Ad Copy Causing You To Be All Twisted

fountain_pen_writing_ink_400_clr_11648Ad Copy Causing You Too Quake

Many a internet marketer has trouble writing ad copy.  If you are among the many internet marketers that when they need ad copy for promoting their opportunity gets a shiver down their spine or even to the brink of suicidal thoughts you are not alone.  Just the idea of ad copy sends many an internet marketer to the brink.

You have a great website and you know you need traffic but now you are stuck as how to get that traffic.  You write an ad or two and nothing seems to work.  You feel like everyone but you is making it on the internet.  You feel like the kid that eats lunch alone.  Do not fear, I have a cure for though suicidal thoughts.

There are many ways to market, one of the best and if you’re not using yet you really should consider it is capture pages.  No matter sooner or later you will have to write an ad.  So learning how is really essential.  So how do you write good ad copy?  One thing is for sure is it does take some practice.  I do know that most people can learn to write ad copy for their marketing opportunity.  I have some simple guidelines to help you.  If you try after I give you the guidelines and you still are unable to write ad copy.  I have a couple of inexpensive sites that will do it for you.

Before you spend that hard earned money let’s see if I can help.  First thing you must understand who you are writing your ad copy for?  Do you have a product, an affiliate program, or a great blog, or website you are trying to draw traffic to?  You need to know your audience and then write for them not you.  Next start with a catchy headline, draw them in and make sure it benefits your reader.  Your headline needs to be something they need to get them to stop and listen in the first place.b2c_hand_shake_400_clr_7037

Next you need to motivate the reader.  You need a call to action you must give them a reason to now click on your link, or send you an email or leave a comment.  If you are using capture pages this is where you now will get you lead and this will start an email campaign now engaging you with your prospect.  You now have an opportunity for a sale.  Whatever you do when writing ad copy, do not be negative in your advertising.  This shifts the focus away from you and your product and onto the negative.  While you may see it and it may even be more common than you like to think.  It really is bad business.

Keep it short as possible, people will not read long ads.  Your ad copy only has to cover 3 things.  Cover benefit, create and emotion like excitement and lastly your call to action.  That is it so you see you do not have to be long.  The sale is not made in your ad copy.  The ad copy is for that call to action.  You need to capture their information or excite them into contacting you.  So guess what if you followed these guidelines you did it!  You wrote your ad copy.  You can now promote your ad.

Now that you wrote it I want you to walk away for some time.  Come back later and I want you to edit it.  You see you now need to make sure not only is it what intended your ad copy to be.  Does it make sense and is the spelling correct.  Read it backwards as well as forward.  Double check words like to and too, or you, your, you’re.  Spell check will not catch these.  Have someone else read it if they are available.  After all the hard work you do not want to lose the reader over grammar errors.figure_colored_light_bulb_puzzle_150_clr_9679

So that wasn’t so bad was it?  Or maybe it was.  If after all of this you still are quaking at just the thought of writing ad copy for your advertising efforts.  Then here are a few good places that will help you out.  Advertyze, Rent A List and Fiverr.  All are inexpensive and you can find help here.  I hope that I helped and took some of the fear out of writing good ad copy.  Good luck and have a wonderful day.

Cindy Slick