High Ho High Ho A Promoting We Will Go

High Ho High Ho A Promoting We Will Go

how to promote slide-1-638Sometimes, internet marketer’s worst nightmare is promoting.  They can call people they can pass out business cards.  Then someone says to them are you promoting on Facebook or IBO Toolbox and they get a crazed look in their eyes.

I love marketing all of it right down to figuring out a marketing mix.  Where my best target, audience is. How to leverage websites.  Even look forward to my next blog post.  After seven years of doing this though I understand one thing very clearly.  Most hate promoting.

The task of all task.  Writing an ad and then sending it out into cyber space.  They put it off they find all kinds of reason’s why they are not good at it.  Why they do not understand how to do it.  The list really can become very long when talking with people that just do not promote and avoid it like the plague.

Thing is 90% of those people simply do not know how and no one has ever taken the time to show them.  They would do it if someone would solve their issues.  Issue number one not be able to write an ad.  Issue number two sure I know about Facebook, but do you know about the groups that you can advertise on?  I have a list of over 300 and that is just the touch of a very large surface on how to advertise on Facebook.  I hear IBO oh I tried that could not figure it out.  Did you come back to me and ask for help I say!how to promote slide-002-638

I have list of social sites much larger than the big 4 which are essential but not inclusive.  Social media is a must.  Large corporations unwilling to use the internet are losing market shares and several are closing shop.  How to leverage the internet is a part of learning how to market in this day and age.  You cannot leave yourself out by not learning how.

Last night I did a training on how to promote your business.  I believe I have excited many to begin doing just that.  Getting out there and promoting.  Some just did not have the information they needed.  Others just never viewed it or thought of it in the terms I laid out for them.  Either way many thanked me and wanted the copy of the Powerpoint http://www.slideshare.net/cslickharris/how-to-promote

to go back and look at.  I am so happy I was able to inspire.  It is what I set out to do.  If you go and take a look too and find it useful could you do me the favor of liking it?  I also have a copy of the actual webinar in video for you.  http://youtu.be/y8zWYxW6gRU

dude with board2Here is to you learning how to better leverage the internet and promoting your business.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I know the forecast here is for sunny skies and warm weather about time right!

Cindy Slick


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Latest and Greatest Do You Have It Yet?

Latest and Greatest Do You Have It Yet?

starWhen I was a kid Barbie was new and for the boys it was GI Joe.  Everyone just had to have one and most mom’s and dad’s attempted to comply.  As a mother my kids had any number of different toys that the kids just had to have.  From cabbage patch to Care Bears or for the boys Transformers and Star wars.  As they grew out of toys they still wanted toys they just changed to things like name brand jeans, shoes and of course my boys wanted ATV’s and mini-bikes.  They always came with brand names and they always had to have them because well everyone else did.

This syndrome this phenomenon this what has sometimes been called keeping up with Jones does not go away for many just because they grow up.  Many even though they get a job, get married and have children of their own still have a need to have the latest and greatest.  They make all sorts of purchase’s like cars and even house’s based on what the other people they know do.  Mary and Joe buy a pool so Sue and Don have to have one too.

Enter the internet marketer!!  Each month a new toy enters the internet marketing world.  It is better and greater than anything out there and it will bring you thousands a week in wealth!  For the first time ever is a common phrase.  The latest companies springing up all over like to put some elements of the marketing tools, that have been sorely missing from companies.  Of course they tell you this will solve your problem and make you the best distributor ever!  What they do not tell you is that several elements or tools are missing.  Nor do they tell you they only work for that company not for the other 1,2 or 3 companies you promote.  So really what are you gaining?  Truth is nothing.

All those people that fall for the next bright and star striking MLM do you know that the numbers state that people change internet marketing companies every 3-4 months.  That is 75% change companies that frequently.  Exactly how do you ever think you can become successful if you change your mind that often?  If you did your homework, if you find something you are passionate about.  Than stick with it.  Do some homework on how to market.  Go and get those marketing tools.  Well you than have a formula for success.

Stop falling for everything and anything.  The latest new shiny object is not your answer.  The answer lies where it always has within you.  They key is you, not the latest and greatest.  Those toys did not help you grow into a responsible adult that others love, know and admire.  The things you own do not make you feel better, or appear better than others.  Your character does and like your character your home business depends on what you do once you decide on owning a home business.  Not on the home business you decide on. slide-42-638

Today make the decision to stop hopping around to the latest and greatest stick with what you have and make that one successful.  For those that like multiple streams of income, stick with the ones you have stop looking for the pie in the sky.  You already have all the ingredients to make that pie.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick


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Do It Again Marley

Do It Again Marley

marley2Every day at the same time I repeat the same process.  Marley my min pin gets up from whatever comfortable place he is sleeping.  Comes over to me generally working on my computer and looks up at me with sweet puppy dog eyes.  It is time to eat he is saying to me.  Come on let’s do it right now already.  It is as regular as any clock.  So without too much hesitation I feed him.  Knowing that right after he eats, he will expect a walk.

Marley and I repeat this process twice a day every day.  His schedule is duplicatable.  It is repeated with regularity and it keeps him not just happy.  It keeps him healthy and happy.  I can go away from home on business or vacation and leave someone else to take care of him and they can do exactly what I do for him.  Why because it is duplicatable and there for anyone can keep him on schedule.

Your internet marketing business should be just like Marley.  Anyone should be able to do what you do with little instructions.  They should be able to do it with little knowledge of things like capture pages, how to build a website, how to promote a capture page, what an auto responder is.  They should be able to duplicate without understanding what a contact manager is.  How to add video to the email campaign.

If you have a marketing system from the Free Lead System Forever that is exactly what you get.  Your reps that you sign up can come in and with following a few short steps they can have capture pages, sales funnels just like you the leader have.  Why because they are shared down from your system to theirs.  The emails are automatic and they immediately start to send as soon as someone places their information in the capture page.  The leads come back to the system and you can locate them in the contact manager.  The new reps business is growing which is making the leaders business grow.  This happens over and over. funnel

Just like Marley is in auto pilot and can remain healthy and happy.  You do not have to have a ton of instructions about dogs and grooming to take care of my dog when I am away.  Your new rep does not have to know all the things that go into growing an internet marketing business.  You just have to be duplicatable.  When what you do is able to be duplicated with very little instruction.  Then you can be very successful.  All those other things can be taught later, or never if the new rep has no interest in learning.  Why because it is set up for them.  It can just be done on auto pilot.  This is how the successful marketers do it. ad photos

If you are a leader and would like to know just how simple it is to set you up and get your entire team growing and moving forward smoothly and effortlessly.  Click on the links below or get with me.  I would be happy to help you.  We set up systems for large MLM’s to those needing a Free Lead System Forever with no budget.  If we can make a large company run like a clock image what we can do for you and your team.

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You Need Support (I am not talking about a good bra!)

You Need Support (I am not talking about a good bra!)

dough boys customer supportThe reason that Direct Sales has a 97% attrition rate (people leaving the company) is from lack of support. If your sponsor does not support you.  What will keep you working hard for that person………none of course. The first thing you need to do when someone new joins you is say hello! Seems like an obvious thing right. However do you know that after I had worked online for like 4 years of marketing online and several different companies I had only 2 people ever welcome me warmly and help me get set up. That is outrageous but it is the norm. Crazy yes.

So I finally figured out that it if I want to be successful I was on my own.  Truly, and after all it was my business it had nothing really to do with the people above me it had everything to do with people that came in after.  So let me be the one. I also decided it was time I listened to all those people that kept telling me I needed capture pages and auto responders to send great email with video and audio.  Send my prospects cards on holidays.  Keep myself in front of them  Become someone that people knew and hopefully eventually like and trust.  what are you waiting for

Each day I could get so much more work done if I was not spending a lot of my day working to help others. Guess what though.  The individuals who sign up for my marketing system are my customers and they deserve customer support. I remember back when I was involved with another company it took forever to just get an email to welcome someone.  Today that is never an issue. Why because to get our system they have to place their email in.  So a warm welcome they will receive. Whether they take advantage or not it is up to my customers.  What they will never be able to say is that they are not offered support.  We give support whether you are a premium member or remain free forever you will receive the best customer support ever.

Calling my customers making sure they understand how to use their marketing system is part of my job.  It is also one of the parts I love the most.  I allow my customers to know me and I get to know them.

Affiliate marketing/internet marketing, MLM’s can be a lonely business.  What I have learned over the past several years is that my business will be exactly what I choose to make it.  I can provide support and have a strong friendly business.  Or I can ignore people and hope they stick around.  Statistics show though that without support most move on to the latest and greatest every four months. customer-service-rep-md

Support and customer service is extremely important in any business.  It should be the first thing you work on providing.  If new to yours than first off educate yourself about your business, learn to be honest you can provide support and learn at the same time as you add people to your new business you can learn together.  Do not be embarrassed to say you are new.  Learn from each other and you may just make a great new friend.  To your success, have a great day.

Cindy Slick


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What are you looking for and do you have the courage to get it?

What are you looking for and do you have the courage to get it?

ad photosIt goes really without saying that if you’re looking for a home based business you want it to be profitable. I really think when it comes to starting a home based business though you really need to ask yourself do I have what it takes to do this?

After all it takes some courage to start a business. The SBA Small Business Administration place’s the failure rate at around 44%. That’s down from 50% a few years ago. Either way the odds are still against you. You can also figure 1-2 years before you see profit! Many people do not take this in to consideration and without capital to last this long they fail long before they ever get started.

So what does courage have to do with it you may ask?  Well courage is not having fear, courage is moving forward through the fear. All the above statistics from the SBA could keep you from ever even getting pass the dreaming stage. Chances are though if your reading this you are already at the very least thinking about it. Many are way passed that. I am one of those way passed that. In fact I have a successful small business. It took a ton of courage though of this I know. Many times I was paralyzed by fear. The what if’s kept me down for a while. I am so very glad I moved forward through it. I have gotten to the other side.slide-002-638

So how do you get to the other side. Well one of the many reasons that only 44% of small business today fail instead of the 50% only a few short years ago is the internet. Starting an internet business can be done with very little capital and sometimes none at all. Your overhead (expense’s to maintain your business) is minimal after all it only takes a home computer and some tenacity. The electric, gas and brick and mortar your already paying for!. So you have no real overhead. The bonus in that is now a part of your very home and daily expenses are now tax deductible. Add a magnet to your car it becomes tax deductible as well.  Don’t forget that tax deduction posted to your ear all day!  Your cell phone is now a business expense.

The next part and I cannot stress this enough comes the investigative part. Do your home work. Find something that you enjoy and then do your home work and check it out. No matter what you do and what type of business you decide you want to have. Make sure you find out everything you can first. It does not matter whether you want to turn your hobby into an internet business. Or if you are looking at an affiliate program or maybe a MLM.  There are as many types of business’s that you can run and do from the comfort of your home and your computer as there are ideas.

Watch as your income increases each month

Watch as your income increases each month

However if you starting running all over the place with no plan in place and without any knowledge of what your doing you will still find yourself among the 44% that fail. And when it comes to any internet marketing business’s well the numbers jump to a 97% failure rate.

I hope your still holding onto that courage. Because the truth is you can do this. I did. I know that if I figured it out anyone can. I spent several years finding just the right thing. I started actually with a business that coming from my background should have been fail safe. Thing was I did not do enough homework first and my first attempt failed very shortly after start up and I spent a ton of money I could ill afford to lose. What I did gain was some knowledge. I understood the business side and the product side what I did not understand was the internet and how to use it to full advantage. So investigate everything. Look at everything.

This last time I spent over a year understanding marketing on the internet. I still learn new things every day now but I knew enough after a year of schooling myself to go ahead and leap in. One of the very things I did right this time was made sure I had the tools.  No not the monkey wrench kind.  Marketing tools, they are a must.  You need a way to capture peoples information. Best known as capture pages, but they are also called squeeze pages and opt in forms. Email campaigns and if you can add video and audio that is a plus. Auto responders on the those campaigns otherwise you are not getting your message out there.  I have all of these and more and although I resisted this before I knew that biting the bullet and doing it was a necessity.

It has paid off and I now consider myself a success. Why because I am making profit.  One of the best things about an internet based business is you can get to profit long before the average 1-2 years for small business owners. So go ahead take the leap of faith. It can pay off real well.banner good

There are some great business’s out here though they will not break you and will get you into profit fast. You just need to do your homework. Maybe you are just in the thinking stage or maybe a small business is not what you are scared of at all. Whatever it is whether you want to make a move across the country or around the block. Get out of a dead end job whatever it is just fortify yourself take that leap you will find it is never as scary as your mind had imagined it to be. Good luck to you and much to your success.

Cindy Slick




Method To The Madness

Method To The Madness

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

My miniature pincher Marley has this big basket in our living room stuffed full of toys.  On any given day he will go to the basket and make a mess of the living room by removing each and every one of them.  Now Marley knows the end result is to play.  What he doesn’t know is how to go about it.  So instead of going and getting just a ball so we can play fetch.  He takes out the stuffed bunny and the rope and every single toy he has.  In an effort to either annoy me or just simply to get attention.  Whichever the case may be, he is not effective in his efforts.

When we decide we need to accomplish a task.  We must have a method to the madness.  If we want to attract others to us we must go about this methodically.  Jumping around like Marley and doing everything at once just leaves us needing to accomplish the task.  Instead if we start with making a  consistent profile page on each of our social profiles.   Then setting up a blog  , Web site  , or fan page.  Then move on to inviting others to the pages to view and like them.  Well then we are actually accomplishing the task at hand, attracting others to us.

The next step in the process would then begin building a list.  When we first begin building a business that may seem like an impossible task.  We can get caught up in, but I just need to get sign ups so instead of building a list we just go after one prospect at a time. Than we find ourselves several months or a year maybe even two years in and still really no where at all.  Sure we have been signing up the one or two prospects every month or two and we now have a small team of individuals maybe under us.  What we do not have is a successful business venture like we pictured at the beginning.  Why because we didn’t copy the replication method suggested to us.  Like Marley we just kept picking up another toy until we got that right one.  When what we should of done was listen and learned the right way to start. a plan2

You see if you go about the list building process what you than get is both the occasional sign up and build the list at the same time.  Than what you have is prospect to keep putting your primary business in front of.  While doing this you begin to have your prospects see you as an expert.  They begin to know like at trust you.  When others know like and trust you they will follow you no matter what the future holds for you.

Internet marketers must keep some of the basic truths in mind always.  Attrition is an alarming 97% in internet marketing.  So that means 97% of those people you sign up will leave whatever company you bring them in to.  Internet marketers 75% leave and join a new program every 4 months.  The last thing to remember is that it takes 9 times of seeing your opportunity before someone actually will buy what you are offering.

So how are people successful?  By first having a prospecting system that brings new prospects on a regular basis.  Successful people understand the importance of a list and they consistently continue to build the list.  By than having an email campaign that consistently places you in front of those prospects.  By being seen over and over no matter if you move on to a new company your list of people will often come with you.  That is how the successful people become successful.  You know them you see them you can pick them out.  You may not of joined what they are doing but in the back of your mind you continue to watch them waiting for the opportunity.cute

Having a way to do these things is your first a primary object.  Just like Marley’s is to get me to play with him.  If he would just bring me the ball, or the rope or the stuff toy instead of pulling every toy out all at once his primary objective would be met.  You too need a way to internet market with an end goal.   You must have the tools.  You have to have a marketing system.  It is just that easy.  Build the list, keep in front of the list and keep doing that over and over.  With a marketing system it becomes easy to do.  You will have the tools to do just that duplicating it and teaching others to duplicate it.

There is a method to the madness.  The choice is yours whether you want to do it the easy way or not.  You can run around pulling all the toys out each day.  Or you can get the tools all in one place than systematically market.  Be successful or waste a bunch of energy.  The choice is yours.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick




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The Unexpected In The Ordinary

quotesYou know life can be real strange at times. When things some how look the bleakest it can all turn around. My daughter had moved to Colorado for college 15 years ago. During that time she got married had a couple of grandchildren. Every year as the kids started to get older and older my desire to move to Colorado to be a part of that grew. Just could not see how. My life was pretty settled where I was in Ohio and it just seemed like an impossible dream.

Then one day a window opened. I did not know it at the time after all I was busy dealing with life as it was being dealt out to me. I got laid off from my job. This was the third time in 3 years and really being in the mortgage business as I was well not at all surprising. So at first I started dealing with that upgrading the resume’. Cruising online really trying to find a way to not return to corporate america. As well as keeping up to date on my mom who a few months earlier was given only a few months to live. Then one day my sister asked if I could come to Florida and help out with mom and off on a plane I was a few days later. While in Florida I get a call from my husband he too was laid off. This was completely unexpected. The window begins to open a little wider.

When my mom passed a few months later after the furneral my husband and sit down and talk. What to do. Do we attempt to put life back together in one of the worse economies in history. With the unemployment rate near 13% in Ohio. Well there was always this plan in the back of my head. Only a dream really to be a every day part of my grandkids lives. The window is now wide open. Sell it. Sell it all. We sell the car, the house, the big screen TV everything we could do without we sell. We take the money and off on a new adventure.

Funny really how it goes. Now here I am new life in Denver, Husband has a great new job. I have a job I love no more white knuckles on the steering wheel for me. I am taking some college courses to enhance my love for the marketing I do every day and I want to learn how to code. I love helping others get hooked up what has made me successful online. A marketing system so complete you can run any business or several if you run more than one from just one place. It covers every marketing need you could think of needing. All for less than say an auto responder or a contact manager from one. And if you have a team it has a free system that generates leads complete with an auto responder which will help you grow and stop the main problem with MLM, attrition.blog post marketing tools

Life often throws things at you. How you respond to them is what seperate’s the one’s that have the ability to get back up and brush off the dust and those that just stay down. I have been getting back up all my life. I intend to continue brushing off the dust. It just feelings better.

Life on the internet can be a daily struggle. Without the tools to handle your marketing needs running around and posting and buying bad leads can be a daunting job. There is a better way. I can and will show you. I love to help others. Hope you have a great day.

Cindy Slick