Sharing Your Blog Just Got Easier

Sharing Just Got Easier

blog postI am not big on using any of the posting tools on the market.  I really believe they look robotic and that is just not why we post to social media.  I think that if you work an 8 hour day job than they do help you out by allowing you to post during the day when you are at your day job and are better than not posting at all.  So to use tools like Hootsuite or buffer can help you share you’re content throughout the day.  However and this is a big however the point of social media is to be social and if you are not there and it is a robot well you can see how this can be an issue.

These tools can help you though and for those that are so busy running a business, trying to blog value and content each day while you are home and oh so ever busy these tools can be a terrific way to help save you some time.

This morning I discovered a wonderful new tool which is ever so helpful in not just posting for you it will help you re-post some of those wonderful articles that deserve to be re-posted.  If you have been blogging for a while you have so many that deserve another look.  This great tool will do that for you the only drawback is it is only for Google+ which if you are not posting regularly to, you need to be.

The tool is called Do Share.  It is only supported by Google Chrome but it is really easy to install and use.  This is the link for the Do Share app which once installed you will find on your chrome toolbar making it easy to find and use.  It is super simple to add and use.  I am not the techiest of people and found it easy to install and use.  I did it in less than 5 minutes.  Best of all it is free.Tools lady2

So for all you bloggers out there get to using Do Share so we can see and share all your great content with others. I found this tool on a great blog post by Mike Alton How to schedule Google+ posts.  I checked it out and found it to be so easy and cool just had to share with others. I always love anything that helps make my day easier and this is going to do just that.  Again I do want to remind you we use social media for business for a reason.  To be social so whatever you do try not to take yourself out of the picture by using these cool tools. There are ways to use the tools that make your life easier without taking you out of the social media picture.

Cindy Slick