes running a business easier.  While just having a capture page is wonderful, you will want an email campaign or auto responder to start once a customer places their information in that page.

It doesn’t stop there either so you will need a good contact manager, ad tracking, the ability to optimize all of these as well.  The best place to get all you need for the lowest price with a company that has been doing this for business owners since 1996 is with the Free Lead System Forever.  They have something for everyone.  Small traditional business, internet marketing MLM,  every business owner, from free, for less than a dollar a day, affiliate positions or even a custom built system for your business. dude with board2

So when it comes to your business, Google it means you need to be aware of what it means to be found and the best way to do that.  You must be found and that means knowing how to be found and making sure when you are found you have a way to capture the information of your visitors.  Stop losing money and get the tools you need today.  Have a great weekend.

Cindy Slick

Are You An Armchair Adventurer

Learning By Doing No Better Way


arm chair adventuresMy grandfather use to say all the time there are those that learn by doing it.  And then there are those that are armchair adventures.  They read about the adventures of others but never get out of the chair to create their own. This reminds me of business.  There are those that learn, investigate and follow direction and do.  And then there are those that hope and dream that it all will happening through osmosis. 

If you have spent any length of time in a small business that depends on others to do their fair share than you know what I am talking about.  Often times people start business’s on the internet believing that somehow rich’s and fortune will fall out of the sky.  That they are the one holding the lucky winning lottery ticket. 

Don’t get me wrong just like each and every week someone wins that lotto.  Someone on the internet has formed a new business and gained vast fortunes overnight.  It does happen.  The likely hood that it will happen to you are just like the odds of that lotto winner will be you.  If you like those odds than okay.  Do not recognize that building a business that goes on to be successful is hard work.  More likely than not the odds will beat you.  Just like they do the guy who faithfully buys a weekly lotto ticket.

However what I have learned is that being the one who works hard and not getting my adventures through others is so much more rewarding.  I like a good story and often curl up with a good book on a rainy day.  This is not how I want to experience life and know that is not how to grow a business.

Just this morning was talking with one of my team members and they were asking me how I go about each day.  I explain that I have a plan each day of what I intend to get done.  Post ads, write a press release and blog, share that out in cyber space, than do call backs, follow ups, send out emails doing the same for those I have no numbers for.  All while monitoring my email boxes and creating new capture pages, writing email campaigns, newletters and such.

They were wow you do all that.  My response was yes and there is more but don’t want to over whelm you.  Guess they already were.  Sometimes so am I.  What I know is that all the hard work all the things I do which include helping others on my team and some who are not.  Is that I love making a living on the internet it is the funniest way I have ever found.  I meet new people every day that make it all worthwhile. Internet Marketing For Dummiessmall2 

I started a new community in google+ I would like to invite everyone to.  Internet Marketing 101 for Dummies ( that is the link)  we are all about helping each other without spamming each other.  While we welcome everyone to share what they do we have no links for advertising in the community.  It is a safe place to share ideas, tips, blogs that are on marketing, articles, or videos, pictures and graphics.  While having an environment of helping other marketers learn and grow. 

Have a wonderful day all.

Cindy Slick