Doing the MLM Shuffle

Doing the MLM Shuffle

dancingOften times we find ourselves unsatisfied and in those times may find ourselves looking for something new to put some fire back into us.  We may have started a business believing this in the one and then a few months in find it is not turning out like we wanted it to.  We thought we had the right business and the right formula for success.

So we go in search for something new.  Sound familiar?   You would not be alone.  Internet marketers switch companies at an alarming rate.  Every 3-4 months 75% of all internet marketers switch companies in search of just the right one.

Switching companies is likely not your answer.  Success marketers do not switch companies they switch how they market.  Many never talk about it or let others in on how they successfully continue to sign up people in their business.  I teach others regularly on marketing.  After you run out of warm market, I actually teach not to use your warm market.  Instead I teach how to make a warm market out of a cold market.

You see your warm market you family and friends sign up or buy from you not because they have a burning desire for a home business.  They do it because they know like and trust you.  So helping others learn to know like and trust you is what you must learn to do.  That is what attractive marketing is all about.  You want to attract others to you.  You want them to learn to like you.  Now you may be scratching the top of your head much like I did years ago.  How do I get people on the internet that I do not know and that do not know me to learn to like know and trust me?group_dancing_fad_300_clr_11825

The truth is simple it is not all that hard.  What is necessary is a system that puts you in front of your leads between 7-12 times so that you become someone they know.  Someone that they believe they can trust will help them start a home based business.  One that will work and that they will make money from.  Years ago almost every marketer had to go to several different places to get all the different tools to form a system.

Today you actually have several choices some have all the tools, some only have pieces, and still some like the one I use has them all for a low price lower than one would cost some place else.  I use a company that has been helping internet marketers since 1996.  It is called the Free Lead System Forever and the FLSF is a new format for a well establish company.  They have a lead generator that works and you can use it for free forever if you want and it does work.  Or you can upgrade and get all the tools the capture pages the sales funnels the auto responders, the contact manager, the videos the audio to add to email campaigns.  You get ecards and postcards and all kinds of tools that will take your business to the next level.

All The Tools In 1 Place

All The Tools In 1 Place

So changing your business is not what you need to do.  Try changing your marketing.  Try working your business just like the successful gurus do.  You will find and be amazed and understand why they tell you email works, video works, capture pages work.  Stop doing the MLM shuffle and shuffle over to a marketing system and watch your business as it moves into the next level for you.

Cindy Slick

The Wheel Is Broke, I Can Fix It

The Wheel Is Broke, I Can Fix It

wheels_came_off_400_clr_6906Internet Marketing can often be a frustrating business.  You bring in people and whether they have been in internet marketing for some years or are brand new to internet marketing.  You find the ones that want to reinvent the wheel.  We are taught that the first rule of internet marketing is to duplicate.  You teach what you do that has made you successful and your new distributors will be successful too.

Appears pretty basic and easy to follow right?  Yet time after time people try to reinvent the unbroken wheel.  You pass on your knowledge but the new person insist on doing it their way.  Naturally 9 out of ten times they fail.

Not sure why but for some reason instead of following the number one rule many like to think that they have a new and better way to success.  They do not want to come to the webinars and conference calls.  They do not want to use marketing tools the ones that make a success out of the internet marketers.  They believe that going it alone like a lone wolf will somehow bring all those sign ups they need and they have the better way.

The second rule is relationships.  The successful marketer knows that to be successful you must build relationships.  Now this is like the big foundation of the road to success.  You must get to know your prospects.  Building a relationship with people takes time and for some reason many are just in the hurry. toolbox_kit_fix_800_clr_6972

They think they can do this in a quick hurry make the money in a few short months and off to the island of easy street they will go.  Those in the know, those making the real money know better.  Building a relationship takes time.  Statics shows it takes at least 7 to 12 times of connecting with a prospect before they buy from you.

So how do you build that relationship?  By staying in front of your prospects, which means those tools again.  Auto responders send out email which keeps you in front of the prospects.  It means picking up the phone sometimes.  I know many are saying to themselves that they do internet marketing because they do not like picking up the phone.  I say for those that hate the phone you more than anyone better have the tools than.

People simply do not buy from those they do not know.  This is why your warm market is always the first suggestion to the marketer.  What happens though is these people stop buying  your product.  You see they had no real desire like you to have their own home based business so they do not grow your business.  They were just trying to be a good brother, sister or friend.introductions_400_clr_10909

All of this means you have to make your cold market a warm marketing and that means building those relationships.  Marketing tools we are back to those again.  You see they are not just merely a suggestion.  We are not telling you that you need them but we are using a completely different way of being successful.  We use them and we are telling you that to duplicate what we do you need them too.

The successful salesperson has always known two things.  Teach what you do to your team, make available the tools that you use to them and everyone will be taking a cruise someday together!  Because why?  The answer is that it works.  For some though reinventing it trying to do it their way will always be where they go.  Some will eventually get it.  Those with a true desire to make it will see eventually that the wheel works well the way it is.  Round with all those spokes!  For those that do not, well they were never going on that journey to success with you in the first place.

Cindy Slick

Yes Indeed, Google It

Yes Indeed, Google It

banner goodIt is an actually phrase common these days.  We used to turn the Yellow pages, business and individuals today Google it.  No matter what we may be looking for we tell ourselves or others Google it.  Need to find a dry cleaner who does tailoring?  Well what do you do, you Google it.  Want to grow seedlings inside and you have no idea how well Google it.  Have something in your house that is broke and you do not want to hire it done you want to fix it yourself, Google It.  Want to hire it done, Google it.

You see more and more everything is moving to the internet.  What does this mean to you if you own a small business?  Traditional or internet you rely on the internet to be seen.  This means you must be found.  This means optimizing your website.  So when everyone turns to the ole Google it.  You are there to be found.  When they do find you, you than want to know they were there.  That means capture pages. capture pages and so many more

So now that you know what you should be doing what do you do next?  You can do this first of all learning to use Google’s adword tool is something you can learn to do.  This is how you optimize your website.  Capture pages are the next step.  There are many companies out there however there is only one that I know of that has not just capture pages, but all the other online tools that makes running a business easier.  While just having a capture page is wonderful, you will want an email campaign or auto responder to start once a customer places their information in that page.

It doesn’t stop there either so you will need a good contact manager, ad tracking, the ability to optimize all of these as well.  The best place to get all you need for the lowest price with a company that has been doing this for business owners since 1996 is with the Free Lead System Forever.  They have something for everyone.  Small traditional business, internet marketing MLM,  every business owner, from free, for less than a dollar a day, affiliate positions or even a custom built system for your business. dude with board2

So when it comes to your business, Google it means you need to be aware of what it means to be found and the best way to do that.  You must be found and that means knowing how to be found and making sure when you are found you have a way to capture the information of your visitors.  Stop losing money and get the tools you need today.  Have a great weekend.

Cindy Slick

A Box Of Chocolates What Is Your Favorite


box of chocolatesThe line from Forrest Gump about life being like a box of chocolates reminds me of all the different types of internet marketing companies you can join to start a home based business.  You never really know what you may be getting into until you dive right in and you are never exactly sure how it will really go.  You have nut filled, you have creamed filled ones and you have the best one of all naturally the caramel.

Often at the end of it all before you find that perfect chocolate for you.  You find you have taken a bite out of half the box finding the caramel.  Like that caramel is the perfect one for me, for you it may be the nut you are looking for or perhaps you are more the vanilla cream type.  It matters not we are all looking for what works for us.  What is the perfect chocolate that goes with our passions, what fills our desires.

What chocolate is the perfect chocolate for one person often is the wrong chocolate for another.  That is after all why there is so many choices in the box.   You may want some type of product to sell it may be a health and wellness product, a diet product, a green product or maybe even a whole line of products.  Your passion maybe is fashion so an online mall or shop may just be your cup of tea.

For others helping others makes them feel good so selling a service is just the ticket for them.  They are driven each day to help others and selling a service that helps people may just be what will drive them to work hard at their new home business.  There are several different types from road side service companies to marketing tools.stick_figure_ride_mouse_800_clr_9283

You see what works for one person often does not work for another.  You just never know until you take a bite out of several.  By the time you find that perfect one you may look down and see a box with a dozen chocolates with only a bit out of them.  It is okay.  If you try out one and you find it does not fit.  It is alright, do not beat yourself up.  The world does enough of that all by itself.  It does not need your help.  Just keep moving forward until you find your caramel.

You can avoid much of this by doing your homework first.  Do not join the first chocolate that looks appealing or because all the cool kids are doing it.  Never feel like if you don’t sign up today you are somehow going to miss out on something.  Desperation and fear can move people to make poor decision.  If you pick because you’re afraid if you do not do so quickly your chocolate will be gone.  Think again and think things through before you choose.

On the other hand remember that sometimes the perfect chocolate is one you never expected to be perfect.  While you were trying them and searching for the caramel you may find a moca cream that was so good you found a new favorite.  Forrest was right after all life is like a box of chocolates you just never know what you are going to get until you try it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Cindy Slick

A Box Of Chocolates What Is Your Favorite

Which Type Are You

Which Are You

stick_figure_ride_mouse_800_clr_9283I am often asked the difference between MLM, direct sales and affiliate marketing.  I started internet marketing in MLM’s and they have been around for a very long time.  Many like to refer to MLM’s as a pyramid schemes and that is because their structure does look similar to a pyramid.  The problem I have is when folks use the word scheme because it sounds and people often hear scam and the real deal is that most are not.  They are real business’s.  Many are the top selling companies for folks to earn a good living at from home.

Many are very well known and have been around for years Herbalife, Amyway are two that are almost ancient!  Organo Gold, is newer but is listed as #1 top selling money maker as of March 2013.  Visalus, Monvie and Nuskin are a few of the others that made the list.  All very good companies worth looking at if you are looking for a good business to get involved with.  I know top sellers in each and if you need a lead for a good mentor with any of these would be happy to direct you to them.  I personally am not involved with any of them.

Best way to describe an MLM is a company that you generally have an auto ship each month to belong to, in return for a real product like a diet product.  They give you something in return for the money that you give them each month. Like that diet product.  Than as you bring in others you are paid a commission on these people based on how many distributors you bring into the company and a commission of what they sell.  It continues down several levels.  So let’s say they pay down 7 levels.  If someone on your 7th level brings in people you are not paid anything for them but you are for each level under you down to that 7th level.  This is known in the industry as a down-line.  That is why it looks like a pyramid. It stops at some level it may be 7 it could be 4 or 13, point is it does stop.  There are many different commission structures that use different pay for different levels or bonus’s.  No matter what if you are paid for bringing in other distributors like this example it is a MLM. Picture17

Direct marketers are different generally there is a whole line of products and you do make money on the marketers/new distributors you bring in. However this is based more on teams and you do not have a monthly charge of any kind.  You are paid a percentage of product sold much like any other sales person is paid be it a car, real estate, insurance or any other type of sales.  A good example of direct marketing is Avon there are several very good companies out there.  I know several people in this industry as well.

Affiliate marketing is another type of internet marketer.  The way affiliate marketing works is you refers others to a business and they pay you a commission for that person when they use the companies services.  Generally it is a one -time commission.  Sometimes they will pay a small residual for that person if it is a recurring fee for a service.  There is no down-line structure like in an MLM and the structure does not look like a pyramid.  One of the most well known is Google’s adsense which is a pay for click advertising which you can place on like your blog and you get paid as others click on the ads.  Another good example of an affiliate program and is the most successful is Amazon.good pic of internet marketing

Yes you can find several schemes or scams there are a few every month.  That is why before joining anything regardless of how good a friend is suggesting it to you.  You do due diligence by investigating the company before you join.  Things like who owns it, and address are public record and if you cannot find them I suggest you stay away.  Start-ups are dangerous business, and often a gamble.  Sometimes in life things are worth a gamble.  Be careful though you have something that is worth gold on the internet that you stand to lose.  You’re reputation.  If you attach yourself to something that turns out to be scam well you have attached yourself to it.  So truly do some investigating.  Sometimes these start- up companies are nothing more than someone building a list.  It never gets past the pre-prelaunch and then who ever started it now has a large list to build the next thing with.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

Marketing Your Business Made Simple

Are You Completely Leveraging The Internet

All The Tools In 1 Place

All The Tools In 1 Place

No longer can you depend on the old ways of marketing to market your business.  Gone are the days of print ads, newspaper, magazines, TV and radio.  Cold calling, business cards, flyers and refrigerator magnets are no longer the effective way to market.

You have to have a marketing strategy and it needs to be using the new marketing channels.  With a world total of 7,017,846,922 of internet users you need to be using the internet as a means of marketing and to do that you need a marketing system.  With the integration of the smart phones people now access the internet all day long if you do not begin to learn how to use a marketing system for your business.  You will lose money each day you put it off.

Whether you have a small traditional business, an internet marketer, an affiliate marketer it matters not.  Leveraging the internet is a must.  Older marketing tactics and channels no longer are very effective.  You need the tools to market your business like capture pages, email/auto responder, contact manager, video, audio, voicemail, ad tracking, hosting, website everything in one place.  If you are moving all over the internet doing all these things you waste valuable time each day.

Marketing must change to meet the needs of the small business owner.  Your website must appear attractive on a mobile device.  You must have ads that can be viewed on smart phones.  How you prospect and introduce your products and services must change or your business will not keep up with the ever changing fast internet world we live in.

You must be able to leverage the world wide web

You must be able to leverage the world wide web

Some business’s have added parts of a marketing system inside their business for you to use.  They are never complete.  You can go to several different places spending money at each or you can go to one place that has been around since 1996.  The Free Lead System Forever was designed with the small business owner in mind.  For less than a dollar a day you have every tool available to you to leverage your small business.

Get working your business like the pro’s do.  Start using a marketing system for your business needs.  It is as necessary as that computer you are sitting in front of right now to run your business.  I have never looked back since starting with the Free Lead System Forever.

Cindy Slick


A Blogging We Will Go

Does It Really Matter

Writing a blog matters, what you write about well that is up to you

Writing a blog matters, what you write about well that is up to you

I suggest blogging to new and old members to the internet marketing world all the time.  Why because blogging works.  How exactly, it starts with branding you.  By getting you seen each day. You can reach a large audience like no other platform.  This is one of the bricks of your foundation as an internet marketer.  The thing is it does not matter what you blog about.  If you love to play the trumpet, well that can be what you blog about.  Really whether you are a do it yourself DIY mom, or love to grow your own fruits and vegetables, it really matters not one bit.  It is your presence on the internet that matters.

So another question I am asked about is should they be using the companies with a blogging platform attached to them.  My answer is no you should not.  Why not, well first of all you want to own your content yourself.  When you use another companies blogging platform now you’re content instead of being attached to you it is attached to them.  Now what happens if that company disappears like so many do?  So does your content.  It is not forever more out in the cyber space like it would be if it was yours.  Poof it is gone!

Well right now no one even knows who I am!, many say.  Well write content on their blogging platform and they never will.  When exactly do you think you will start allowing yourself to be seen and heard standing alone on your merits.  Do you start a year from now?  Let me ask you this.  If you are 45 and you really want a college degree but you say to yourself.  I am too old and so you don’t do it, now you are 48 and you say to yourself darn wish I had gone to college when I was 45 now I am 48 and still do not have that degree.  You see the mountain always looks too high to climb.  However if you just take that next step you are one step closer to the summit.  Eventually as you continue to put one foot in front of the other you get to the summit.

Should be part of your marketing plan but you should use a wordpress or blogger platform.

Should be part of your marketing plan but you should use a wordpress or blogger platform.


So using WordPress or Blogger is what I suggest to people.  Write your own content and give value to people and yes you too can blog.  Yes there are other ways to be seen and to become known to the internet marketing masses.  No matter what blogging is still number one and you do not have to be a creative writing genius.  You simply have to have a passion for whatever you decide to blog about.

I personally love marketing so it is what I write about.   It wasn’t even something I originally had a clue about when I started.  I just knew I wanted to and that finding out about it was fascinating to me.  So I wrote about that.  I wrote about my struggle to find out about internet marketing and how to do it.  Today I am doing webinars on the subject and teaching others.  Who would of thought that 7 years ago.  Certainly, not me.  You see it was that first step forward that took me from there to here.  Had I stood frozen well I wouldn’t be here today.  So persevere, place that first foot forward.

Webinars another great marketing tool.

Webinars another great marketing tool.

One last footnote so to speak.  Blogging is by no means for everyone.  The point I want to drive home is it can be a  powerful foundation for you’re home based business and that you should not count yourself out just because you have never written anything.  Do not allow fear to be the factor.  You have skills and you have something that others would be grateful for if you shared it.  So if you decide to go ahead and give it a try I say much success to you.  Have a great weekend all.

P. S.  If you would like to see last night’s webinar on sales funnels here is the recording.

Cindy Slick


Help I Need Somebody

Help I Need Somebody

Giving a helping hand

Giving a helping hand

I know that not much surprises me after 7 years of internet marketing.  I must say though that lack of help continues to surprise me.  How in the world did the world become so jaded.  I know when I started it did seem as if everyone was hiding the information as if they were in charge of the holy grail.  They might give up some small morsel of information but the formula that they themselves were using to be successful.  Well they wouldn’t give it up.  Last week when we held our weekly webinar, I did the webinar on promotion.  I did a power point which I placed on slideshare than attached the recorded webinar. I did not stop there I promoted that it was available for all to see and look at.  Why to help others.

What happened was that many contacted me and thank me for sharing this very useful information.  Many have contacted me since then and I have helped them in varies ways.  Why the answer is simple.  It is the right thing to do.  The secret or formula or the magic ingredients are nonexistent.  It is all within you and in your control.  You see there are some important steps to be successful.

Helping your downline

Helping your downline

These steps should be explained by your mentor, sponsor or whatever you want to call the person who signed you up in whatever opportunity you are using to grow a home based business.  A mentor is defined by Webster as: a trusted counselor or guide it further describes it as a teacher or coach.  It defines a sponsor as: one who assumes responsibility for some other person or thing.  So assuming you become a sponsor or mentor of someone should it not mean you should guide them and teach them?  Should you not show them what you do so they can than do the same to become successful?  I would certainly think so.

So what are these steps?  Watch my slideshare or contact me I am always willing to share.   You can also come to this evenings webinar which will be about sales funnels and why they are so very important for any business.

Please come and bring a friend.
Thursday night’s a webinar @ 9pm EST. Look forward to seeing everyone there. Sincerely, Cindy & Karen

What happened this past week was really no surprise I often talk to people who I help set up their marketing systems and create capture pages and sales funnels.  Show them how to set up their auto responders.  Only to have many say no one ever has helped them on the internet before.  What is that?  How do you expect to grow a business if you do not help those that sign up to be a part of your business.

It continues to amaze me that more often than not people sign others up than move onto signing up the next. They may sometimes send out information for the company’s conference calls but that is about all many do.  They simply look forward without looking back.  Likely this is how they were taught so they actually live in ignorance of not knowing better.  Today reach out and talk with your downline let them know that you are there and that you care you will be surprise what a difference a helping hand makes.

Cindy Slick


Spring Has Sprung Or Not

Spring Has Sprung Or Not

plant_growing_anim_500_clr_9902The past several days have been so pretty.  Temperature outside has been spring like and the grass is green.  Sky is blue and naturally my husband had to take out the grill and prepare for the upcoming summer.  I love spring and always look forward to growing some plants and flowers outdoors.  As we prepared ourselves for the upcoming summer activities well just that fast it is all taken away!  Yep the upcoming weeks forecast is calling for snow on Wednesday.  Yes you heard right on May 1st snow.  Who would of thought.

Often the weather just does what the weather does and it catches you unprepared for it.  Who prepares for snow in May?  I know I don’t but one area of my life I prepare for anything is my small business.  I already know that you just never know what is coming your way.  I use to have extremely slow periods before I decided on having a marketing system in place.  I could go long periods of time with inclimate weather.  Today I may have slow periods but they first of all are not unproductive I still bring in leads even on slow days.  They also never last long.

I believe in capture pages.  They are needed that is the bottom line.  Every business should have them.  It matters not what business you are in.  I just made one yesterday for my daughter and son in law for their business.  They own a gym and the teach Muay Thai kickboxing.  They needed a capture page.  They have a wonderful website.  What they don’t have is a short eye catching capture page.  So I created this great page for people to leave their contact information when they are interested. capture page for oscar

These contacts may or may not sign up what will happen is my son in law will begin to build a list.  A list is helpful because although many will not sign up right away.  By  being able to follow up with this list of people he can send them updates and newsletters.  At a later date many will likely become customers.  He has had no way to do this before.  He has just leveraged his business.

We all need leverage or a backup plan.  That is what is needed for any small business.  You have to prepare for inclimate weather.  Because no matter what it is coming.  Sometimes it is going to snow in May.  So you need to prepare for it.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick


Are You Stuck?

Are You Stuck?

figure_colored_light_bulb_puzzle_150_clr_9679I found myself stuck this morning.  Generally some idea or another just comes into my mind and I come back from walking my dog with a mindset to write my blog for the day.  Today that just is not happening for me.  Do you ever get stuck like this?  Do you ever feel like you cannot make up your mind which direction to focus?

I generally do not but today for whatever reason I am in that position.  I cannot find the direction to take my readers in today.  So having said that let me say what I do when this happens to me.  I open up a word doc and start placing words on the paper.  I stay positive because it never makes sense to be anything else.  To pull yourself down is foolish.  There are enough things in the world pulling you down all the time without adding yourself to that.

It is a beautiful Denver morning with the mountain peaks calling me to explore and discover.  They are beginning to have patches of green on them.  This always reminds me that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  My side is just as green as long as I water it and trim it.  In other words what I have is good enough and I do not have to go looking for anything else that is better.  I just have to learn to work with what I have.

With my business that is what I have learned to do.  Jumping around without goals and direction never makes sense.  Marketers are forever jumping ship. They always see something shinier and more appealing at a rate about every 3-4 months.  That is just so foolish.  Take out what you have a find the way to make that work.  I know for me I had to eventually break down and invest in the marketing tools that those that are successful use too.  It has made all the difference in the world.stickman_jumping_with_blank_sign_text_10854

Marketing tools are essential part of business.  Large or small everyone needs them.  Having eye catching capture pages create leads, those leads than need to be followed up.  That is what an auto responder will do for you.  This builds that list that is ever so important.  Which builds your business brick by brick.  This leads to you having a nice green patch just like the other guy.

Today business is good and I am grateful.  I even started out being stuck but look what happened when I just put my foot forward.  I created my blog post.  Yes sometimes just putting your foot forward is all you need to do.  Never allow yourself to be stuck with no direction.  Go out and take that next step and success will find you.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick