Doing the MLM Shuffle

Doing the MLM Shuffle

dancingOften times we find ourselves unsatisfied and in those times may find ourselves looking for something new to put some fire back into us.  We may have started a business believing this in the one and then a few months in find it is not turning out like we wanted it to.  We thought we had the right business and the right formula for success.

So we go in search for something new.  Sound familiar?   You would not be alone.  Internet marketers switch companies at an alarming rate.  Every 3-4 months 75% of all internet marketers switch companies in search of just the right one.

Switching companies is likely not your answer.  Success marketers do not switch companies they switch how they market.  Many never talk about it or let others in on how they successfully continue to sign up people in their business.  I teach others regularly on marketing.  After you run out of warm market, I actually teach not to use your warm market.  Instead I teach how to make a warm market out of a cold market.

You see your warm market you family and friends sign up or buy from you not because they have a burning desire for a home business.  They do it because they know like and trust you.  So helping others learn to know like and trust you is what you must learn to do.  That is what attractive marketing is all about.  You want to attract others to you.  You want them to learn to like you.  Now you may be scratching the top of your head much like I did years ago.  How do I get people on the internet that I do not know and that do not know me to learn to like know and trust me?group_dancing_fad_300_clr_11825

The truth is simple it is not all that hard.  What is necessary is a system that puts you in front of your leads between 7-12 times so that you become someone they know.  Someone that they believe they can trust will help them start a home based business.  One that will work and that they will make money from.  Years ago almost every marketer had to go to several different places to get all the different tools to form a system.

Today you actually have several choices some have all the tools, some only have pieces, and still some like the one I use has them all for a low price lower than one would cost some place else.  I use a company that has been helping internet marketers since 1996.  It is called the Free Lead System Forever and the FLSF is a new format for a well establish company.  They have a lead generator that works and you can use it for free forever if you want and it does work.  Or you can upgrade and get all the tools the capture pages the sales funnels the auto responders, the contact manager, the videos the audio to add to email campaigns.  You get ecards and postcards and all kinds of tools that will take your business to the next level.

All The Tools In 1 Place

All The Tools In 1 Place

So changing your business is not what you need to do.  Try changing your marketing.  Try working your business just like the successful gurus do.  You will find and be amazed and understand why they tell you email works, video works, capture pages work.  Stop doing the MLM shuffle and shuffle over to a marketing system and watch your business as it moves into the next level for you.

Cindy Slick

A Box Of Chocolates What Is Your Favorite


box of chocolatesThe line from Forrest Gump about life being like a box of chocolates reminds me of all the different types of internet marketing companies you can join to start a home based business.  You never really know what you may be getting into until you dive right in and you are never exactly sure how it will really go.  You have nut filled, you have creamed filled ones and you have the best one of all naturally the caramel.

Often at the end of it all before you find that perfect chocolate for you.  You find you have taken a bite out of half the box finding the caramel.  Like that caramel is the perfect one for me, for you it may be the nut you are looking for or perhaps you are more the vanilla cream type.  It matters not we are all looking for what works for us.  What is the perfect chocolate that goes with our passions, what fills our desires.

What chocolate is the perfect chocolate for one person often is the wrong chocolate for another.  That is after all why there is so many choices in the box.   You may want some type of product to sell it may be a health and wellness product, a diet product, a green product or maybe even a whole line of products.  Your passion maybe is fashion so an online mall or shop may just be your cup of tea.

For others helping others makes them feel good so selling a service is just the ticket for them.  They are driven each day to help others and selling a service that helps people may just be what will drive them to work hard at their new home business.  There are several different types from road side service companies to marketing tools.stick_figure_ride_mouse_800_clr_9283

You see what works for one person often does not work for another.  You just never know until you take a bite out of several.  By the time you find that perfect one you may look down and see a box with a dozen chocolates with only a bit out of them.  It is okay.  If you try out one and you find it does not fit.  It is alright, do not beat yourself up.  The world does enough of that all by itself.  It does not need your help.  Just keep moving forward until you find your caramel.

You can avoid much of this by doing your homework first.  Do not join the first chocolate that looks appealing or because all the cool kids are doing it.  Never feel like if you don’t sign up today you are somehow going to miss out on something.  Desperation and fear can move people to make poor decision.  If you pick because you’re afraid if you do not do so quickly your chocolate will be gone.  Think again and think things through before you choose.

On the other hand remember that sometimes the perfect chocolate is one you never expected to be perfect.  While you were trying them and searching for the caramel you may find a moca cream that was so good you found a new favorite.  Forrest was right after all life is like a box of chocolates you just never know what you are going to get until you try it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Cindy Slick

A Box Of Chocolates What Is Your Favorite

Funnel Funnel Who Needs A Funnel

Using A Funnel For Oil Change Or Business

shaded_funnel_eight_stage_text_11206Funnels are an important tool whether you use one to change the oil in your car, transferring liquid in the kitchen from one container to the next.  Or for you small home based business.  They are necessary.  Many have heard of them and many really have no clue what one is.

The truth is that most home base business owners actually go about building their business upside down and rarely use a sales funnel.  They start with their warm market for a time many feel good about the direction their business is going.  They sign up those family and friends now ask yourself why do these family and friends sign up even though they have never been an internet marketer and really have no desire to be one.  The reason is simple, they already know like and trust you.

So now that you have used up your warm market you realize that you need to now find more people.  You begin chatting up everyone that moves.  You now find yourself being rejected fear sets in and now you really have no idea what to do.  Why is it you have no idea what to do?  This is generally because you were never taught the correct way in the first place.

You see those friends and family should be left alone.  If you ever sign them up it should be when they actually ask you how you are doing so well.  If you use those people as the brick of your foundation of any business the wall will crumble around you.  Unless they too are in sales they will never build the wall in the first place for you.  You want and need others for whom building a business is their desire.  So you need leads.

You have to have some idea of where to find your target market, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media sites is a good place to start.  These people are leads, when you have those individuals information they have now become a prospect.  A lead is someone unknown and a prospect is a known individual.

Sales Funnel made for Rippln using the FLSF sign up today for your Free lead system forever and you can start using this sales funnel.

Sales Funnel made for Rippln using the FLSF sign up today for your Free lead system forever and you can start using this sales funnel.

So back to how to use and build a sales funnel.  Capture pages which I talked about yesterday are the key player and near the top of the funnel.  You promote your business, you prospect see your captivating page and want to learn more.  They place their information in the opt in area your list begins to build and as soon as they hit that submit button an auto response has begun.  Your email campaign now is the next step, your email campaign places you now in front of your prospects.  Email plays a large roll it will -place you in front of your prospects the 7-12 times that is necessary for them to learn to know like and trust you.  Blogging and having your own website can also help at this point but if you do not blog and all you have is a replicated website than your email campaign is extremely important.

Building that trust so your prospect feels like they know like and trust you can come from any variety of ways, after you begin sending them an email campaign.  When a prospect makes that initial contact in your funnel. By staying in front of your prospects by calling them, continued email, friending them on Facebook, inviting them to the company webinars and conference calls.  All of these things are important and dynamic ways you build a relationship and form the necessary bond between you so many of your prospects will sign up for your primary business.

Even you can build an attractive website.  If you use the FLSF you can build one using the free lead system forever.  We help you every step of the way!

Even you can build an attractive website. If you use the FLSF you can build one using the free lead system forever. We help you every step of the way!

This process must continue for you to have success.  Finding the most economical way to do all of this is your primary purpose.  Everyone has an idea of what they want when they start a home based business.  What many do not understand is the entire process and what goes into it.  Much like you understand that changing the oil in your car in necessary many forget to do this on a regular basis.  Many people believe they can be successful at a home based business their way.  Truth is the sales funnel process is tried and true.  It works and when small business owners implement it they are generally surprised how well it works and wish they had started sooner.  To your success have a great day.

Cindy Slick


Searching For A Way Out

Searching For A Way Out

helicopterMy adorable dog Marley really does not like the snow.  He will look for any way not to go out in it.  When I force him to go out anyway because I know for his general continued good health he needs to go.  He will choose to take the shorter of the two routes we generally take.  This morning as I look out at the snow that should be sunshine and spring flowers instead of another 6 inches of snow was one of those mornings.

Procrastination is a killer to any small business.  The thing is when we own are own we are now the VP of marketing, the director of the accounting dept., we are the ad exec., we are in charge of accounts receivable, all phone calls in and out of the business my pass through us.  We wear all the hats and the truth is if we put off until tomorrow what can be done today.  We have twice as much to do tomorrow.  So truly procrastination is simply not an option.

Having said that.   It does not stop many from doing just that.  You may have a distributor in your organization that when you see their phone number on the caller ID or maybe their name pop up on Skype all you want to do is run the other way.  Yet you know if you do not handle whatever issue they have today now.  They will relentlessly continue to call.  It matters not they you have explained until the cows came home to them how to do or fix whatever problem they have this day already more ways than you can count.  Do it one more time and hope and pray it takes this time.  The bottom line it is your business.  You made the decision to own your own business.  So it is your responsibility to handle the problem.  You do not have an assistant you can pass it off too.  You have no customer service dept. to take care of it.  You cannot pass them off on someone else they are yours to handle.slide-1-638

Time for a new ad the old one has run its course.  Well you cannot call the ad exec., to handle it for you, why because you are the ad exec and those ads do not write themselves and not only that they do not post themselves either.  So write and post them you must do.  Every moment you put it off you are losing business.  Another blog post needs to be written posted and shared.  Putting off until tomorrow will only lose your business more business.  So write it you need to do and post and share.

So the bottom line as my grandmother was so fond of saying, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  Learn how to be organized and put task in order of importance and whittle away at them throughout the day.  Yes you will be interrupted.  Yes they will take some real effort on your part to get them all done.  Yes often times the task will be one that you simply do not want to do.  Like my dog Marley for continue good health of your business you must get them done.  So why not do them with a smile.  It helps it really, really does.

Cindy Slick


Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

my girls and iI remember back when I was a young mother.  Telling my kids things like don’t run with the scissors.  Eat your vegetables, finish your homework.  I made many suggestions and some not merely suggestions, that would keep my children healthy and safe.  So they could grow into responsible adults.  Like children do they sometimes listened, sometimes not.  As a parent we share our years of experience to help our children not make the same mistakes we may have made.  With hopes of planting seeds to learn from.

Today almost every day I write my blog and share my years of experience as an internet marketer with others.  I make the suggestions from which I hope you will learn.  Most are mistakes I made along the way and I would like to think you can learn not to make the same ones.

I am not foolish enough to believe all will listen.  I realize that like me many will stubbornly  believe they can do it their way.  What I do hope though is that some will listen.  Some will hear what I am saying and say to themselves yes that makes sense.

When I started I was told over and over that I needed certain tools.  I heard them I even believed them.  I am by nature a tight wad.  Moths fly out of my purse.  I looked at the tool’s, I would go to places like Aweber and Constant Contact and look at what they had to offer.  Maybe sign up for the free trial.  Would even see how well they worked and then when the trial was over, go back to the harder often times ineffective way of marketing.

Today I know better and what I also know today that had I listened, had I taken the sound advice of others I would be where I am now 2 or 3 years sooner.  Today I know that things like auto responders to follow up with leads.  Capture pages to get the leads in the first place.  A system to send out newsletters and ecards are all a necessary part of marketing.  Having a contact manager, even a way to make a website of my own.  Are all a part of my job as an internet marketer.  Today I have all those things under one roof.  Maybe had I found this marketing system that I currently use I would of done it sooner.  After all it cost less than a dollar a day. capture pages and so many more

For just under 30 dollars a month I have every tool they always told me I needed.  It doesn’t cost me over a hundred dollars a month to market the correct way like when I first started out it did.  Today there is a marketing system that is cost effective for the small business owner.  The company has been in business since 1996.  They use to only make systems for large companies.  Like the ones we sign up for to run our home based business with.  They came out with the very system that large MLM’s use to market for the small business owner. How cool is that.  Take a look and hey maybe even listen.  After all mother does know best.  Have a great day

Cindy Slick


If Not You Than Who

Why A Home Based Business Is Almost A Necessity

The Changing Social Contract: Between employee’s and employer

–We can’t promise you how long we’ll be in business

–We can’t promise you that we won’t be acquired

–We can’t promise that there’ll be room for promotion

–We can’t promise that your job will exist when you reach retirement age

–We can’t promise that the money will be available for your pension

–We can’t expect your undying loyalty and we aren’t even sure we want it

a plan2There was a time when the exact opposite was true. Today there is no stability in employment what so ever.  Today you owe it to yourself to be looking out for yourself in the long term.  You need to realize that no matter what your contract with your employer states.  You may find yourself terminated at any moment.  Your retirement benefits long gone when you are retired and possibly even terminated just before you retire, leaving you completely out in the cold.  These are the harsh realities.  This is not a maybe or could be scenario it is a reality check.

Looking out for your long term outlook is a absolute necessity.  If you have no idea how you will survive once you reach retirement age.  Than you need to be looking at that picture now.  Regardless of your current age you need a plan.  A home based business is a good plan B.  You can begin to put into place a residual income that will help you in the future.  Beginning now you can build that residual income and have a substantial income coming in by the time you retire.retirement

Taking control of your future is your responsibility.  It is no one else’s.  In today’s society you can no longer look for your job as your retirement security.  At any time that 401k you have depended on could be gone.  With the way things are you could work for a company for several years believe you will retire with them.  Find yourself out in the cold at age 60.  Too young, to collect social security, too old to find another job.  So take control start a home based business there are many good options.  Have a good day.

Cindy Slick

What are you looking for and do you have the courage to get it?

What are you looking for and do you have the courage to get it?

ad photosIt goes really without saying that if you’re looking for a home based business you want it to be profitable. I really think when it comes to starting a home based business though you really need to ask yourself do I have what it takes to do this?

After all it takes some courage to start a business. The SBA Small Business Administration place’s the failure rate at around 44%. That’s down from 50% a few years ago. Either way the odds are still against you. You can also figure 1-2 years before you see profit! Many people do not take this in to consideration and without capital to last this long they fail long before they ever get started.

So what does courage have to do with it you may ask?  Well courage is not having fear, courage is moving forward through the fear. All the above statistics from the SBA could keep you from ever even getting pass the dreaming stage. Chances are though if your reading this you are already at the very least thinking about it. Many are way passed that. I am one of those way passed that. In fact I have a successful small business. It took a ton of courage though of this I know. Many times I was paralyzed by fear. The what if’s kept me down for a while. I am so very glad I moved forward through it. I have gotten to the other side.slide-002-638

So how do you get to the other side. Well one of the many reasons that only 44% of small business today fail instead of the 50% only a few short years ago is the internet. Starting an internet business can be done with very little capital and sometimes none at all. Your overhead (expense’s to maintain your business) is minimal after all it only takes a home computer and some tenacity. The electric, gas and brick and mortar your already paying for!. So you have no real overhead. The bonus in that is now a part of your very home and daily expenses are now tax deductible. Add a magnet to your car it becomes tax deductible as well.  Don’t forget that tax deduction posted to your ear all day!  Your cell phone is now a business expense.

The next part and I cannot stress this enough comes the investigative part. Do your home work. Find something that you enjoy and then do your home work and check it out. No matter what you do and what type of business you decide you want to have. Make sure you find out everything you can first. It does not matter whether you want to turn your hobby into an internet business. Or if you are looking at an affiliate program or maybe a MLM.  There are as many types of business’s that you can run and do from the comfort of your home and your computer as there are ideas.

Watch as your income increases each month

Watch as your income increases each month

However if you starting running all over the place with no plan in place and without any knowledge of what your doing you will still find yourself among the 44% that fail. And when it comes to any internet marketing business’s well the numbers jump to a 97% failure rate.

I hope your still holding onto that courage. Because the truth is you can do this. I did. I know that if I figured it out anyone can. I spent several years finding just the right thing. I started actually with a business that coming from my background should have been fail safe. Thing was I did not do enough homework first and my first attempt failed very shortly after start up and I spent a ton of money I could ill afford to lose. What I did gain was some knowledge. I understood the business side and the product side what I did not understand was the internet and how to use it to full advantage. So investigate everything. Look at everything.

This last time I spent over a year understanding marketing on the internet. I still learn new things every day now but I knew enough after a year of schooling myself to go ahead and leap in. One of the very things I did right this time was made sure I had the tools.  No not the monkey wrench kind.  Marketing tools, they are a must.  You need a way to capture peoples information. Best known as capture pages, but they are also called squeeze pages and opt in forms. Email campaigns and if you can add video and audio that is a plus. Auto responders on the those campaigns otherwise you are not getting your message out there.  I have all of these and more and although I resisted this before I knew that biting the bullet and doing it was a necessity.

It has paid off and I now consider myself a success. Why because I am making profit.  One of the best things about an internet based business is you can get to profit long before the average 1-2 years for small business owners. So go ahead take the leap of faith. It can pay off real well.banner good

There are some great business’s out here though they will not break you and will get you into profit fast. You just need to do your homework. Maybe you are just in the thinking stage or maybe a small business is not what you are scared of at all. Whatever it is whether you want to make a move across the country or around the block. Get out of a dead end job whatever it is just fortify yourself take that leap you will find it is never as scary as your mind had imagined it to be. Good luck to you and much to your success.

Cindy Slick