You Need Support (I am not talking about a good bra!)

You Need Support (I am not talking about a good bra!)

dough boys customer supportThe reason that Direct Sales has a 97% attrition rate (people leaving the company) is from lack of support. If your sponsor does not support you.  What will keep you working hard for that person………none of course. The first thing you need to do when someone new joins you is say hello! Seems like an obvious thing right. However do you know that after I had worked online for like 4 years of marketing online and several different companies I had only 2 people ever welcome me warmly and help me get set up. That is outrageous but it is the norm. Crazy yes.

So I finally figured out that it if I want to be successful I was on my own.  Truly, and after all it was my business it had nothing really to do with the people above me it had everything to do with people that came in after.  So let me be the one. I also decided it was time I listened to all those people that kept telling me I needed capture pages and auto responders to send great email with video and audio.  Send my prospects cards on holidays.  Keep myself in front of them  Become someone that people knew and hopefully eventually like and trust.  what are you waiting for

Each day I could get so much more work done if I was not spending a lot of my day working to help others. Guess what though.  The individuals who sign up for my marketing system are my customers and they deserve customer support. I remember back when I was involved with another company it took forever to just get an email to welcome someone.  Today that is never an issue. Why because to get our system they have to place their email in.  So a warm welcome they will receive. Whether they take advantage or not it is up to my customers.  What they will never be able to say is that they are not offered support.  We give support whether you are a premium member or remain free forever you will receive the best customer support ever.

Calling my customers making sure they understand how to use their marketing system is part of my job.  It is also one of the parts I love the most.  I allow my customers to know me and I get to know them.

Affiliate marketing/internet marketing, MLM’s can be a lonely business.  What I have learned over the past several years is that my business will be exactly what I choose to make it.  I can provide support and have a strong friendly business.  Or I can ignore people and hope they stick around.  Statistics show though that without support most move on to the latest and greatest every four months. customer-service-rep-md

Support and customer service is extremely important in any business.  It should be the first thing you work on providing.  If new to yours than first off educate yourself about your business, learn to be honest you can provide support and learn at the same time as you add people to your new business you can learn together.  Do not be embarrassed to say you are new.  Learn from each other and you may just make a great new friend.  To your success, have a great day.

Cindy Slick


Method To The Madness

Method To The Madness

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

If he had a way to duplicate he would spend all day chasing that tail

My miniature pincher Marley has this big basket in our living room stuffed full of toys.  On any given day he will go to the basket and make a mess of the living room by removing each and every one of them.  Now Marley knows the end result is to play.  What he doesn’t know is how to go about it.  So instead of going and getting just a ball so we can play fetch.  He takes out the stuffed bunny and the rope and every single toy he has.  In an effort to either annoy me or just simply to get attention.  Whichever the case may be, he is not effective in his efforts.

When we decide we need to accomplish a task.  We must have a method to the madness.  If we want to attract others to us we must go about this methodically.  Jumping around like Marley and doing everything at once just leaves us needing to accomplish the task.  Instead if we start with making a  consistent profile page on each of our social profiles.   Then setting up a blog  , Web site  , or fan page.  Then move on to inviting others to the pages to view and like them.  Well then we are actually accomplishing the task at hand, attracting others to us.

The next step in the process would then begin building a list.  When we first begin building a business that may seem like an impossible task.  We can get caught up in, but I just need to get sign ups so instead of building a list we just go after one prospect at a time. Than we find ourselves several months or a year maybe even two years in and still really no where at all.  Sure we have been signing up the one or two prospects every month or two and we now have a small team of individuals maybe under us.  What we do not have is a successful business venture like we pictured at the beginning.  Why because we didn’t copy the replication method suggested to us.  Like Marley we just kept picking up another toy until we got that right one.  When what we should of done was listen and learned the right way to start. a plan2

You see if you go about the list building process what you than get is both the occasional sign up and build the list at the same time.  Than what you have is prospect to keep putting your primary business in front of.  While doing this you begin to have your prospects see you as an expert.  They begin to know like at trust you.  When others know like and trust you they will follow you no matter what the future holds for you.

Internet marketers must keep some of the basic truths in mind always.  Attrition is an alarming 97% in internet marketing.  So that means 97% of those people you sign up will leave whatever company you bring them in to.  Internet marketers 75% leave and join a new program every 4 months.  The last thing to remember is that it takes 9 times of seeing your opportunity before someone actually will buy what you are offering.

So how are people successful?  By first having a prospecting system that brings new prospects on a regular basis.  Successful people understand the importance of a list and they consistently continue to build the list.  By than having an email campaign that consistently places you in front of those prospects.  By being seen over and over no matter if you move on to a new company your list of people will often come with you.  That is how the successful people become successful.  You know them you see them you can pick them out.  You may not of joined what they are doing but in the back of your mind you continue to watch them waiting for the opportunity.cute

Having a way to do these things is your first a primary object.  Just like Marley’s is to get me to play with him.  If he would just bring me the ball, or the rope or the stuff toy instead of pulling every toy out all at once his primary objective would be met.  You too need a way to internet market with an end goal.   You must have the tools.  You have to have a marketing system.  It is just that easy.  Build the list, keep in front of the list and keep doing that over and over.  With a marketing system it becomes easy to do.  You will have the tools to do just that duplicating it and teaching others to duplicate it.

There is a method to the madness.  The choice is yours whether you want to do it the easy way or not.  You can run around pulling all the toys out each day.  Or you can get the tools all in one place than systematically market.  Be successful or waste a bunch of energy.  The choice is yours.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick

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Stop Hiding Your Head In The Sand

Come Back To Reality

Sand man or reality?You ever think about how some people run their home based business?  They join a company and then just wait.  Waiting for all those people to come running to their opportunity.  Where do they get the idea that you don’t have to work a business?  Why do they honestly believe that people will just gravitate to them automatically?

I must say have you ever read some of these people ads and for that matter some of the ads that come from a lot of the internet marketing companies?  How about  some of those matrix’s have you read the compensation plans?  Yes in theory you can make a ton of cash.  What most do not realize is we live our life in reality not in theory.

Unless you already have a long list and I do mean long several hundred long, truth is you will never make money in any of those companies.  You need a real home based business.  That has been duplicated and proven by many before you.  You need a sponsor willing to show you how to duplicate.  You will need some tools for following up.  Those that join companies and then do nothing at all are hiding the head in the sand.  Like the ostrich they are hiding from reality.  The reality is business does not come to you.  You go to the business.  It can be viewed by some as hard work.  For those of us who do it and enjoy it well it is not really all that hard of work.

I write a blog post some would consider it work I consider it a joy.  Writing ads some would consider just not in them to do.  Me they just come to me and I love designing them and writing them.  I freely give them to others to use.  Some would consider making follow up calls work, I enjoy getting to know others each day.  Some would consider web page building work. Me I love it and enjoy the end product.  All of the things I do every day are enjoyable to me and it is why I love my job.  I never looked at internet marketing as a way to get out of hard work.  I viewed as a way to make a living from home.  A home based business is still work.  Regardless of what home based business you have.slide-002-638

Stop hiding your head in the sand.  If you want a successful home based business, face the reality you will have to do some work.  You will have to do some work each day.  How much effort you have to put in that work well that is up to you.  If you get the tools other successful internet marketers have than the work will be easier.  If you think joining a company that has some of those tools  the way out you are wrong.  You first of all need to be branding you, and second they only ever give you part of the tools.  So find a company you want to join based on the company product and that is something you can stand for.  Be passionate, passion comes across and others will be infected by it and want to join you because of that.

Today take the head out and think and figure out where it is you want to take your home based business.  Than get started working towards those goals.  It is possible and you will make a success of it with a plan and some tools.  I will be looking for you to become successful like I do many each day.  Have a great day.

Cindy Slick