Learn To Swim Before Jumping In The Deep End

It Just Keeps Getting Better

ImageI have been marketing online for a good length of time now.  I have some 7 years of experience.  I have learned some things and seen some things along the way.  I offer help and support to folks often.  In fact, I have never turned anyone away.   That has come to me for help.  I really enjoy it, having been a cardiac intensive care nurse helping helps fill that void that a work related injury took away from me.   I had to find a new career after my injury. 

Sometimes no matter what I do to help some go away feeling I didn’t help at all.  Those times well they leave me feeling sad for the person.  I know in my heart I have done my best and all I can hope is that someone out there gives those people what it is they are looking for.  Very often these are the people looking for the quick fix.  I know there are no quick get rich business out there.  The truth is those of us that have learned to make a living from the internet have also learned that this is a job like every other job.  It is work, and you still have to work it to make money from it.  “Thomas Edison once wrote Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls  and looks like work.”

I see it so often people want it now they want it quick there is no patients in the world.  We live in a time of drive through mentality.  Can you begin to make some money in a few months absolutely.  Can you make a really nice living in a few months to a year yes you can.  I know because I do.  I know it took me awhile to sort through the junk, and that I had to investigate and needed to form relationships. 

I have seen my fair share and been through my fair share of attractive looking programs and people.  It happens to the best of us.  Never allow desperation to steer the ship.  Buyer be aware always.  If you make a bad decision forgive you’re self.  It simply means you’re human. Remember though there is a business opportunity for you.  It may take some time to find the right one but allow you’re self the time to find it. Make sure that it is something you can whole heartedly stand behind.  Something you believe in.  Do not be swayed by an attractive compensation plan.  Most real good opportunities have good plans.  If the plan sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.  If the numbers do not make sense it is for good reason!   Thanks for letting me share.  Have a great day. 

Cindy Slick



Put Some Energy In Your Downline


Put Some Energy In Your Downline

We join a really great internet marketing company. We check it all out. It has a wonderful product. A product that we can get behind and have passion for. The compensation is terrific. If we do everything they tell us to do we will make some good money in a few months. Great, now we join, and start recruiting.

Sounds easy right, after all we know several people that we may be able to share this with and win over to join. And well shouldn’t those people be able to get a few too? Well it sounded good in your head. Truth is the average network marketer recruit’s 2.5 people in their life time. Let me say that again just in case you missed that. The average network marketer recruit’s 2.5 in their life time. Not only that on average 75% of them switch companies every 4 months Not a very impressive number is it?

So how do all those people that you see doing well and making money online do it. They do two things, that the other ones don’t. First of all before they jump in they educate themselves on how it is done. The other thing they do. While educating themselves they find that to do it successfully they need tools. What kind of tools you ask, after all tools are used to fix things right?

Yes they are and in the world of network marketing these tools fix the numbers for you instead of against you. So what are these tools, well first of all you need things that get the people coming to you instead of you chasing them. To do that you need capture pages, they capture information and then direct that information to you. You have likely filled out more than one capture page whether you knew it or not. You need your own domain, your own auto responder, with email campaigns and with those you really need the ability to have more than one and you need a contact manager. Now those are just the tip of the iceberg.building your biz

Video marketing is big, and ecards, postcards and texting to tell you when a lead is available is a great tool. Voicemail, QR codes are becoming big. Giving people contact with free give away’s is a must. So right about now you’re thinking you got to be kidding me how much would all that cost? Well if you go out and get everything individually or just a few of them you will be looking at a ton of money. 

I put it off for a long time. Currently though I found all of it in one place for the price of many of just one of these tools. The marketing system I am using it so cool they even have one for beginners with no budget, free. This system the free one will bring leads to you and has an auto responder. Thing is they have a complete system for just under a buck a day. Less than the cost of a candy bar. Most can find this in your budget to expand your business. Give up that morning coffee at the gas station or a bag of chips and there you go. Even a way to have that one for free. With 3 paying referrals you get the premium upgrade for free. 

Since I started using the system I average 3-5 signups a day and have had as many as 12. What exactly would happen to your business with those types of numbers. Well I know what I am going to have, a great year. So here is to you having a great day when you take a look.

Peace to all

Cindy Slick