Stop Hiding Your Head In The Sand

Come Back To Reality

Sand man or reality?You ever think about how some people run their home based business?  They join a company and then just wait.  Waiting for all those people to come running to their opportunity.  Where do they get the idea that you don’t have to work a business?  Why do they honestly believe that people will just gravitate to them automatically?

I must say have you ever read some of these people ads and for that matter some of the ads that come from a lot of the internet marketing companies?  How about  some of those matrix’s have you read the compensation plans?  Yes in theory you can make a ton of cash.  What most do not realize is we live our life in reality not in theory.

Unless you already have a long list and I do mean long several hundred long, truth is you will never make money in any of those companies.  You need a real home based business.  That has been duplicated and proven by many before you.  You need a sponsor willing to show you how to duplicate.  You will need some tools for following up.  Those that join companies and then do nothing at all are hiding the head in the sand.  Like the ostrich they are hiding from reality.  The reality is business does not come to you.  You go to the business.  It can be viewed by some as hard work.  For those of us who do it and enjoy it well it is not really all that hard of work.

I write a blog post some would consider it work I consider it a joy.  Writing ads some would consider just not in them to do.  Me they just come to me and I love designing them and writing them.  I freely give them to others to use.  Some would consider making follow up calls work, I enjoy getting to know others each day.  Some would consider web page building work. Me I love it and enjoy the end product.  All of the things I do every day are enjoyable to me and it is why I love my job.  I never looked at internet marketing as a way to get out of hard work.  I viewed as a way to make a living from home.  A home based business is still work.  Regardless of what home based business you have.slide-002-638

Stop hiding your head in the sand.  If you want a successful home based business, face the reality you will have to do some work.  You will have to do some work each day.  How much effort you have to put in that work well that is up to you.  If you get the tools other successful internet marketers have than the work will be easier.  If you think joining a company that has some of those tools  the way out you are wrong.  You first of all need to be branding you, and second they only ever give you part of the tools.  So find a company you want to join based on the company product and that is something you can stand for.  Be passionate, passion comes across and others will be infected by it and want to join you because of that.

Today take the head out and think and figure out where it is you want to take your home based business.  Than get started working towards those goals.  It is possible and you will make a success of it with a plan and some tools.  I will be looking for you to become successful like I do many each day.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

Hopscotch A Great Kids Game

Hopscotch A Great Kids Game
hopscotchHopscotch one of my favorite games as a kid.  Didn’t take much just, some chalk or even just the right rock that would scratch a line in the sidewalk.  Than another decent rock for throwing and off to hopping.  It could be played alone or with others.  I could pass the time away and get lost in it for hours as a child.  Just casually tossing the rock and see where it landed than hop up to it and pick it up.

What is common in MLM marketing is the same thing.  People are so desperate to start their own business and make money quickly they just casually toss their money out see which opportunity it lands on and hey what sponsor they may get and hop on board.  When it doesn’t work out like they plan they are off to the next great sounding opportunity.  In fact 75% of all MLM internet marketers repeat this every 3-4 months.

For me my life my financial livelihood is not a kid’s game.  I do not believe in just tossing a rock and seeing what square it turns up in.  I am a believer in, a secure business with a real product with real value with a sponsor who believes in building a team and a proven duplicatable system in place.  You do not have to be a statistic.  You can be successful.  You do not have to fall for just anything.  You do not have to be that rock and just for fall for just any square.  You can join a great company and make money.  MLM is not a pipe dream.  True there a tons of start up crazy promises out there.  If the money sounds too good to be true it is because it is.  There are no get rich quick way to riches. There are some sound great opportunities out there and that is exactly the companies that successful people join.

Take some time find a good company. Find someone who is really successful.  If you educate yourself you will find them.  Do not be so desperate as to fall for the first one.  Stop playing hopscotch with your life.  There is a listing of top ranking MLM companies just Google it.  Start there. Than take the time to know like and trust the person you sign up with.  Make sure you can duplicate what they are doing.  Also take the time and get the tools that successful people use.  Like capture pages, auto responders, contact manager.  The ability to create newsletters, post cards, your own website, video email campaigns, texting so you do not miss leads, lead tracking, ad tracking.  I know that sounds like a lot but they are needed.  I have them all in one place.  For less than just those email autoresponders cost at one place.banner good

I didn’t settle when I entered the world of internet marketing and you do not have to either.  I know you are bombarded by sizzling looking ads every day for making fast easy money now.  When the world is moving too fast and you feel under so much pressure to do it now it is easy to talk yourself into the next best thing.  Take a moment and think about it though.  The truth is right in front of you, but people want you to not think they want you to react and that is so easy to do when life is spinning too fast and you need money yesterday.  I need to say it again though, don’t play hopscotch with your life.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

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Where’s The Money

Where’s The Money

Track those Ads or lose your money.

Track those Ads or lose your money.

While walking my dog Marley he loves to track, you know nose to the ground sniffing all the way.  He was bred to do just that.  He is a miniature pinscher and they were bred in Germany as a barnyard ratter.  He loves to find a rabbit or squirrel on our walks.  They are great fun for him.  Of course he is on a leash and can in no way get them.  He doesn’t know that just like he doesn’t know he is a small dog of around 16 pounds.  He believes he can get to them and that he is the biggest dog in the neighborhood.

He is wrong of course.  I have the lease and of course no matter what his bark tells others he is only 16 pounds.  What he does have right though is he can track.  Because he can track prospects to run after are certain.  So you may be thinking what does that have to do with money?

Naturally I want to tell you.  Tracking your leads is so very important to your email campaign.  Of course that is presuming you know how important email is to your business and that you are doing it. All the leads in the world will do you little good if you cannot get your message in front of you leads over and over again. You will be stuck much like Marley is on that lease.  Why is that?  Because it takes at least 9 times of you placing a product or service in front of a lead before they take action.  9 times, that is a lot of emails and if you try to do that over and over and do not have an auto responder well you can see how you are leaving money out there.  Out where those that do have the email campaigns can have them take action on someone else’s product or service.

So where is the money, why it is in somebodies pocket but it isn’t yours. If you have none of the following.  Capture pages or squeeze pages, which bring you the leads they have now agreed to receive email from you.  Follow that with email campaign placing you now in the unique position to place you in front of you prospect those 9 times.  With those email campaigns you offer them value this shows you care, you see people buy from those they like and trust.  When you are able to expose yourself to your prospects over and over they get to know you.  You build a relationship.  Offering them value over and over and they begin to want to know more. banner leads

So again let me ask where is the money?  If you have a system that offers the ability to capture the information.  Follows up with email campaign offering value.  Those emails are tracked to see how effective they are.  What mail is being opened and how often.  In a contact manager that allows you to group your leads.  Well you now have the money.  Yes the money is now in your pocket because you are now doing business just like the millionaires do.  You can track everything and you are now an expert tracker just like my dog Marley.  Like Marley you will believe you are one of the big guys it will not matter that you are not yet.  You can be if you use the same system the millionaires use.

So you may think they can afford to do it that way but there is no way I can afford to.  Well the very systems that use to cost much more are now affordable.  For under a dollar a day you can have all the tools every marketer wants and needs.  You can even have a 7 day free trial.  You can also get the free system which brings quality leads to you and keep that free forever.  Even if you think you don’t want the premium system after you try it for free for 7 days, you can go back to the free lead system forever and keep it forever.  We even have a way for you to keep the premium system for free. With 3 paying premium members under you your premium system is free.  So really what are you waiting for?  Are you still willing to let the other guy make the money?  Or are you ready to put that cash in your pocket?

Have a great day

Cindy Slick

Take Back Control Of Your Financial Security

Take Back Control Of Your Financial Security!!

Be a leader, stop following the crowd

Be a leader, stop following the crowd

Some experts say the various changes to the global political-economic landscape will create a fifty trillion dollar transfer of wealth. And, like in the 1930s, though life will get tough for many there will be some informed people who will get rich.

It’s time for a change. You no longer can wait to have others take care of you and you don’t want to see if the changes will just pass you by.

To prepare, think about undertaking some changes in your life that puts you in the drivers seat. Lets consider starting an internet business. You can do it with a surprisingly low investment of time, energy, and money. If you hook up with a good online community, you’ll find out just how easy it is. There’s support out there to help you start and build a business even if you don’t know a thing about it. More importantly, you’ll have a “job,” or (better yet) an income stream, that’s in your own control. You can’t be laid off from your own internet business. And the harder you work, the more you’ll be rewarded for taking responsibility for your own income and your own time not some boss!

Watch as your income increases each month

Watch as your income increases each month

So it is within your control to take care of your economic situation. You cannot wait any longer to expect the global economy to take care of you. It will not. People are taking control online of their own circumstances today successfully. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it? Doesn’t your family deserve it? Many well known economist have stated that the internet is where the next millionares will be made!! Not may be made but will be. Do you want to be one of them? I know I do.

That is why I have turned to this industry for my finacially security. I am not depending on corporate anything to take care of me. I know social security will not!

The ancient proverb goes “May you live in interesting times.” Well, we do. In the coming months, it may look like a curse… but let’s make it a blessing instead

Are you looking to make a change and start reaping the blessings of hard work and inspiration? This is the place to do it.

We have a way for you to increase the sales in your primary business and make additional money

We have a way for you to increase the sales in your primary business and make additional money

If your serious and looking for a good opportunity then I am looking for you. My business is thriving. It is increasing many times over every month! My income has gone up every month when was the last time you got a pay raise. I would venture to say it has been too long. This is the best entreprenual opportunity out there. Every internet marketer needs my business, regardless of what product they are selling. I have people from empower, pureleverage, MCA, all iLA,Veema, Organo Gold as well as many others. All the big guys are coming to me to enhance their marketing. Get with me today I can help you change your tomorrow. There is no reason to not at least try. I truly hope you are the next person on my list. I have just a few available spots on our team are you who we are waiting for.

Cindy Slick

Are You Simply Chasing Your Tail

Are You Simply Chasing Your Tail

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

If he had a way to duplicate he wouldn’t spend all day chasing that tail

Every day I repeat the same routine with Marley my miniature pincher.  He eats than he bugs me until I take him for a walk.  We have a bike path down the street that is his place.  He walks excited all the way to the path than slows down once he gets to the path.  He sniffs and romps over all just enjoying his time in his favorite place.  This same routine is repeated for us every day.  It works and if I am not available guess what it is duplicatable for any number of other people to do with him.

One of the first things you always need to consider when it comes to your home based business is what you are doing duplicatable.  Every member on you’re team should be able to do exactly what you are doing.  If it cannot be duplicated than you need to take a second look at it. When it comes to business it is not what works necessarily it is what can be duplicated by others.

Home based business and more specifically MLM companies are designed for you to have residual income, and for others to come in behind you and duplicate what you are doing.  My home based business must be viewed as the same way as my walked with Marley.  If I am unavailable can every member of my team duplicate what it is I do.  If the answer is not yes that there is something wrong and I must re-evaluate what I do and how can I make it so you can do exactly the same thing with the same results.

One of the wonder things I have in my marketing system is that not only is it duplicatable for each member of my team.  It is sharable as well.  Meaning I can create capture pages and sale funnels and a new member can come into their own system and push a button and have those very same pages available to them.  They do not have to create them they are already there right down to the auto responder and everything.  Push and bam done.

The Way to easy duplication

The Way to easy duplication

The reason I mention this is that although many of the things I do is easy to duplicate.  Many will not duplicate it.  I pick up the phone daily.  Too many fail to do this they simply want to generate a good income yet will not take the time to build the relationships.  They shy away from it.  They may or may not connect online some will do this more than pick up the phone but again many shy away from making good real relationships with people.  The first 6 months to a year in any mlm is when you build the residual income.  Once the residual is built you will have time for other things.

Spending that first 6 months to a year, building relationships doing all the follow up that is required is the foundation that is necessary for you to build.  Many simply do not want to do this.  Although it will not replace this ground work completely the one thing my marketing system does for every person on my team is build up a relationship with their leads.  It is not as good as this writer believes as picking up that phone but it does work.

Why I as a leader use the Free Lead System Forever

Why I as a leader use the Free Lead System Forever


The internet is a powerful tool in your hands for your business.  Understanding it is the first hurdle, having a great mentor is yet another.  Having a duplicating system that helps you over and over is another.  Here is too having a great routine and have a wonderful day.

Cindy Slick

Monkey Wrench Anyone, Or Marketing Tools

Monkey Wrench Anyone

monkey wrenchHave you ever wonder where the name monkey wrench came from.  Well I did I just had to know.  I was thinking about tools that are needed to be successful online.  Monkey wrench which is not used for online but needed to be a plumber.  Who would never dream of opening up a plumbing company without one.  Got me thinking why is it called after a cute mammal?

So I went to wikepedia where else to get the answer.  It turns out it is actually named after the inventor of it and his name is Charles Moncky.  As you can see because of the spelling it was changed over the years to be spelled like our friends the monkey but in no way ways it intended to be.

No matter as a plumber needs a monkey wrench an internet marketer needs the proper tools to be successful.  Many try to go it without.  Some even have some mediocre success without them.  What is realized sooner or later.  That the job is so much easier and so much more successful with them.

Many are aware that they need them but feel they cannot afford them.  This may have been true in the past because you had to go to 2 or 3 different places to get everything you needed.  That is no longer the case.  You can get all the tools you need in just one place for one great low price.  For just under a dollar a day.

You can get all the capture pages, sales pages, sales funnels you need there is no limit with unlimited domains.  You get the capacity to mail to 30,000 with unlimited email auto responders.  That is incredible.  A contact manager you handle it all with. add tracking so you know what ads are working.  You can send ecards on all those holidays to stay in front of you customers with postcards that you can add video too.  We have massive library to choose video and templates from.  You can even run a blog or a website from within the system.  Yes run your business or as many as you have all from one place.

As if it could get no better in addition to all of the tools to run a business under one roof.  We have a way to help your downline increase and grow for free.  We have a free lead generating system that you can give to each and every member you have in your downline.  This helps them obtain new leads every day fresh coming to them.  Your business can finally go to a level you only dreamed about.banner good

Take a look today.  It will cost you absolutely nothing to look and try out.  The Free Lead System Forever is free forever with never any obligation to upgrade.  If you choose to try the upgrade with all the tools included.  You can try it out for 7 days for free.  We have the best customer service with experienced marketers with over 40 years of experience.  We are always available to help you.

Have a fantastic day,

Cindy Slick

Learn To Dispense Leads Over & Over

Do You Have A Lead Dispenser

candy dispenser (3)Those that know me know that generally I write a nice story and something that helps you ultimately in your business.  Well today I am going to write about something that will help you in your business, however no life story to go with it.

Why because I just thought I would get right to the point.  You see if you are serious about wanting to have a successful business.  Than you should be serious about having the right tools.  What are the right tools?  They are having the ability to promote you and your business. Promote you not the company that you promote but you.  Whether you have one or you like to have multiple streams of income our marketing system works.

Carpenter, plumbers and auto mechanics have the right tools to get the job done.  Well small business of any kind including those mentioned and internet marketers alike must be found and indexed on the internet.  There is only one proven way to do that.  Promote you, brand you separate you from the business because people buy from people they like and trust.

You can waste years thinking you can do it without or you can do what everyone tells you is necessary.  You can start to promote you brand you as an industry leader. You can get the tools to make duplicating again and again leads dispensed to you like you had your very own vending machine doing it. Email Marketing Price Comparison Chart

With a marketing system that allows you to make unlimited capture pages, sales pages and sales funnels.  Leads will come to you again and again.  You will have the ability to keep your message and even position yourself as a leader in your industry by following up with the with unlimited auto responders sending to up to 30,000 at a time.  You can add free PLR’s reports to your pages so that you give value immediately to your prospects.

Using our ecards and postcards will having you looking like the professional you are.  Video library or add your own to those postcards and capture pages to reach your customers.  Never miss a lead because you were busy and had not checked your contact manager.  Because it can contact you with a text whenever a new lead comes to you.  That very contact manager will keep you organized and you will help you keep track of everything to do with your leads. free training area

You will know just which ads are affective just like large corporations do with our sophisticated ad tracking.  You will finally have everything you ever needed to take you to the next level.  Not only that we have a free lead system forever that you can give to your down line that is just starting out with no budget.

So you may be thinking what is all this going to cost you.  Well less than you may think.  For under a dollar you get all that I mentioned and more. This cost is less than you pay aweber, or constant contact for just one of these.  We have outstanding customer service and we have a free training area that was  set up for you so you understand how to use your system to best position you for success.  This area also has information on MLM by some of the industries leaders to help you learn to market to best be successful.  All kind of free tools to help you.  We have thought of everything. template72

So whether you are a small brick and mortar business or a part of a MLM or affiliate marketing company.  We have the system for you.  You can keep a free lead system forever and we mean what we say forever.  Or you can try the premium on for size for 7 days.  Either way you should do this today for your business and watch the results.  Make this the year you finally have all the tools.

Cindy Slick

Schools In Session

School Days School Days

webinarMany of us consider what we do as internet marketers as a class room all by itself.  Truth is it is.  If we are successful at our small business than each day we enter the online class room and find that we really do not know near as much as we thought we did.

It is this very reason that yesterday I began class going towards another degree.  I am working towards my bachelor degree in Marketing and Management.  Having a degree already in another field way over left of that in Nursing I am excited to be returning to school.  Being a Science major my thinking is often analytical.  Going for bachelor of arts degree will be different.  Many of my courses will require me to use a different part of my brain than I am use to.  So that is scary and exciting all at the same time.

What I have found out recently though is that I love marketing.  Marketing while many of us consider it to be promoting is much more than that.  Companies spend half of every dollar that a product cost on marketing.  When you think about that you realize that more than an ad goes into marketing anything.  Understanding who your target is, your customer is the focus.  Still it is much more than that even.

There is product and understanding just what makes a product.  There is also price and distribution to be considered.  There are variables to each of these.  Is your target young or old, what are their needs?  What are their habits.  For instance did you know that Google has replaced  the need for Grandparent’s.  Incredible right, but true.  Children Google before they pick up the phone and ask grandma why the sky is blue!

Understanding these things is essential to understanding the market in which we promote in.  So here I am at age 52 going back to school.  Why because I want to be more than successful in business.  I make money online.  I could just keep doing what I am doing and do just fine.  I have never been one to do just the ordinary though.

When I was nursing I was not an RN on the medical surgical ward.  I love and admire those that do.  I had to be where the excitement was.  I worked as a cardiac intensive care nurse for 11 years.  I loved each and every minute of it, until an injury took me out of it.

So understanding marketing and learning as much about it so as to take my companies to the next level is no surprise.  I love a challenge.  Working my business which currently take 14 hours a day and working in class’s just what this women needs right!  I am excited about it.

I look forward to not just using what I learn to help my candle business but to further my sales and marketing business.  Selling marketing tools/system to all of my online marketers it so very rewarding.  When I help someone else take their business to the next level there is a big reward in it for me.  I have always been a person who cares about others.  So this is a way for me to give back.banner good

So school days, school days good old golden rule days here I come with the excitement of a school kid on their first day.  I look forward to the coming quarter and this new journey of mine.  Well off to look over some work for school.

Have a great day everyone.

Cindy Slick


Warning Warning Robot Approaching

Warning, Warning Robot Approaching

a robotI still smile as I write that title. I was talking to a colleague and we were discussing the new way that many marketers promote. Robots, and yes if you are not familiar you will be. Many business owners are using robots for just about everything imaginable. For some reason what came to mind for me was Lost and Space and the robot telling Will Robinson warning, warning.
I can see how robots can be helpful. What I find disturbing is replacing human warmth and touch in marketing completely with robots. You can set up the phone to call your prospects, using what a robot. You can follow up with email using what robots, you can even use a robot to send advertising for you. So it is official a robot has taken over the job of sales.
For some that means they never have to make contact with the people behind the phone calls, the emails or the ones answering their ads. What a world we live in. It even make work for many. For me that takes away the entire reason I love marketing online all together. I also believe it creates an effectual team.
I have found that knowing the individuals on my team. Creating a relationship makes for a more cohesive team. We know each other and we know the strengths and weakness. We are much stronger for it.
Don’t know about you but I answer the phone and hear a recording and just hang up. Also in my mind I feel anyone doing this is lazy and would not want to work with them. As for ads that are completely automated they may be affective they may actually be effective but at what point do you get involved in your own marketing. I can tell they are put out by hoot suite not sure if others can but I find all of it lazy. Naturally they are helpful if you work full time at another job and need away to place ads during the day.
I also feel that at some point you need some personal touch as well. People responding want people to reach out to them as well. Yes you need an auto responder, but pick up the phone yourself or send a personal email for some contact to prospects as well. Let them know there is a person behind everything. Offer a bit of warm personal touch. The robots do make our jobs easier and allow us more time for what? The personal touch of closing and having more sales. I market those robots. I certainly believe they have a place in helping us and making us successful. I also believe in personally reaching out to everyone that becomes a member of my marketing system.banner good
I call everyone I work with help them on skype or joinme. I share screens walk them through, help them set up their systems. Help them use our systems to better serve them and their business. So they know how to use every feature. Not so that they can become impersonal robots but so they can be better at being personal with their customers with more time.
Reach out and touch someone today, and make it a successful day everyone.
Cindy Slick

Are You An Armchair Adventurer

Learning By Doing No Better Way


arm chair adventuresMy grandfather use to say all the time there are those that learn by doing it.  And then there are those that are armchair adventures.  They read about the adventures of others but never get out of the chair to create their own. This reminds me of business.  There are those that learn, investigate and follow direction and do.  And then there are those that hope and dream that it all will happening through osmosis. 

If you have spent any length of time in a small business that depends on others to do their fair share than you know what I am talking about.  Often times people start business’s on the internet believing that somehow rich’s and fortune will fall out of the sky.  That they are the one holding the lucky winning lottery ticket. 

Don’t get me wrong just like each and every week someone wins that lotto.  Someone on the internet has formed a new business and gained vast fortunes overnight.  It does happen.  The likely hood that it will happen to you are just like the odds of that lotto winner will be you.  If you like those odds than okay.  Do not recognize that building a business that goes on to be successful is hard work.  More likely than not the odds will beat you.  Just like they do the guy who faithfully buys a weekly lotto ticket.

However what I have learned is that being the one who works hard and not getting my adventures through others is so much more rewarding.  I like a good story and often curl up with a good book on a rainy day.  This is not how I want to experience life and know that is not how to grow a business.

Just this morning was talking with one of my team members and they were asking me how I go about each day.  I explain that I have a plan each day of what I intend to get done.  Post ads, write a press release and blog, share that out in cyber space, than do call backs, follow ups, send out emails doing the same for those I have no numbers for.  All while monitoring my email boxes and creating new capture pages, writing email campaigns, newletters and such.

They were wow you do all that.  My response was yes and there is more but don’t want to over whelm you.  Guess they already were.  Sometimes so am I.  What I know is that all the hard work all the things I do which include helping others on my team and some who are not.  Is that I love making a living on the internet it is the funniest way I have ever found.  I meet new people every day that make it all worthwhile. Internet Marketing For Dummiessmall2 

I started a new community in google+ I would like to invite everyone to.  Internet Marketing 101 for Dummies ( that is the link)  we are all about helping each other without spamming each other.  While we welcome everyone to share what they do we have no links for advertising in the community.  It is a safe place to share ideas, tips, blogs that are on marketing, articles, or videos, pictures and graphics.  While having an environment of helping other marketers learn and grow. 

Have a wonderful day all.

Cindy Slick